Month: May 2020

Is Your Car Making You Sick? Here’s What You Can Do!

Eco-friendly tips and tricks to get rid of off-gassing and restoring healthy air quality in your car interior!

Best Green Products of 2020

When people think of the term “go green”, they typically envision tree hugging hippies. And that’s not the case. While we do our trees, eco-conscious individuals are just everyday people who live modified lifestyles that minimize waste in our environment. This article contains the best and most popular products to use in your journey to go green.

4 Financial Benefits of Residential Solar Panels

Installing solar panels on your home will make you eligible for the solar tax credit, which will allow you to deduct 26 percent off of the installation cost from your federal taxes. With that said, the percentage will drop in 2021 to 22 percent, and will no longer be available to residential homeowners beginning 2022.