Best Eco-Friendly Nursery Room Must-Haves

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Your Guide to Environmentally Friendly, Organic And Non-Toxic Nursery Supplies!

Your baby is on the way and it’s time to start brainstorming a list of necessary baby items! And though shopping for adorable baby clothing and toys is part of the fun, necessary nursery items often become overlooked. And if you’re an eco conscious mama, your search for ethical and eco-friendly products might take some extra effort. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place—I am more than happy to guide you with your eco-friendly registry!

Why Is It Important To Choose Eco Friendly Nursery Products?

Because taking care of a baby results in a lot of waste. Babies grow at a rapid pace, and we’re always needing to upgrade to accommodate their mental and physical growth. And when it comes to the environment, sturdy sustainable and biodegradable products won’t create harmful waste.

Eco-friendly products are also much safer for your baby when it comes to physical health. Green products tend to be organic and non-toxic, and don’t leach harmful odors and chemicals into the air, which can linger around for a very long time.

Let’s take a look below at some of the best and safest nursery room products to inspire you!


Choosing a crib can be overwhelming, and ultimately comes down to personal preference regarding style and functionality. Some come with a built-in changing station and storage compartments and can transform into toddler beds, and others are geared more toward the minimalist lifestyle—very simple—just frame and mattress. And when searching for an eco-friendly crib, look for qualities such as sustainable wood with nontoxic finish such as the one below by Delta Children, made from sturdy rustic pine.

Simmons Kids SlumberTime Paloma 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib, Rustic Driftwood by Delta Children


Most crib mattresses are a standard size and fit most cribs. Look for a mattress that is water resistant, nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and made from organic material such as organic cotton, bamboo, soy and coconut. LA Baby, pictured below, utilizes natural coconut fiber with an organic cotton layer that’s free of pesticides, insecticides, and other harmful chemicals.

LA Baby Eco Friendly 2 in 1 Soy Foam Crib Mattress with Natural Coconut Fiber & Organic Cotton Layer


Although most crib mattresses are water proof, it’s still a great idea to get a mattress liner. If baby’s diaper leaks unexpectedly, the liner will absorb the urine and keep it from spilling onto the rest of the frame. Aim for organic cotton or bamboo like the one below by iLuvBamboo, which is highly absorbent, hypoallergenic and antibacterial!

iLuvBamboo Crib Mattress Pad Protector – Waterproof Cover – Silky Soft Bamboo Jacquard Fitted Topper – Noiseless, Breathable & Smooth


Your beautiful sustainable crib and eco-friendly crib mattress will need some organic cotton bed sheets like the BabyBless organic jersey cotton fitted crib sheets, which are made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. They’re also hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals for your baby’s health and a sustained environment.

Organic Crib Sheets (2 Pack) – 100% Organic Jersey Cotton Fitted Crib Sheets for Standard Crib and Toddler Mattress by BabyBless


How you choose to swaddle your baby is a personal preference. Some moms love to use regular swaddle blankets while other moms opt for sleep sacks that come with adjustable velcro. Which ever method you choose, go for fabric that organic! It’s chemical free and safer for baby’s overall health.

These organic swaddle blankets by Bunny Palm, come in a set of 3, plus a free bonus hat to match!

Bunny Palm Adjustable Organic Cotton Sleep Sacks


Unless you have a crib that comes with a changing table already built-in, it’s a great idea to get a changing table with drawers for easy to reach baby supplies.

I am in love with the Storkcraft Avalon Dresser. It’s modern, it’s elegant, it’s versatile, and you can repurpose it and even use it in another room when the baby has grown. It’s also super sustainable and eco-friendly because it’s made from engineered composite wood, which, according to the Composite Panel Organization, are among the greenest products available for architectural, construction and consumer products. It also won the 2020 women’s choice award.

Storkcraft Avalon 6 Drawer Universal Dresser


When you purchase your changing station, you’ll need a changing pad to go with it. It’s best to look for organic and nontoxic pads. The Sealy Baby Soybean Pad is made from soybean enhanced foam, which consists of renewable soy oils in place of crude oils while the waterproof cover and binding make clean-ups easy.

Sealy Baby Soybean Comfort 3-Sided Contoured Diaper Changing Pad


Just as you would on a mattress, it’s ideal to put a cover on a changing pad. Changing a baby can get pretty messy, and you’ll definitely need a couple to alternate. You can get some pretty great organic cotton covers such as the ones by Budding Sprout, pictured below.

Organic Cotton Ultra Soft Changing Pad Covers (2-Pack) by Budding Sprout


This is cool and convenient to have in the nursery. Your baby will go through a ton of diapers, and after changing the little one, it’s great to have one of these close by to throw the diapers in. You can even store cloth diapers in it until they’re ready to be washed. The Dekor pail made the eco-friendly list because it’s made out of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic—a recycled plastic compound that is itself entirely recyclable. It is as durable as metal, and will not rust.

Dekor Plus Nursery Diaper Pail

Biodegradable Disposable Diaper Bags

Diaper pails require bags, and fortunately, you can line yours with compostable, biodegradable ones like these, made by MomEasy. These disposal bags will completely degrade after 3-6 months in optimal conditions. No harmful chemicals are released into the environment during this process.

Compostable Baby Disposable Diaper Sacks by Mom Easy


Believe it or not, crib mobiles are pretty essential to a baby’s mental and physical development. When the mobile turns, babies exercise and strengthen their eye muscles; and as they grow older, they incorporate physical exercise by reaching upward with their arms to try to touch it. In other words, they’re not just there to look pretty—they have actual purpose.

There are a ton of mobiles to choose from—especially high tech plastic ones with bright lights and sounds, but instead of opting for those, choose a simple one made of wood and eco-friendly felt. They’re basic, beautiful and don’t overwhelm the baby. Baby Sanda makes beautiful felt mobiles.

Baby Crib Mobile by Baby Sanda – Spaceships, Stars, Clouds and Moon


Having a glider (or rocker) is so awesome and convenient and comfortable. They’re the best thing in the world when you’re doing those night time feedings and need to rest and be comfortable. You can also use them to read to baby when they get older.

When looking for eco friendly material, choose wood with cushion made from polyurethane, which is inherently more environmentally friendly than most other plastics, and is void of chemicals that interfere with endocrine and hormone systems. Furthermore, when it is discarded, it does not contribute to PH change in soil or water. The Brisbane glider by Naomi Home, is made of sturdy wood and cushions made of polyurethane.

Naomi Home Brisbane Glider & Ottoman Set Black/Gray Chevron


Cool mist humidifiers are very good to have on hand, especially if baby falls ill—they’ll help baby breathe better during their sleep. I prefer cool mist humidifiers over the warm variety for two reasons: they’re safer and don’t fill up with bacteria like the warm ones tend to do over time. Look for cool mist humidifiers made of wood that also double as diffusers, like the OliveTech essential oil diffuser and humidifier in one, so you can add those delightful essential oils!

OliveTech Essential Oil Diffuser, Wood Grain 400ml Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


I still use a caddy organizer with my two year old because she’s still in diapers. I can take mine all throughout the house and I love it! I stuff it full of diapers, butt creams, wipes, lotions and more! Opt for caddies made of felt or organic cotton lining like the one below made by pro-baby gear. The caddy is made from thick natural felt fabric with 100% organic cotton lining safe for your baby with a soft touch edge trim for reinforcement and durability. Two materials that are extremely eco-friendly.

Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer Bag -Organic Cotton Lining 


You’ll need a subtle nightlight for those late night feedings and diaper changes. And not all night lights need to be plugged into a wall outlet, draining your home of energy. Check out the Auvon rechargeable motion sensor nightlight, for example—it’s power saving and environmentally friendly.

No worries about buying and changing non-recyclable AAA batteries frequently. A single charge for AUVON Rechargeable LED light night can last up to 180 days. Fully-recharged in 2 hours. 

AUVON Rechargeable Motion Sensor Night Light

Laundry Hamper

Lastly, the baby’s room will need a laundry hamper. And there aren’t a lot of eco-friendly laundry hampers on the market, so it’s very exciting when you come across something like the ToiletTree dual compartment laundry hamper made of bamboo. It’s sustainable and environmentally friendly.

ToiletTree Products Bamboo Laundry Hamper with Dual Compartments

Don’t forget to register on Amazon for the largest selection of eco-friendly baby supplies.

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