Best Sustainable Wood Tables

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Let’s face it, furniture can be expensive—and many consumers opt for cheap, cookie cutter amenities that don’t stand a chance over time. And what ends up happening? They toss it out and go back to the store for another cheap buy—money that could have been well spent the first time around on durable, eco-friendly pieces of furniture.

That’s the main difference between cheap, cookie-cutter furniture and rustic, eco-friendly furniture—sustainability.

Eco-friendly tables, in particular, are one such piece of furniture that you should consider investing in. They’re built to last and many contain a wow factor. That’s because many are made by artisans, who source the wood from sustainable forests, and even go on the hunt to find used wood that they recycle, and turn into something new and cool.

These beautiful rustic and eco-friendly tables are made from repurposed, recycled and sustainable wood and are ethically harvested from sustainable forests.

Plus, some of these companies plant a tree for every purchase made—so feel free to feel extra good about buying from them. Check them out for more detail!

Natural Wood Edge Teak Coffee Cocktail Table 

Make your living room or office space look epic with this rugged yet beautiful teak coffee table with glossy lacquer finish. Teak forests are sustainable. It’s a great conversation starter and adds style to any space!

WELLAND Tree Stump Side Table

Add some fun style to your living room or office with this unique tree stump end-table. This Live Edge Tree Stump Table is made of 100% solid cedar wood sourced from sustainable tree roots. 

Knaughty Log Co Tree Stump Side Table or Stool 

These tree stumps are a unique furniture piece, and the company plants a tree with every purchase. They look amazing as coffee tables, bedside tables or stools. Place them in your bathroom as accent pieces. The possibilities are endless.

WELLAND Natural Edge Cedar Coffee Table

This cedar coffee table is gorgeous and looks great both indoors and outdoors. Use it as a living room coffee table, in between two sofas, or outdoors on your patio where you can sip your margaritas and admire its beauty!

Uttermost Unfinished Teakwood Driftwood Coffee Table

The ultimate sustainable and eco-friendly coffee table! Made of unfinished teak-driftwood and glass. This centerpiece gives off the ultimate rustic vibe and is sure to a topic of conversation among friends and family.

STNDRD Bamboo End Table

Bamboo is the ultimate environmentally friendly and sustainable wood. It is also antibacterial. This table is an amazing piece of furniture that does great next to any bed or sofa. It’s sturdy, durable and makes a small space look light and airy.

WELLAND Solid Wood Teak Coffee Table

This is a unique side table that you don’t see very often. Made of teakwood and metal legs, this table makes for a great accent piece. Stack some books, candles or mini statues on it and it’ll look fabulous.

EAST at MAIN Hansel Brown Round Teakwood Accent 

This accent table is unlike any other. It’s made of teakwood and beautifully crafted. This will 100% liven up a dead space that needs some sprucing up.

Nnewvante Coffee Table Foldable Bamboo Cocktail Table 

Add some bamboo to your room! Bamboo is such a light and airy wood and brightens up any space. This table is foldable, and according to the manufacturer, is durable and sturdy enough to be used as a television stand as well.

Festnight Reclaimed Wood Multifunctional 2-in-1 Coffee Table

This extraordinary table is made from reclaimed wood and has unique storage compartments. Its unique color also gives off a bohemian vibe that makes it pop.

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