Unique Eco-Friendly Outdoor Toys For Active Kids

It’s always great when kids spend time outdoors. The joy on their faces when they run around and actively use their imagination only confirms that kids aren’t made to sit inside staring at a television screen. They’re made for outdoor play.

Eco-friendly toys and gadgets made specifically for outdoor recreation are the best when it comes to getting your money’s worth. Why? They’re durable, sustainable and friendly for the environment.

And ultimately, kids grow up and move on to other age appropriate activities. If you have an outdoor product that’s built to last, you’ll be able to hand it down to another youngster. There won’t be a need to toss it into a landfill. And if you must toss it, at least the item will be compostable.

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The Sk8Swing

4.4 Out of 5 Stars (17 Amazon Reviews)

Why It’s Great:

This is the Sk8Swing. It’s the original skateboard swing made from 100% Canadian Maple Wood. If you remember being a kid and spending time outdoors, you probably have a fond memory of doing something tree related—whether it was climbing or swinging on an old dusty car tire.

This activity brings that same type of joy and adventure to your kids and their friends. They get to swing side to side through the air as if on a skateboard. It’s perfect for building core strength, practicing balance and just plain fun to play on. Click here to check current price.

The Kinderboard

4.8 Out of 5 Stars (174 Amazon Reviews)

Why It’s Great:

This durable wooden balance board by Kinderfeets has zero limits when it comes to your child’s imagination. It can be used as a seesaw, balancing toy, slide, stepping stool, boat, resting nook, fort, and anything else that your child can think of.

Each board is crafted using European Beech plywood – a heavier, denser timber that is naturally strong enough to withstand a lifetime of energetic play.

Although the plywood is more expensive than less-sustainable alternatives, the material’s ability to be sustainably manufactured by Kinderfeets for flexibility, weather-resistance, durability and child safety makes it the most intentionally-developed and ecologically-friendly board on the market. Click here to check current price.

Bamboo Skateboard

Why It’s Great:

Skateboarding is a great activity for both genders, and girls are especially encouraged to join this make-dominated sport.

But, if you’ve ever skateboarded or have watched others skateboard, you know that it’s a difficult skill to master and the board takes a lot of beating. And when your child is just starting out, that board is going to go flying quite frequently. Hence, it’s ideal to get one that lasts and can withstand a beating or two, or 10.

These short boards by Bamboo Skateboards are constructed with 6 ply bamboo and maple wood which improves the board sustainability to become an ideal skateboard for any skill level. They come in various designs and represent an eco-friendly collective. Click here to check price.

Eco-Friendly Stroller Board

5/5 Stars (2 Amazon Reviews)

Why It’s Great:

This attachable eco-Friendly Bumbleride Stroller Board is the perfect outdoor gadget for both mom and child—it allows both to participate in outdoor recreation, which is ideal for moms who are into fitness or enjoy running errands by foot at the local farmer’s market, for example.

This skateboard style toddler board holds up to 44 pounds and attaches to the back of the baby stroller with a clamp attachment system and can easily be removed when it’s time to fold up the stroller.  

It is a fun and dynamic transitional tool for growing toddlers. When they need a break from walking, they can hold onto the handlebar and rest their feet while mom continues to push.

Climbing Rope Tree Swing

4.8/5 Stars (749 Amazon Reviews)

Why It’s Great:

The most iconic activity of summer is rope climbing and swinging through the air. Kids love feeling that kind of rush, independence and adventure, and this rope kit by Laengedary, provides that for them.

It’s a great way to burn energy, and swinging is a great sensory workout for kids looking to build gross motor skills and develop sensory integration. What’s more, swinging helps the brain learn to make sense of speed and direction, which may be beneficial for kids with visual perception issues. Click here to check price.

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