Best Reusable Tumblers With Stainless Steel Straws

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The cutest eco-friendly tumblers with zero-waste accessories!

I’m so glad you’re ditching the plastic! Welcome to the world of reusable tumblers! They’re eco-friendly, they give off a better flavor, and they’re cute as hell!

Reusable water bottles and Tumblers are evolving all the time. You got everything from self-stirring mugs to combo sets with stainless steel straws—which is what we’ll be discussing right here.

Why are tumblers the best to drink out of? Because unlike “just” water bottles, tumblers can hold both cold and hot liquids, most of them are available in large sizes (around 20 to 30 ounces) and, many come with two or more reusable stainless steel straws—and other accessories— that you can take with you anywhere! Hence, you’re getting your money’s worth and more!

Below are our highly-rated top picks that you’re going to love! They’re all BPA-Free, non-toxic, and safe for consumption. Plus, they’re all under $30! Heck, most are between $10-$20!


This Starry Night, Stainless Steel 30 oz tumbler by Mutnitt comes with 2 lids, 3 stainless steel straws with silicone tips, and one straw cleaner. It’s the ultimate package.


The Drinko stainless steel cup is available in both a 20oz and 30oz option. It comes with two straws, as well as a straw cleaner and lid.

Chill Cups

The Chill Cup is a 30oz stainless steel cup that comes with a stainless steel straw (with silicone tip), straw cleaner and a coaster.


This self-stirring mug runs on batteries and with just one press of a button, stirs your beverage for you. The aesthetics consist of a sleek cherry red coke can design, and comes with a stainless steel straw.

Greens Steel

The Beast is a highly rated stainless steel tumbler with over 17,000 reviews on Amazon. It comes with a lid, two stainless steel straws and a straw cleaner. You can choose from several colors and it comes in pretty cool packaging, which is ideal if being purchased as a gift.

Smart Cooler

The Smart Cooler is available in either 20 or 30 ounces and comes with 2 lids , a stainless steel straw and straw cleaner. Available in various colors.


The 12 oz Hitslam wine tumbler comes with a lid, stainless steel straw and straw cleaner. No need to limit to only wine. You can use this little cup for coffe, tea, water and any other beverage of your choice!

WeCare Mugs

These 30 oz stainless steel tumblers by WeCare come with two stainless steel straws with silicone tips, one straw cleaner and one lid. The cup also displays a “save our planet” decal which we love!


The Wazzala bamboo travel tumbler is a 16 oz container with stainless steel insulation. It comes with one lid, a straw and a straw cleaning brush.


The Fanciher is a 16 oz ceramic cup with stainless steel straw and one lid. This tumbler does not come with a straw cleaner.


These 12oz stainless steel tumblers for toddlers and young children by Kereda come in a pack of 5 at a very friendly price. They come with stainless steel straws with silicone tips and a straw cleaning brush. (Adults can use these too!).


The Ezprogear skinny tumbler is available in either 14oz or 20oz. It comes with two stainless steel straws, one lid, a straw cleaner and canvas storage bag for your straws so that you can take them on the go.


The ALBOR is a 20 oz tumbler with triple layer insulation! Unlike other mugs, the ALBOR contains a middle layer of copper which prevents heat transfer to the outmost layer—preserving heat, and keeping your beverage hotter longer. It comes with 2 straws, a straw cleaning brush, and one lid. We love this pretty rose gold, but it’s available in 15 different colors.


The THILY is a skinny 16oz tumbler. It comes with one lid, one stainless steel straw and a straw brush cleaner. It’s available in different colors, and we love this lavender sparkle!

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