Best Reusable Silicone Straws With Accessories

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A variety of unique silicone straws with cute accessories!

Americans use around 500 million plastic straws per day. That’s a ton of plastic waste that ends up in landfills or our oceans. And since plastic is man-made, Mother Nature doesn’t know how to dispose of it—in other words, it’s not biodegradable.

That’s why more people need to invest in, and start using reusable straws. They’re quite affordable, easy to clean, and come equipped with convenient accessories for travel and eating out. And when you purchase a reusable straw, that’s one less sea turtle with a plastic straw up its nose.

But, we get it— some people just don’t like the after-taste of metal straws—particularly stainless steel. And that can discourage people from ditching plastic straws. But, what many people aren’t aware of, is that reusable straws come in options other than metal. That’s why we think you should give silicone straws a try!

There is such a hype about stainless steel straws that silicone straws aren’t being given the attention that they deserve. They’re the underdog in the reusable straw family.

Why Are Silicone Straws Awesome?

Silicone straws are great for several reasons. Though they’re not biodegradable, they’re eco-friendly and way safer for the environment than plastic because silicone is nontoxic. In fact, silicone straws are made of the same premium grade as pacifiers.

Silicone straws are also durable, and tasteless. Hence, unlike its metal straw allies, silicone straws don’t leave your tastebuds with a metallic aftertaste.

Lastly, they don’t absorb heat! Unlike metal straws, they’re perfect for hot beverages!


You also get a good amount for your buck! Many sets come in packs of 6-12 and are under $15. In fact, many of the sets featured in this article are under $10–with positive reviews!

Types Of Silicone Straws

Silicone straws come in bent, straight, snap and collapsible styles. They vary in length and diameter, and just like metal straws, they come equipped with convenient cleaning and travel accessories. Brushes, pouches and cases are typically included within the set.

Below is our top list of premium, food-grade, 100% BPA-Free silicone straws that won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth, are easy on the wallet, and are so darn cute!


These 9.6” bent, pastel colored silicone straws by HIWARE come in a pack of 12. They’re long straws that are perfect for 20 ounce to 30 ounce tumblers, and each come with a really cute travel pouch and cleaning brush.


These straight collapsible 9.5” silicone straws by FUNBIZ come in a pack of 2 with colors of your choice! They’re lightweight, easy to clean and designed for travel and eating out. They come equipped with two brush cleaners and carry cases that snap shut.


These 9.8” silicone straws by YIHONG come in a pack of 8. This package is really cool because you have a variety of both bent and straight straws. They also come with two cleaning brushes and a travel pouch. They’re Perfect for 20 to 30 ounce tumblers.


These straight 9” silicone straws by FORI come in a set of 8 and they’re unlike any other reusable straw. These don’t require any special cleaning brush becaue they’re snap straws! They simply snap open for easy cleaning!


These straight SOFTY STRAWS are a lot more slender than the typical silicone straw. This particular variety is 8.25” which is perfect for smaller tumblers—and kids! They come in a pack of 5 with a really cute “plunger” that allows you to thoroughly clean the interior.


These straight 5.25” silicone straws by SLURP are specially designed to accommodate Coctail glasses and half-pint mason jars. They come in a pack of 6 and are equipped with a cleaning brush.


These straight stainless steel straws by COWZUC come in a pack of 6, and are foldable. They come with two straw cleaning brushes, a travel pouch, and are available in 9 inch to 10 inch sets, and in between.


These extra long 10”, bent silicone straws by WALFOS come in a pack of 8. This is a variety pack with a mix of regular and wide straws that are perfect for large tumblers. This set comes with one storage pouch and two cleaning brushes.


These 10.5” straight, collapsible silicone straws by MOSOLAN come in a pack of 6 silicone straws, four silicone cleaning brushes, one cotton pouch, and two wooden travel carrying cases. They’re perfect for large 20 to 30 ounce tumblers.


These silicone straws by ESTEFANLO come in a set of 12 with both straight (9 inch) and bent (9.3 inch) straws, which have different diameters. A travel pouch and two cleaning brushes are included. They’re great for 20 to 30 ounce tumblers and all liquids—especially smoothies!

14 thoughts on “Best Reusable Silicone Straws With Accessories

  1. This post is AMAZING! I recently got my first set of silicone straws and I love them. Can’t wait to check out some of these brands you recommended!


  2. Wow, I love this. I like how you included the impact that plastic straws have made and I also like the many choices your provided. I would also consider thinking about metal straws!


  3. Great information! We have stopped using straws for a long time now and what you have shared will be so helpful. Will definitely try them out; thanks for sharing. They are so colorful and cute and perfect for the envt!


  4. Oh my goodness the Yihong ones are so cute! We have metal ones at home, but I might get silicone ones for when I’m out and about.


  5. Well, I must say I have never tried using reusable straws because I’m simply not a fan of straws (I don’t even know why – they are awesome when it comes to your enamel care & they’re are a perfect solution when you just put your lipstick on). Well, maybe I should consider getting one like that 😉
    Thanks for the news!
    Mona Bednarska


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