Best Reusable Glass Straws: With Eco-Friendly Travel Accessories

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Stylish and affordable glass straws that you’ll want to take with you everywhere!

Plastic waste is everywhere! It’s harming our marine life, filling up our landfills, and causing harm to our overall health. For us, it’s the final straw! That’s why we’re so passionate about advocating for the use of reusable straws!

Around 500 million plastic straws are used by Americans on a daily basis. And aside from having a negative impact on our environment, they also have a negative impact on our bodies.

Plastic straws leach chemicals—even the straws that claim they’re BPA-Free. These toxic chemicals act as estrogen hormones and cause long-term damage that can result in cancer, diabetes and many more health issues.

Reusable straws are an excellent way to contribute to a zero-waste planet, minimize environmental pollution, and keep our bodies safe and healthy. Plus, reusable straws come in many forms: stainless steel, silicone, titanium, bamboo, wheat straw and glass.

If you love using reusable glass bottles, you’ll love using reusable glass straws!

What Makes Glass Straws Awesome?

Reusable glass straws are typically hand-made by artisans and made from 100% borosilicate glass, which makes them antibacterial, dishwasher safe, unbreakable and unscratchable. Plus, they can be used with both hot and cold liquids.

Glass straws are also tasteless—they do not leave your tastebuds with an after taste that metal straws tend to do, and can be melted down and recycled many times!

What To Look For When Shopping For Glass Straws

When choosing glass straws, look for a set that comes with eco-friendly accessories and travel cases. It’s always disappointing when you find the perfect glass straws only to find out that they come with a plastic travel case.

Luckily, there are many companies that create their travel cases from eco-friendly material such as bamboo, wheat straw, rice husks or hemp!

Below are several top notch glass drinking straws with eco-friendly travel cases and accessories.


These reusable glass straws by Ecodesya measure 7.9 inches / 200mm long x 8mm in diameter and are compatible with all kinds of drinks. Even the carrying case is environmentally friendly and biodegradable—it’s made from durable wheat straw! This set consis of: one straight straw, one bent straw, one mixing bar and one cleaning brush.


These glass straws by XTRAW are compatible with all types of drinks. The carrying case consists of durable and biodegradable wheat straw and is microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe! The kit includes: 2 straight glass straws, 1 bent glass straw, 1 straw stand/protector, 1 cleaning brush 
1 microfiber cleaning cloth, 1 wheat straw plastic carrying case and 1 protective pouch bag.


These reusable glass straws by STRAWGRACE are hand-made and come in a set of 5 with cleaning and travel accessories. The set also comes with two straw cleaning brushes, a carrying pouch, and two biodegradable bamboo carrying cases! The entire kit comes in plastic free packaging!


These reusable glass straws by DANZIX come in a set of 10. They consist of five straight straws and five bent straws. The set also includes two straw cleaning brushes and one travel pouch. These straws are 10 inches in length and have a 10 mm diameter which is perfect for smoothies!


These reusable glass straws by ECODESYA come in a set of two with different widths. One is convenient for thicker beverages such as smoothies, while the slimmer one is perfect for thinner fluids like water, tea, coctails and ice coffee. The set comes with a biodegradable bamboo travel case and one straw cleaning brush.


These reusable multi-colored glass straws by STRAWTOPIA come in a set of eight. They are 8 inches long and 8mm thin—perfect for water, juice, coctails, wine and ice coffee. The set also includes two straw brush cleaners and one biodegradable travel pouch made of straw!


These reusable, color-tipped glass straws by All About Juicing, come in a set of 4. They are wide-flow and perfect for smoothies and thick juices. The set includes a straw cleaning brush and one eco-friendly cloth travel case.


These reusable glass straws by Shaka Love come in a set of 5. The are 9 inches long and have a 6 mm diameter. The set includes a straw cleaning brush and one organic cotton travel pouch.

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