Best Eco-Friendly Phone Cases

Compostable Smart Phone Cases That Protect Your Phone And The Planet

Updated May 19, 2022

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Want to protect your phone and the planet from plastic pollution? Read on!

There are currently 272.6 million smartphone users in the United States, and around 5 billion world-wide. This means that billions of plastic cell phone cases are lounging around in landfills.

Why? Because people are constantly upgrading their smart phones. And when you get a new model, it’s usually a different size than your previous smart phone—which means that you must get a new protective phone case to accommodate your new mobile device.

To combat plastic pollution and lower their carbon footprint, conscious consumers are exploring sustainable alternatives when it comes to protecting their mobile devices—and there are actually quite a few [green] brands that make plastic-free cell phone cases with compostable material and nontoxic adhesives.

Compostable cell phone cases aren’t just great for the environment—they’re also a lot healthier than their plastic competitors which are often times manufactured in countries like China, and are made with harmful toxins.

According to the New Straits Times “A consumer watchdog in China conducted an investigation recently and found that phone cases from several popular manufacturers contain harmful substances.”

One of the most harmful substances found in mainstream plastic phone cases is polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which have been linked to infertility problems, as well as lung, bladder, skin and stomach cancers—even more reason to avoid plastic cases.

Below are some of our favorite compostable smart phone case brands that are made from nontoxic and sustainable resources like bamboo, cork, recycled wood, wheat straw and even flax.

And because the packaging is just as important as the product itself, all of these brands use compostable packaging made from recyclable paper.

These environmentally friendly phone case brands also plant trees and contribute to non-profit organizations with every phone case sale.

Making a switch to a biodegradable cell phone case is a great choice for both your health and the environment.h

Wilma Compostable Phone Cases

Wilma is an eco-friendly phone case brand that makes their phone cases entirely out of corn starch and cellulose—making them completely biodegradable, according to European standard.

Wilma’s biodegradable phone cases come in both vibrant designs with environmental messages as well as plain, solid colors.

Wilma donates $1 per case sold to non-profit organizations.

Pela Compostable Phone Cases

The eco-friendly Pela phone cases are made from a combination of flax shive and plant-based biopolymers. These compostable phone cases contain organic ingredients that meet rigorous ASTM D6400 standards for compostability in municipal and industrial composting facilities.

Pela phone cases are available in a wide range of designs—from plain, solid colors to designs inspired by the environment.

Pela also donates 1% of their revenues to non-profit organizations.

Loam & Lore Compostable Phone Cases

Loam and Lore are a vegan phone case brand that makes their phone cases from sources like walnut wood, bamboo and other plant-based material.

Loam and Lore biodegradable phone cases are available in different colors and we love that this brand has an assortment of aesthetics to choose from.

Loam And Lore plants a tree for every case sold and donates a percentage of sales to a non-profit organization.

Reveal Biodegradable Phone Cases

Reveal is an eco friendly phone case brand that makes their cases from bamboo, cork and hardwoods.

We love that Reveal uses sustainable wood as material for their phone cases, and that they offer a folio style case to prevent dust and debris from reaching your smart phone.

For every phone case sold, Reveal plants a tree in an endangered forest.

Nalia Natural Cork Biodegradable Phone Case

Nalia natural cork cases are hand made and biodegradable. Natural cork is ultra soft and feels like leather, hence it has become known as the “vegan” leather of the fashion world—being used to make shoes, purses and…phone cases.

We love that the Nalia phone cases are hand because each one contains its own unique pattern. There are even some with pretty henna designs to choose from.

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