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Best Eco-Friendly Cell Phone Cases

Environmentally Friendly And Compostable Cell Phone Cases

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Cell phones—everyone and their grandma has one. They’re a necessity for crucial activities like selfie taking, playing Candy Crush, and for communicating with other people through texting, social media and God forbid, actually calling someone. Ugh, who does that anymore.

But, in all seriousness, cell phones are really expensive and easily breakable!

That’s why when you purchase a cell phone, you’re more than likely to purchase protective casing for it as well. Unless you enjoy staring at a cracked phone screen, and slicing your fingertip open everytime you scroll through Facebook.

Why You Should Choose An Eco-Friendly Phone Case

There are currently 272.6 million smartphone users in the United States, and around 5 billion world-wide. This means that billions of cell phone cases are lounging around in landfills. Why? Because people are constantly upgrading to the next best thing. And when you get a new model, which could very well be a different size than your previous phone, you get a new protective cover to accommodate it.

While there’s nothing wrong with protecting your fragile smartphone, the issue is the type of phone case that’s often purchased.

Most plastic phone cases contain toxic, carcinogenic substances that are harmful to our Heath.

According to the New Straits Times “A consumer watchdog in China conducted an investigation recently and found that phone cases from several popular manufacturers contain harmful substances.”

However, by opting for an eco-friendly cell phone cover, you can join in on a collective movement to significantly decrease the amount of plastic in landfills, and avoid risking your health. Because eco-friendly cases are made of organic, biodegradable material with nontoxic adhesives.


Eco friendly cases are made of sustainable and biodegradable material and are safe and nontoxic.

If you’re skeptical about the aesthetics and durability of eco-friendly options, don’t be. They’re as tough and durable as the conventional kind. Some even tougher. And the designs are pretty awesome too.

Types of Eco-Friendly Cell Phone Cases

You’ll be surprised to know that many eco-friendly phone cases are vegan and plant based! They’re made from sustainable resources like flax, wheat straw and other compostable material. There are also cases that are made from sustainable wood, cork and bamboo.

And all of them are made with nontoxic adhesives!

So, whichever material you’re into, you’ll feel good about owning an eco-friendly phone case. These brands also donate a percentage to nonprofit organizations who help to protect and preserve wildlife and the environment.

MVS Bamboo CoveR

MVS makes really fun cell phone cases out of sustainable bamboo. They can also add graphic images like the one below with Snoopy.



These plastic-free iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cell phone cases by Wilma Be You, are biodegradable according to European standard EN 13432 and can completely disintegrate into carbon dioxide and water without leaving any toxic residue. This brand also donates $1 per case sold to Save The Ocean projects.

Wilma Be You


These Eplanita iPhone cell phone covers are made from wheat straw and recyclable TPU, which provides excellent shock absorption. The cell phone case is also shipped in minimalistic recycled paper packaging.



Pela cases fit most iPhones and Android models, and are made of a combination of flax straw, plant-based biopolymers, and contain organic ingredients that meet rigorous ASTM D6400 standards for compostability in municipal and industrial composting facilities. Pela also donates 1% of their revenues to non profit organizations.



These plant based, biodegradeable, vegan cell phone covers fit most iPhones and Android models. The brand also donates 10% of the profit from every sale to the Amazon Conservation Team. 

Loam & Lore


This eco-friendly iPhone case is made from sustainable bamboo, which is not only a fast growing, renewable resource, it’s also antibacterial. Plus, the company plants a tree for every case sold!



This eco-friendly iPhone case is made out of cork. Cork is a versatile, natural and sustainable material. It feels soft and supple to the touch like leather, but its 100% cruelty free and so much better for the environment. The company also plants a tree for every case sold.


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