Unique And Eco-Friendly Toys For Sustainable Play

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Environmentally friendly toys that promote creativity, motor skill development and are 100 percent nontoxic!

There you are, sitting on the couch watching Nick Jr. with your toddler as you sip your morning coffee and a commercial for Happy Nappers or Star Bellies comes on.

Your child gets excited and begs you for one. You almost give in, and then you look around at all the crap your child’s been hoarding, but hasn’t played with in weeks. Maybe even months. That’s when you realize enough is enough.

The days of being bullied by a toddler into buying countless of useless plastic toys that leave an environmental footprint and clutter your house is over.

Toys today are an environmental nightmare. A majority of them are made from plastic with toxic adhesives, don’t provide any mental stimulation, and lose a child’s interest after a few short days.

That’s why many parents are jumping on the green train and opting for eco-friendly toys and craft kits that encourage spatial, critical and imaginative thinking. Not to mention they’re recyclable, nontoxic and super safe for the environment.

What Makes A Toy Eco-Friendly?

Eco-friendly toys are made from recyclable, natural and sustainable material. They’re made with nontoxic parts and don’t threaten your child’s health.

Eco-friendly toys range from simple and minimalistic to hands on and educational like solar-powered building kits, also known as “STEM” toys.

DIY kits in particular are an excellent buy. They serve a purpose, encourage critical thinking and make your child feel proud of their accomplishment.

Green toys won’t leave an environmental footprint and your child will have a better appreciation for them.

Below are several unique and excellent examples of eco friendly toys that you and your child will love!

Eco Baby Dolls

This adorable, handcrafted baby doll is made from 100% natural rubber. The entire doll collection is nontoxic, BPA free, phthalate free, and biodegradable.

Eco-Friendly Jumprope

This jumprope is really unique. The handles are made of carved wood that resemble rabbits, and the rope is 100 percent cotton. It also comes with a cotton storage pouch.

Natural Fiber Plush Doll

This eco-friendly 14 inch doll is made of 100 percent cotton yarn. It’s easy to clean and unlike any other doll on the market. Tested 100% safe by the U.S. Product Safety Commissions Standards.

Reclaimed Wool Tooth Pillows

These fun and unique hand-made tooth pillows are made of reclaimed wool, and stand between 12 to 15 inches tall. Each one is unique and no two are the same!

Solar Powered Fairy Garden

This fairy garden contains a windmill that spins as a result of free energy from the sun. It’s fun and educational.

Natural Cotton Plush Toy

This hand-made natural fiber plush toy is made of 100 percent cotton. It’s machine washable and makes the perfect nontoxic play companion that parents can feel good about.

Eco Craft Kit

This eco-friendly crafting kit lets you enjoy 20 craft ideas with all recycled and nontoxic material that’s 100 percent safe for kids to use.

Natural Lip Gloss Making Kit

This natural lip gloss making kit promotes creativity and sensory development. All ingredients are natural and nontoxic. Even the packaging is made from reusable and recyclable materials.

Wooden Solar Car Model Kit

This wooden solar car model kit is a fantastic STEM toy that teaches the beauty of solar power and encourages critical thinking.

Mini Brick Construction Set

This mini brick construction set is made of 100 percent eco-friendly material such as ceramic, carton and plaster. It also includes a nontoxic, water soluble glue, allowing your child to build over and over again!

3D Wooden Owl Puzzle

This isn’t your typical jigsaw puzzle. This wooden 3D puzzle turns into unique and beautiful home decor. It also encourages critical thinking and helps develop motor skills.

Stuffed Dog Sewing Kit

This fun sewing kit allows you to sew your very own dog puppets with nontoxic, eco friendly material such as felt and adhesives.

Indoor Gardening Kit

This indoor gardening kit for kids is made from 100 percent recycled milk containers. They come with three (3) pots and organic seeds.

DIY Beeswax Candle Making Kit

This DIY candle making kit is made from 100 percent beeswax and comes with 12 wax sheets and 6 yards of wicking. Kids will love expressing their creativity and making something productive.

4 thoughts on “Unique And Eco-Friendly Toys For Sustainable Play

  1. I’m LOVING this blog post. I want to start purchasing more non-toxic, eco-friendly toys for my son so this post is so timely. Thank you!


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