The Cutest Ceramic Mugs On Amazon

We’ve hand selected the most unique ceramic novelty mugs that you’ve got to see!

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Ceramic is eco-friendly. It’s made from the Earth, and when it has run its course, it will return to the Earth. So go ahead and indulge—you can NEVER have too many ceramic mugs! Especially if they are super cute!

Mugs are a great go-to gift for many different occasions: birthdays, graduation, Christmas and more. You can get them with lids, matching spoons—some even come with little saucers.

Below are our specially hand selected ceramic mugs that are incredibly unique and make an excellent addition to your kitchen!

The Dad Jokes Mug

Star Wars meets Dad Jokes. Great for dads who also love Star Wars.

Sloth Mug

Today, I will do absolutely nothing. Excellent for sloth lovers!

Sesame Cat

These adorable cat themed ceramic mugs come withs lids and spoons. The lids contain little cat heads, making this ceramic mug an absolute must have for cat lovers.

Central Perk

Indulge in some telvision show Nostalgia as you sip from your new favorite Central Perk coffee mug. If you’re a Friends mega fan, then this mug is a collector’s dream!

The Unicorn Mug

This super cute and feminine unicorn mug comes with a lid and matching spoon. It also makes a lovely birthday gift for girls who love unicorns.

The Panda Mug

This panda bear mug comes with a lid and matching spoon. It’s a must-have for panda lovers or anyone who has a black and white theme going on in the kitchen!

Baby Mouse Mug

This cute 8 ounce mug contains a small 3D cartoon mouse on the inside. He appears after you’ve drank most of your beverage.

The Corgi Mug

This adorable mug contains two 3D Corgis—one on the lid and one on the side of the mug. It’s a truly unique mug and great for corgi lovers.


Elephants are beautiful creatures. This ceramic mug contains a mama elephant with her baby. The handle is in the shape of her trunk. It’s a great mug for those who love wildlife.

The Donkey Mug

This truly unique ceramic mug contains a lid and a 3D cartoon donkey leaning against the side of the mug. This mug comes in a variety of different animals, so if you love the design, but not this particular animal, choose a different one ❤️

Cat Paw Mug

This cute cat mug contains a lid and an adorable matching spoon that contains a little waving cat paw on the tip.

The Piggy Mug

This ADORABLE piggy mug has a spoon and lid that contains a little crown which serves as a spoon rest.

Music Note Mug

This pretty ceramic mug is decorated with musical notes and comes with a lid that has an image of piano keys. It’s an awesome gift for musicians and music lovers.

Hello kitty

A must have ceramic mug for Hello Kitty fans. It comes with a lid and matching spoon. It’s a great gift for those who collect Hello Kitty memorabilia.

Winnie The Pooh

This 3D Winnie The Pooh ceramic mug is a must have for Disney fans who love that lovable little bear.

Bubble Globe Forest Theme

This special ceramic mug contains a lid that has a little miniature forest inside. You get to admire little animals and mushrooms as you sip on your favorite beverage. They are available in multiple pastel colors.

The Puppy Dog

This cute puppy dog mug comes with a matching spoon that lets the puppy rest over your mug! It’s perfect for dog lovers.

Cat Mug

This 3D cat mug comes with a lid in the shape of a cat head and a matching spoon. It’s a really great gift for cat enthusiasts.

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