10 Fun Self Care Ideas For Women

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Ten self-care activities for women that are fun at any age!

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “self-care”? Do you envision bath bombs and yoga mats? I mean, yea, those are nice for self-care—bubble baths and meditation are great. But self-care is more than just plastering healing crystals against your foreheads.

Self-care is actually doing anything that makes you happy and increases those endorphins. And if you’re in a great mood, everyone around you will be in a great mood—because people feed off of one another’s energy.

It’s possible to be selfless yet still put yourself first once in a while. Because allowing yourself to do something for YOU, will make you a better partner, better mom, and better friend.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you”—Anne Lamott

Self-care is important is for everyone—regardless of gender. It’s just something that has to occur in order for a person to “recharge” both mentally and physically.

Let’s dive straight in and take a look at 10 fun self-care gifts and activities for one self that are great for women of any age!

#1. Get yourself a monthly subscription box full of girly stuff and have fun unboxing

Subscription boxes like the TheraBox, have become widely popular in the last couple of years. People simply love unboxing gifts! And what makes subscription boxes great is the fact that they’re always full of variety and every month you get to explore and try something new. When that box arrives at your front door, your endorphins skyrocket and it makes you happy 😃.

#2 Get yourself a funny adult coloring book

Adult coloring books, like Quarantine Queens, have become the latest phenomenon, and they range from artistic scenic images to hilariously funny people and animals—check out “20 Best Adult Coloring Books” for inspiration. Coloring is great therapy—combine it with humor and some wine, and you’re on your way to a stress free night.

#3 Get yourself a Polaroid Camera and scrapbook!

We are so used to taking photos with our phones and posting them online that we forget how fun it can be to actually hold one—better yet, have fun with them. Polaroid Cameras are back and just as fun as they were in the 90s. So snap some photos and stick them in a scrapbook. It’s fun, therapeutic and you can pass it down to your children.

#4 Get a pop-up tent and camp in your backyard

Sometimes the best way to practice self care is to slow down and disconnect from our technology driven world. Whether you go off grid or pitch a tent in your backyard, camping is a great way to unwind and do some soul searching. So invest in a good lightweight pop up tent and go for it.

#5 Get some fun affirmation cards that make you smile

Affirmation cards are great for self care because they’re full of messages and advice that remind you to love yourself. Affirmators takes it a step further and adds self care ideas into each cards in a “made you smile” kind of way.

#6 Rent a nostalgic feel-good movie like “10 Things I Hate About You”

Maybe I’m biased, but this is great “feel-good” movie. Heath Ledger really made this film the success that it was. Who could forget that Aussie smile? Plus, it’s only $3.99 on Amazon. So go ahead, indulge and reminisce.

#7 Relax by listening to ASMR

Buy yourself some sleep headphones like the ones below, get on YouTube and watch some ASMR. ASMR videos have become incredibly popular in the last 5 years. In the videos, people whisper and produce various sounds into a microphone which creates a feeling of well-being, as well as a tingling sensation in the scalp. It’s the ultimate brain massage! Check out my favorite ASMR artist, Lizzie.

#8 Read a good self help book that teaches you how to give negativity the middle finger

This book is a best seller—not just because of the genius title, but because the author tells it like it is, and slaps you in the face with tough love. It’s a great read to get out of a funk and face life with a different outlook.

#9 Create a vision board and manifest your dreams!

Self care isn’t just about pampering the physical body—it’s also about exercising the mind. By creating a vision board, like the one below that comes in a kit, you can create a vision for your dream life and watch it manifest.

#10 Get yourself a portable sauna and detox!

I have to admit, I had no idea that portable saunas even existed until recently—and they’re so awesome because you can detox in the privacy of your own home. Because that’s what they’re for: relaxation and weight loss detox. Plus, it’s super easy to fold and and take with you on the go.

Which ideas was your favorite? What are some of your favorite activities for self-care?

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