Cool Solar Powered Toys For Kids

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Hi mamas! Are you looking for a toy that stimulates your child’s thinking skills? Well, I’ve got some cool suggestions for you!

It’s never too early to teach your child about caring for the environment, and a great way to inspire them is to introduce them to solar energy.

Our sun is an abundant, clean energy source that’s harnessed via solar panels to power homes, vehicles and many more items in lieu of fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. Hence, utilizing the sun’s energy reduces our carbon footprint—and what better way to hand this knowledge down to our children than through hands-on STEM play.

What Is STEM

STEM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. And unlike conventional toys, STEM based toys focus on learning, curiosity and education.

STEM toys offer a plethora of benefits for your young learner. They instill confidence, teach patience and problem-solving skills, enhance imagination, and create a love for engineering.

Solar Powered STEM Toys

Many STEM toys come in the form of unique building kits with small solar panels. These solar panels harness energy from the sun and result in movement—in other words, the robot will propel around on its own, as long as there is abundant sunlight.

Many of these kits are appropriate for children between ages 6-8 and up, and are made from environmentally friendly material such as ABS plastic (a highly durable and recyclable plastic) or wood. Of course, the younger they are, the more help they’ll require from mom and dad. Hence, age 8 is more preferable.

Below are several really cool solar robot kits that will fuel your child’s imagination and enhance engineering skills.

Solar Powered Grasshopper

This build-it-yourself educational solar hobby kit is for the first time science experimenters with little or no experience. The Frightened Grasshopper Solar Powered Bug Teaches about forms of alternative energy in a easy-to-use science kit.

CIRO Solar Robot Kit

This 12-in-1 Solar Robot Kit comes with 190pcs of building parts that combine to build 12 different types of robots. These parts consist of gears, plates, tires, and shafts with easy to follow instructions. For movement, you can harness free energy from the sun to crawl, roll and even float on the water. No batteries needed! Teach children to use environmentally friendly solar energy instead of electric energy. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

4M Green Science Solar Rover DIY Kit

The 4M Solar Rover Kit teaches children how to harness the light of the sun to power everyday objects. Transform a recycled soda can into a solar-powered rover. This kit includes all the parts necessary to build one solar-powered car. Detailed assembly instructions included. Perfect for a young scientist with an interest in mechanics and alternate energy sources. Recommended for ages 8 years and up.

HappyPlay Upgrade Solar Robot Kit

This HappyPlay kit can create 3 different models that can easily be dissembled and reassembled. The T-Rex walks on 2 legs with jaws that try to eat everything in its path. The Rhino Beetle has 6 legs and a gaping jaw. The Drill Vehicle has a rotating drill bit. The Robot has visible gears that shuffle it forward. This STEM Kit delivers hands on learning for kids to understand how solar power works. No batteries are required. The Robot moves in direct sunlight. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Pica Toys Wooden Solar & Wireless Remote Control DIY Building Kit

This DIY kit is made out of basswood—an organic wood without chemical finishing. It’s non-toxic and non-irritating—creating a safe play environment. It’s designed to improve children’s practical ability, promote problem solving skills, motivate children to love science, and build children’s confidence. Your young child will encounter all kinds of surprises. Suitable for children age 6 and up.

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