The Darkside Of Owning Plastic Dolls

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You’ll think of plastic dolls differently after reading these facts—and here’s what you should buy instead.

Dolls are an excellent toy. They’re crucial for emotional development and teach a child important social skills like empathy, compassion and responsibility.

But, unfortunately, many popular dolls on the market are made from pvc plastic—and many people don’t care. But you should. We’ll tell you why.

The typical plastic doll is made from PVC Plastic. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, a carcinogen. And we all know that carcinogens increase the risk of cancer. What makes PVC a carcinogen? Because it’s comprised of chemicals such as mercury, lead, phthalates and other heavy metals which also disrupt hormones and contribute to developmental delays.

These chemicals invade your child’s body through the process of offgassing. Offgassing is when chemicals leach into the environment. Have you ever smelled a new toy or the inside of a new car? It has a very distinct smell, doesn’t it. That’s offgassing. And it occurs the most with dolls made of soft plastic—especially new ones, straight from the factory, and old ones with rips and tears. Now imagine a baby or young toddler getting their mouths on this stuff. Gross, right?

According to the children’s environmental health network ( “young children have the natural tendency to mouth soft plastics, which can lead to exposure to PVC through ingestion. Chewing on a plastic toy creates small openings (often microscopic) in the plastic, providing an avenue for leaching of chemicals from the toy into a child’s mouth.

Those are some really disturbing facts. And what’s worse is that PVC isn’t just in toys—it’s used in making raincoats, rain boots, beach balls and more. And unfortunately, nobody takes these things into consideration when purchasing a product. As consumers, we’ve become way too complacent with buying cheap trends and completely disregard health risks. Our children deserve better.

But you don’t have to partake in that. Because you’re way smarter. When you shop for a doll for your daughter, you’ll choose a plastic alternative that’s safe and non-toxic. You’ll choose an eco-friendly doll. And we’ve got a great suggestion for you!

Say Hello to Eco Baby Dolls

Eco Baby Dolls are hand-crafted, eco-friendly dolls made from 100% all natural rubber, which the company sustainably harvests from the Hevea Brasiliensis Tree. Natural rubber is plant based, making it non-toxic and very soft. Hence, these dolls are very snuggly.

Photo courtesy of


Natural rubber is plant based, making it completely biodegradable. So unlike plastic dolls, which will sit around in landfills indefinitely, Eco Baby Dolls are gentle on the environment and will biodegrade.


Unlike traditional dolls, which are made from toxic PVC plastic, natural rubber is toxin free, and 100% safe to touch. Eco Baby Dolls are also decorated with cotton clothing. So no need to worry about any leaching chemicals.


The company also carries a line of adorable eco-friendly dolls called Treexies. Just like the Eco Baby Dolls, Treexies are made from 100% natural rubber!

Company Info

Eco Baby Dolls and Treexies are creations of Gaiatree, LLC—a family owned company in Maui, HI.

Special Offer

Take advantage of their email sign up and get 20% off of your first order.

11 thoughts on “The Darkside Of Owning Plastic Dolls

  1. Good information. Yes I think a lot about plastic too – because it seems like all the children’s toys are plastic and it really grosses me out when I analyze it. The landfills, the harm to the environment to produce a plastic item over a paper item, etc.The dolls are super cute too!


  2. Love the eco friendly dolls! Thanks for this informational post and giving alternatives. Now that I know, will never gift a plastic doll any more. My kids are teens and will share this info with them also.


  3. Thank you for the info. It is scary to think that something as innocent as a toy can seriously hurt children’s health. It’s good to know that there are safe alternatives out there.


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