Affiliate Marketing Tip For Struggling Bloggers: Try This!

An unheard of affiliate marketing platform that’s guaranteed to make you money in any niche!

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You’re here reading this article because you’re a blogger who’s struggling with affiliate sales.

That’s because the game has changed! The old way of doing affiliate marketing is dead—but mom bloggers keep doing it anyway—unsuccessfully.

You’ve started a blog, signed up for a few affiliate programs, maybe even took a pinterest course, and you’re still not making money. That’s because


Pinterest courses are great for navigating Pinterest and learning how to make pins in order to increase traffic flow to your website. Nothing wrong with that—I love Pinterest myself.

But how about affiliate sales? The truth is that they DON’T help you with that portion of blogging. You’re on your own kid, and that’s just a fact.

You can have well over 500 affiliate links on your blog, and make absolutely no sales. That’s because you’re doing it all wrong.

Most bloggers (especially novice bloggers) sign up with affiliate programs like Amazon, Walmart, Share A Sale, Target, EBay, and other sites. And you know what? Those programs are HORRIBLE when it comes to making any substantial amount of money.

Why? Because even if a visitor reads your blog, clicks on your link and makes a $100 purchase on Amazon, you’ll still only make under $5 for the whole sale. It’s sad and it’s disappointing—even heartbreaking.

I’m going to be real with you right now. Using just those programs and thinking they’ll help you make enough money to support you and your family is not very realistic.

I’ve seen many novice bloggers in my Facebook groups complain about the fact that their Amazon affiliate sales are not bringing in enough money to make a living—and they think about quitting. That’s just not how it works.

There are even thousands of articles on Pinterest that talk about how you can “make money” blogging. And the problem with those is THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. They all give the SAME advice. They tell you to set up a blog, sign up with the Amazon affiliate program and “ta-da” you’re on your way to becoming a millionaire.

Girl Please. They give new bloggers false expectations, and most of those articles are written just to get link clicks and website traffic.

Chances are, you already know how to blog, and you already know how to use affiliate links.

What you really need is information on how to make money with UNHEARD of affiliate links, methods and strategies. I’m talking payouts of well over 10.00 per sale—sometimes more—in any niche!


I was there. I was frustrated and I wanted to give up blogging completely. I mean, I love writing and I’m passionate about my niche, but I also needed to contribute to our household income. Plus, blogging is hard work. We do research, and we take the time to present that research to the public—it’s a time consuming job that deserves monetary reward. So I decided to give an actual affiliate course a try.

Do you ever watch a YouTube video on affiliate marketing tips and notice that’s it usually men who teach them? And it’s usually men that are the most successful with online sales? That’s because MEN DON’T BUY PINTEREST COURSES. They invest in affiliate courses. And that’s why I pursued one.

Ultimately I asked myself: “Do I want to spend money on a course that teaches me to make pretty pins, or a course that’s teaches me to make money.”

During my search I came across a blog article that spoke very highly of an online affiliate marketing platform called JVZOO, and I kicked myself in the butt for not finding this platform earlier in the year.

About “JVZOO”

JVZOO is an online affiliate marketing platform that allows affiliate marketers to browse through and promote a ton of products at really great commission rates. Likewise, sellers are able to easily list, promote and sell their products. There are also a ton of bonuses and contests. AND IT’S FREE TO JOIN AND USE!

Yes—it is legit! I’m on the platform myself!

And mom bloggers—there are TONS of products in your niche that you can promote. Do you blog about health? Blogging tips? Organizing or decluttering? Pregnancy? Perhaps you blog about a green lifestyle like myself? They have all of those categories!

Sellers on JVZOO need affiliates like us to promote their ebooks and courses in all sorts of categories—and commissions can be as high as 75%! That’s because bloggers are influencers who have built a trust with their audience.

There was just one problem. I had no idea how to navigate it. You have to know how to successfully be approved by each seller to promote their products. They are people like us who are cautious about their reputation and want to know that they can trust you to do their product justice. Nothing wrong with that.

SO I bought this course: JVZOO For Dummies, and it gave me the confidence and knowledge that I needed to set up my free account and start getting permission from affiliates to promote their products.

JVZOO For Dummies is an intense video training course that’s 2 hours and 5 minutes long. It covers everything in great detail and sets you up for success. What have you got to lose? You’ll gain knowledge and understand affiliate marketing in a whole new light. The only drawback with this course is that it took over a month to get in the mail.

If you don’t feel like waiting that long, you can always read about success stories featuring tips and tricks from some of the best affiliate marketers on the platform entitled “The Rockstars Of”. It’s packed with great information about affiliate marketing in general.

“Rockstars of JVZoo is a compilation of case studies, written by people just like you, people who listened to their inner voices and created jobs for themselves. Everything you are about to read in this book has been achieved by ordinary people who did that one thing that separates entrepreneurs from the rest of society: they took action.” -Rockstars of JVZoo


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  1. Thanks for this Angelika! I’m revamping my site and setting up the newsletter thingy, then I definitely want to focus more on affiliate marketing. I’ll for sure come back and click on this 😉

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  2. This whole affiliate link thing is really new to me (I just started my blog about a week ago). I appreciate the post and will definitely come back to this to look into JVZOO!

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  3. Affiliate marketing is an area where I haven’t gained enough traction. This is a new tip I hadn’t heard before. Thanks for this!


  4. Super interesting! I haven’t heard of them before. I’ve been dipping my toes into affiliate marketing but it’s so intimidating…but I do want to start making more money! Thanks for the information…I may reach out with more questions!


  5. Great tips. Affiliate marketing is my favorite online business model. Very low-risk, low startup costs, no inventory, no customer service, etc. and is also scalable! Worth studying and exploring.

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  6. Awesome, tips and sharing about such a nice platform

    I am still trying to get the hang of affiliate marketing, this is Great tips for those who start affiliate marketing & looking for profit from their blog. Some of them I haven’t heard of them before. I may reach out with more questions!

    but if I ever decide I want to try and make money blogging, this was definitely good to know 👍


  7. Thanks for the intro and it was good to read about other people struggling. Personally i`m using ClickBank and WarriorPlus and i find them user friendly. Although maybe the hardest thing is to generate traffic to the sites or affiliate links. Maybe someone else had better experience than me and i`ll be glad to hear about it.

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  8. WOWWWW that is all I have to say lol. You shoved so much content into 1 write up! Thank you very much. I got a lot of value from this post. So thank you for that. I loved that you mention some of the networks that don’t payout much.. Specifically Amazon. I know many are thriving on Amazon but it seems most of those are sellers.. Not affiliates. I know there are a ton of courses out there selling the Amazon affiliate lifestyle, but in reality, you have to push a ton of traffic that may convert just to make a decent living as an Amazon affiliate. Very valid points here. Thank you


  9. Thank you so much for sharing!! Affiliate programs can be such a pain to navigate and to find one that is actually profitable is a whole different ball game! I’ll definitely look into those!


  10. Thanks for this. I am just starting with affiliate marketing, and I don’t really have it figured out. A course is a great idea!


  11. Affiliate marketing is definitely something we all need to learn more about! I make some money but not enough from it.


  12. I have heard and seen so many videos on affiliate marketing, but still clueless how to start. and also i heard unless we have traffic on our blog or any other platform the sellers dont affiliate with us. Is it? Hope I get help on this soon.

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    • while that may be true for advertising (google ads and media net) it’s not true for affiliate marketing. There are companies where you can go to their website and as soon as you sign up you have access to a dashboard and get an affiliate link to use instantly. It’s that simple. Whatever niche you are in, google a product that you would write about and do a search for that product plus the word affiliate program. So many will pop up. Then just go on the website and sign up.

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