Best Zero Waste Shampoo Bars For Babies And Kids

Must-Have Organic Shampoo Bars For Little Heads!

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I absolutely LOVE shampoo bars! They are so so great for the environment, save tons of space in my shower, and are so gentle on my scalp and hair!

Unlike traditional shampoo, shampoo bars are biodegradable, are not packaged in plastic, and are plant-based as well as cruelty free. These natural ingredients make them ideal for little ones who have sensitive skin, eczema and other skin conditions.

Shampoo bars also do not contain any harsh synthetic chemicals like phthalates and parabens that traditional bottled shampoo contains—which make them a perfect shampoo alternative for babies and young children.

Shampoo bars for kids are slowly gaining traction—although you can honestly use just about any organic shampoo bar on children’s hair.

The only downside to shampoo bars is that because they contain essential oils, most brands can irritate the eyes if you aren’t careful when washing your child’s hair. But, there are a unique few that are tear-free!

Shampoo bars are also wonderful space savers. I’m sure that if you’re just like me, you hate having your bathtub cluttered with tons of plastic bottles.

Shampoo bars can also double as body wash, which is a great way to save money and avoid even more synthetic chemicals making contact with your little one’s delicate skin!

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With that said, I am familiar with several shampoo bar brands that cater specifically to babies and kids.

Each shampoo bar brand is also climate pledge friendly, and contain organic ingredients that are cruelty-free and plant based.


Apple Valley Soap Co is a family owned company who specialize in shampoo bars. Their shampoo bars are made from organic and nontoxic ingredients gentle enough for newborns—and boy, do they smell lovely! If your child has dry, damaged hair, this Shea shampoo bar is the perfect shampoo bar for their hair type! And when you shop at Apple Valley Soap Co, can get 10% off of your entire purchase with special code: AVNSDIARIES10 at checkout!

Farmstead Apothecary Baby Shampoo + Wash Bar

The Farmstead Apothecary Baby Shampoo Bar doubles as a body wash and creates a rich lather. This solid shampoo bar is made from minimal, purposeful, and skin nourishing ingredients only, and is formulated for sensitive skin—making it perfect for all skin types! Its key ingredients consist of sodium cocoate, glycerin, shea butter, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, lavandula oil, sodium gluconate, and sodium chloride.



I love that Ethique came out with a shampoo bar made especially for kids because they are such an awesome brand and they are devoted to combating plastic waste.

Their kids’ shampoo bar called “Oaty Delicious” is made from oats, cocoa butter, and oils consisting of chamomile, lavender and coconut. The bar is pH balanced, plant-based, vegan, cruelty free, compostable and of course, zero waste! It’s mild, has a subtle scent and is great for kids with eczema because it’s so gentle on the skin (it can double as a body wash). Ethique also makes hair conditioner bars for kids!


The sweet orange shampoo bar for babies and kids contains a tear-free formula and lovely citrus smell that everyone is raving about. These solid shampoo bars are packed with moisture-rich coconut oil, soothing jojoba oil, argon oil, oat protein, organic avocado oil and various other essential oils that create a rich lather and heavenly scent!


This organic shampoo bar called “Bananas And Monkey Bread” by Shea Terra Organics is an all natural shampoo bar with special ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced from East Africa. The brand was started by a mom who homeschooled her 14 children and wanted to create an all natural product that would also help improve local economy.

The indigenous “super hero” ingredients consisting of Shea Nilotik Shea butter and baobab (monkey tree oil) make this bar especially gentle on the skin. And don’t forget about the banana fruit extract that makes this shampoo bar smell so good!


Dirty Kids Organics

Dirty Kids Organics—Such a fun name for a shampoo bar! This bar is a multi-use product that can double as face wash and body wash because it is so gentle! In fact, the company states that it’s great for baby cradle cap, eczema and acne prone skin. The Dirty Kids Organics shampoo bar is infused with Rosemary extract and contains soothing oils consisting of palm, coconut and sunflower.



The E’Tae Shampoo Bar is gentle enough to be used on infants because it has a tear-free formula and produces low to medium lather. It protects the hair’s natural oils while removing dirt and parents have given this bar pretty good reviews.


7 thoughts on “Best Zero Waste Shampoo Bars For Babies And Kids”

  1. We love shampoo bars and have used the Ethique brand for travel. Just the regular kind. I have been contemplating switching at home as I don’t like all the plastic. Even More incentive with all the great kid options out there.

  2. I am tired telling my kids not to waste too much shampoo. Sometimes they spill it or pour water in the bottle. This can be an answer to my problem.

  3. Just wondering if these options consider kiddos with sensitive eyes. One shampoo bar I used on my kid had her screaming. It wasn’t geared toward kids, just something I picked up for myself and used on her when we ran out of her shampoo.

    1. Hi Molly. E’Tae (the very last bar in this article) claims to be tear-free and many parents have backed this claim in reviews. Unfortunately, many shampoo bars will irritate the eyes because bars have a higher Ph due to the oil ingredients used in making bars. Traditional baby shampoo doesn’t create tears because they dilute and omit certain chemicals, which bars can’t really do or else they wouldn’t even be able to create a lather or clean the scalp properly. The best thing to do is just to be careful. You can buy one of those visors that protects the face when rinsing. But, I would definitely also look into the E’Tae brand and see if it works for you!

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