Best Zero Waste Shampoo Bars For Pets

Why you should make the switch from ordinary pet shampoo to eco-friendly and chemical free shampoo bars!

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Just like people, dogs are prone to skin issues. From dry, itchy skin due to allergies, to more serious health problems like mites, fleas, and ticks—making your pet extremely miserable. And the biggest mistake that we, as pet owners make, is subjecting them to harsh chemicals which only makes the problem worse.

As someone who has owned and fostered a great number of dogs throughout the years, I’ve seen and experienced first hand, the different skin issues that certain breeds acquire. With that said, we once adopted a male German Shepherd who had a horrible case of mange mites which caused horrible redness and lesions throughout his entire body—the worst of it being around his groin area. And although it eventually cleared up with prescription medication, he continued to live a life with sensitive skin that required a special diet and alternative shampoo (CBD shampoo for pets is great for sensitive skin as well!)

Just like humans, pets shouldn’t have to be washed with shampoos that contain harsh chemicals and ingredients that we can’t even pronounce; in fact, traditional shampoos can cause further damage to already irritated skin. That’s why you should consider switching to an all natural shampoo bar made especially for pets. They are made with natural, organic, vegan ingredients, provide soothing comfort, and are climate pledge friendly—they’re biodegradable and environmentally friendly! Plus, they take up way less space than traditional plastic shampoo bottles.


Most bars are made interchangeably for both cats and dogs, and range anywhere from 3 to 8 ounces. The best part is that many are infused with natural and hypoallergenic ingredients that create a barrier to help keep away fleas and ticks. Let’s check them out below!



Apple Valley Soap

Apple Valley Natural Soap is an awesome natural soap and shampoo bar company that is certified cruelty free. They make shampoo bars for for both humans and pets, and use top notch, organic ingredients (this pet shampoo bar is over 90% organic). Their pet shampoo bar is full of beneficial ingredients and essential oils that not only will provide your pet with a healthy coat, but will also create a barrier to keep unwanted pests away.


Natrula Natural Pet Shampoo

Natrula natural pet shampoo is great for both dogs and cats. It’s even gentle enough on new puppies. The Natrula pet shampoo bar contains an assortment of natural oils as well as honey, citronella and geranium, which act as natural pest repellents while adding moisture and softness to your pet’s skin and hair. The bar is anti-fungal, vegan, hypoallergenic, holistic and helps with odor control.


Sit. Stay. Forever.

This whopping 7 ounce shampoo bar by Sit. Stay. Forever. has a sweet coconut scent and is made from Shea butter, organic oatmeal, vitamin E and Neroli essential oil in addition to olive and coconut oil(s). What is neroli oil? Neroli oil is an essential oil that’s very calming and acts as subtle sedative to make bath time for your pet a breeze. It’s also great for puppies and kittens!



When it comes to shampoo bars, the J•R•Liggett’s brand is no stranger—they have a successful line made for both men and women. Their shampoo bars made especially for pets are likewise just as impressive—infused with essential oils consisting of lemongrass, lavender, Rosemary and lemon—with added hemp, aloe vera and colloidal oatmeal to help sooth dry, itchy skin.


Soapy Tails Dog Shampoo Bar

Soapy Tails dog shampoo bar is handmade with oatmeal and coconut milk, and formulated with natural ingredients and essential oils to help breeds with sensitive skin and coat issues. This bar can be used on puppies as young as six to eight weeks of age and contains a flea relief formula which creates a barrier between your pet’s coat and outdoor pests.



Ethique is another well known shampoo bar brand. They have a line of shampoo bars made for kids and adults as well, which is really great! Their shampoo bar “BOW WOW BAR” is made especially for pets and contains moisturizing vegan ingredients such as coconut oil, cocoa butter and flaxseeds.


Natural Dog Co

The Silky Soft organic dog shampoo bar by the Natural Dog Company can be found on Earth Hero’s Website in the pet category of their main menu. It contains a blend of moisturizing ingredients for a soft, flake free coat, and extracts that control odor and create a natural barrier to keep away fleas and other unwanted pests naturally.

And as a special thank you for visiting Earth Hero’s site, please take 10% off of this shampoo bar or any other purchase on their website with coupon code: ECOMOMDIARIES at checkout.

Now that you know the difference between traditional dog shampoo and the healthier alternatives, would you consider making the switch? If you already own one, has it helped your pet with skin related issues? Let us know in the comments!

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