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Best Zero Waste Deodorants For Men

Biodegradable And All-Natural Deodorants In Plastic Free Packaging Made For Him

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I enjoy shopping for my husband when it comes to self care essentials. Because like most men, when shopping for hygiene products, he buys what he needs, but doesn’t take the time to research brands and products—especially the ingredients that are placed into skincare products.

So whenever I purchase a healthier, eco-friendlier version of something he’s used for a long time, he ends up being pleasantly surprised by how “cool” the products actually are.


With that said, women are more proactive when it comes to researching and switching to eco-friendly and all-natural products. It’s not that men don’t care, they just don’t have the time and passion for seeking out healthier alternatives.

That’s why I feel as though many eco-friendly and natural products that are made specifically for men are very underrated and overlooked.

When and if men do shop online, they don’t bother to put “zero-waste”, “eco-friendly” or “all natural” in the search bar. They just don’t have that mindset. And as a result, they miss out on a lot of great products that can replace what they currently use. All-natural, zero-waste deodorants being one of those items.

Why A Natural Deodorant?

Because sweat is natural! It’s part of being a human being. Sweat helps to regulate our body temperature and gets rid of toxins. There’s just one problem—it stinks!

That’s why we wear deodorants. But, unfortunately, we’ve been wearing the wrong kind for years and years. That’s because traditional deodorants also serve as antiperspirants and stop our armpits from leaking sweat. And unfortunately, the ingredients that accomplish this are not very safe. These ingredients consist of aluminum, parabens, and other chemicals that we shouldn’t be putting into our body—hence, all the more reason to switch to an all natural product.

Natural deodorants allow our body to sweat while neutralizing those funky odors. And if you’d like to know more details about what to expect when switching over to a natural deodorant, read my article on that here.

What Makes These Deodorants Zero Waste?

And in addition to being healthy and nontoxic, many natural deodorants are packaged in eco-friendly packaging. The deodorants in this specific article are packaged in zero-waste packaging, which means that the packaging is biodegradable—it can be composted. So while there are many other natural deodorants that come in eco-friendly packaging such as recyclable plastic, this post focuses on the compostable versions.

These zero waste deodorant brands are also all climate pledge friendly and cruelty free.

Ethique “Rustic” Natural Deodorant


Ethique is a green brand known especially for their awesome zero waste shampoo bars, but not many people know that they also have zero waste deodorant bars. Their solid deodorant is made with natural ingredients and scented with lime, cedarwood and eucalyptus, with jojoba and sweet almond oil.

And while most deodorant bars serve only as ‘deodorants’ with no antiperspirant elements, Ethique contains bamboo, which absorbs sweat, helping to keep you dry as well. So if you’re one of those people who absolutely hates sweaty armpits, which most natural deodorants do not accomplish, then this bar is best for you.

“Our wonder ingredients keep sweat & smell away: magnesium hydroxide, zinc oxide & bamboo(which absorbs 200% its own weight in sweat and oil).” -Ethique

Zero3 Natural Deodorant


If it’s odor elimination you’re after, then you’ll really like the ZERO3 natural deodorant, which uses a patented technology to keep odor at bay. Fair trade ingredients like shea butter and a blend of earthy essential oils also give your armpits a pleasant smell. And you’ll love that this zero waste deodorant ships to your home in plastic-free packaging.

Alpine Provisions “Cedar + Sandalwood” Charcoal Deodorant

Alpine Provisions

Alpine Provisions Charcoal Deodorant is plastic-free, does not contain any aluminum, and instead uses an all-star line-up of organic ingredients like activated charcoal and probiotics. Why probiotics? Because probiotics balance your skin’s biome and help to eliminate odor when you sweat! You’ll also enjoy the calming scent of essential oils: sandalwood and cedar! And like all plastic-free deodorant tubes, this packaging is recyclable and compostable!

Tom’s Of Maine Natural Deodorant

Tom’s Of Maine

Tom’s of Maine aluminum-free deodorant comes in all cardboard packaging and offers 48 hours of odor protection and contains a rugged coast scent. This aluminum-free deodorant stick lets your skin breathe and helps you feel fresh and confident throughout the day. Made with naturally derived, sustainable and responsible ingredients, this solid deodorant stick helps men live more naturally.

Fat And The Moon Sensitive Pit Cream

Fat and The Moon

Take on stinky pits with help from the Sensitive Pit Deodorant Cream from Fat and the Moon! Made from 100% natural and organic ingredients that contain no aluminum or heavy metals, this natural sensitive deodorant cream uses arrowroot powder (not baking soda!) to keep your arm pits dry and less stinky.

This natural deodorant won’t leave behind chalky white streaks, and contains antimicrobial essential oils that leave behind a gentle scent. Perfect for sensitive pits, it won’t irritate skin or cause rashes.

Arcadia Natural Unscented Natural Deodorant

Arcadia Natural

Arcadia Natural is a hand-made all natural deodorant for men thats free of aluminum and baking soda. The great thing about this natural deodorant is that it is available in many scents, including an unscented option.

The packaging is made from recycled Kraft paperboard tubes and the deodorant is made from all natural biodegradable and organic ingredients consisting of plant-based waxes, Shea Butter, Castor oil, Arrowroot powder, and Vitamin E.

Apple Valley Natural Deodorant Creme

Apple Valley Natural Soap Co

If transparency and home-made product is what you’re searching for when it comes to a natural deodorant, then check out this Natural Deodorant Creme by Apple Valley Soap Co who specialize in hand-made skin care products like shampoo bars, body bars and more. This deodorant creme comes in scented and unscented and not only neutralizes odors, but moisturizes your pits as well.

Made with anti-bacterial, odor absorbing ingredients like organic virgin coconut oil, diatomaceous earth, aluminum free baking soda, arrowroot powder, and white kaolin clay—just a pea-sized amount is all you need to stay fresh all day long!

Pack And Leaf “Coconut And Vanilla” Natural Deodorant

Pack & Leaf

Pack & Leaf is an all natural and biodegradable vegan deodorant that is packaged in compostable cardboard push-up tubes. This natural deodorant comes in a set of two—a travel size is included which is perfect for the gym or airports when traveling.

It’s made of ingredients consisting of shea butter, coconut oil, magnesium oxide, arrowroot powder, candelilla wax, baking soda, jojoba seed oil, vitamin E and vanilla extract. These come in a variety of scents for both men and women.

Benat “Lemon And Tea Tree” Natural Deodorant


BeNat is an artisanal natural deodorant that’s handcrafted with all natural ingredients and packaged in a zero waste biodegradable and renewable paperboard push-up tube.

This natural deodorant contains organic ingredients consisting of coconut oil, beeswax, vegetable emulsifier, cornstarch, baking soda, avocado seed oil, and tea tree essential oil. So if you enjoy the scent of lemon and tea tree, then this deodorant is an excellent choice for you.

Are you considering making a switch to a natural deodorant? Have you tried any of these brands? Let us know in the comments!

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