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Best Eco-Friendly Beard Grooming Kits For Men

All-Natural, Organic And Environmentally Friendly Beard Care Kits For Men

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Thinking of growing some magnificent face foliage? Or perhaps searching for a grooming kit to maintain the rugged one you’re already rocking? Then you’ve come to the right place—because we’ve got some awesome recommendations for you.

Caring for your beard is no different than caring for the rest of your body. Would you buy a subpar shampoo, soap or body lotion? No. The same goes for your beard.

When it comes to facial hair, you need to use products that are void of harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients which strip your facial hair of moisture. You need all-natural and organic products that keep your skin moisturized, prevent beard dandruff and keep your hair frizz free.

And that’s exactly what eco-friendly beard kits accomplish. They contain all natural and organic ingredients that are gentle on your skin and hair.


The kits that we’ve chosen are not only great quality, they’re environmentally friendly as well. These brands care about the environment just as much as they care about the appearance of your beard.

That’s why all of these hand-chosen kits are packaged in either zero-waste or recyclable packaging. And most come with recyclable and biodegradable accessories made of either wood or metal.

So if you’re someone who wants to look great in a beard while reducing your carbon footprint, then one of these kits might be the perfect one for you. And you’ll feel great about buying them.



Buck Ridge Soap Company

This beard kit by the Buck Ridge Soap Company is made from all natural ingredients and are hand-made in the U.S. without chemicals, dyes or artificial colors. You can even choose from over 10 different scents.

This all-natural and non-toxic beard grooming kit includes a 4-ounce bar of handmade soap, 2-ounce bottle of beard oil, 2 ounce tin of beard balm, 6-ounce bottle of beard wash, and a beard comb and beard brush set in a cotton muslin bag. 


Beard Gains

This hard core looking beard kit is made with all-natural and organic ingredients—with a nice scent that women love.

This unique beard care kit consists of a high gloss skull shaped beard comb, Pristine beard oil, Pristine beard balm, a mini balm scoop (which doubles as a mustache comb), and an optional beard conditioner.

Professor Fuzzworthy Big Beard Care Kit

Professor Fuzzworthy

If you’re looking for a masculine woody scent, then this bar is right up your alley. This zero waste beard grooming kit by Professor Fuzzworthy consists of a natural zero waste beard shampoo bar, and one boar bristle brush. The shampoo bar consists of all-natural ingredients that do a fantastic job of conditioning your beard like castor oil, olive oil, leatherwood beeswax, and honey. It’s also infused with organic antiseptic essential oils to maintain healthy skin.

All Professor Fuzzworthy products are made in Australia and free of any synthetic chemicals and never tested on animals. Their products are also packaged in zero waste and plastic free packaging.


Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit

Viking Revolution

If you’re looking for a beard grooming kit that has pretty much everything, then this beard care kit might be what you’re searching for. This eco-friendly beard grooming kit by Viking Revolution contains a variety of products for the ultimate beard care. It consists of a 100% boar beard brush, wooden beard comb, beard balm, beard oil, and beard/mustache scissors in a metal box.

The balm and oil are unscented, which is great for people with smell sensitivities. The beard is a combination of organic cold pressed golden jojoba oil and organic cold pressed Morrocan argon oil, which keeps skin moisturized and eliminates beard dandruff.

The Viking Revolution kit is almost entirely zero-waste as well—consisting primarily of paper and metal packaging.


Jurgen K

Another awesome beard grooming kit that contains a variety of products is an all natural and eco-friendly grooming kit by Jurgen K. This kit consists of one unscented beard growth oil, one unscented beard balm, one beard brush consisting of boar bristles and a bamboo handle, one wooden beard comb, one pair of stainless steel beard scissors, and one canvas travel bag.

The main ingredients in both of the beard oil and beard balm consist of argon oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, grape seed oil and vitamin e—leaving both skin and facial hair incredibly soft and moisturized.


Honest Amish

The Amish have some great beards. Perhaps that’s why they’ve inspired the Honest Amish beard care kit, which consists of all-natural and organic ingredients. This kit includes beard wax, beard oil, beard balm and one bar of zero waste beard soap. Combined, these products soften, condition and maintain beard growth.

All of the products included contain soothing ingredients like jojoba oil, argon oil, avocado oil and several essential oils. This kit is packaged in a recyclable cardboard box, and even makes a wonderful and charming gift for anyone who has a beard.

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