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Best Zero-Waste Personal Care Products Of 2021

The Best Non-Toxic, Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Hygiene Products You Need To Check Out!

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Have you stopped to look at your bathroom products lately and questioned their impact on the environment, let alone your health?

Up until a couple of years ago, I had no idea how many alternative and zero waste options there were when it came to personal hygiene items. It literally blew my mind. And now that I’ve replaced so many traditional items in my bathroom with eco-friendly versions, I feel so much better about my health and the positive impact that I am making on the environment.

When you think about it, nearly every item in your personal hygiene routine is somehow made with or packaged in plastic. From dental floss to shampoo, many items contain a lot of synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals that aren’t kind to our health or the fragile environment.


And I think the biggest reason that people keep investing in traditional, mainstream hygiene items is complacency. It’s hard to sever ties from personal care products that you’ve been using for years. But you never know how awesome something new will be until you try it. And that’s been my life for the past two years—trying new things.

So without further ado, I’ll share with you some really great eco-friendly personal care items that you can incorporate into your personal care routine. And if you give them a chance, you might end up wishing you’d try them sooner!

The unique personal care products below are from various eco-friendly retailers who make sure that their products are ethically made and sustainably shipped!

Bamboo ToothbrushES

Brush With Bamboo @EarthHero

It’s true, there are a ton of eco-friendly toothbrushes to choose from that aren’t necessarily bamboo, but I’ll tell you why I prefer bamboo. The material itself is a sustainable source. Bamboo is literally the fastest growing plant on the planet and it has its own antibacterial and pest repelling properties, so it’ll always be certified organic. You don’t need to worry about having something toxic in your mouth. Take the toothbrush featured above by Brush With Bamboo as an example—it’s certified organic, and the bristles are made from 100% castor bean oil and is 100% USDA certified as bio-based.

Toothpaste PowderS

Bestowed Essentials @EarthHero

You’ve probably heard of toothpaste tablets, but I guarantee that not many people have heard of tooth powder, which is another great alternative to traditional tooth paste. And a great to brand to consider when switching to tooth powder is Bestowed Essentials, which is available on EarthHero. This vegan tooth powder is made of natural charcoal, mint and bentonite clay which removes toxins from teeth and gums. The glass container itself is made of 50 percent recycled glass with a 100 percent recycled cork top. Studies have shown that tooth powder is actually superior to paste when it comes to removing plaque and bacteria—so this product is great for your dental health!

Zero Waste Toothpaste Gel

Noice Dental Gel

If you can’t stand toothpaste tablets, powders or paste, then this zero waste dental gel is something you should give a chance! We did, and we as a family love it! Noice is an invigorating botanical and charcoal toothpaste gel that not only cleans and eliminates plaque, but whitens teeth! The entire formula is vegan and certified cruelty free—making it a top choice when it comes to zero waste dental care.


Apple Valley Natural Soap Simply Shea Shampoo Bar

One of the most popular zero waste personal care products that are on the rise are shampoo bars—and for very good reason. Shampoo bars are not packaged in plastic, they take up less space than traditional shampoo bottles, and they’re free of harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients like sulfates, parabens, silicone, and phthalates. And one of the best and underrated brands on the market is Apple Valley Natural Soap Shampoo Bars. AVNS hand-makes their shampoo bars in the U.S. with only organic ingredients that are always cruelty free, they ship their bars in compostable packaging, and they smell heavenly. Get it with 10% off using code: AVNSDIARIES10


Georganics @EarthHero

No sustainable dental care is complete without natural and biodegradable dental floss in a zero waste container—especially since most traditional dental floss is packaged in plastic and made primarily of petroleum based plastic and nylon. Natural floss, on the other hand, is vegan and made from compostable corn-based PLA with vegetable waxes and essential oils, like the one above by Georganics, which is available on EarthHero. This natural dental floss contains activated charcoal, is cruelty free, gluten free and does not contain fluoride.


Moon Valley Organics @EarthHero

Lotion bars are an amazing alternative to traditional lotions. They’re zero waste, and contain organic ingredients that you can actually pronounce. And lotion bars like the one above by Moon Valley Organics, seals in twice as much moisture as traditional water based lotions because they’re made from moisturizing ingredients like safflower oil, sustainably harvested beeswax, calendula, and comfrey. This bar is available is multiple scents and even comes in charming gift bundles on EarthHero.


Check Paavani @EarthHero

There are so many face wash options online and in stores, that it can be overwhelming on deciding which one to invest in—especially because we all have different skin types. That’s why the best kind of face wash is one that’s organic, biodegradable and made from ingredients that are literally sourced from the Earth (especially if you have sensitive skin). The Paavani cleanser doubles as a face mask, and contains natural and organic ingredients that have long been used in India. This amazing cleanser can be found on EarthHero and is packaged in a recyclable glass container.

Natural Deodorants

Meow Meow Tweet @EarthHero

I love that more and more natural deodorants are being created and I love that a majority of them are packaged in zero-waste packaging, like the one above by Meow Meow Tweet. Natural deodorants are way healthier for you than the traditional kind because they are void of aluminum and parabens which disrupt hormones. Our bodies are meant to sweat, and natural deodorants allow you to do just that while neutralizing odors. Meow Meow Tweet contains vegan ingredients, is certified cruelty free, and is available on EarthHero.

Reusable PERIOD Pads

Lucky Pads

Reusable menstral pads aren’t for everyone, but aside from cups, they’re a great zero-waste alternative to traditional period pads. They’re even better for the environment than biodegradable pads because even those take a long time to break down in the landfill. Period pads can easily be thrown in the wash and reused many, many times, like these organic cotton menstral pads by Lucky Pads, which are GOTS certified organic. Lucky Pads have a wide assortment of various sizes and starter packs as well!

Reusable Ear Cleaner

LastSwab @EarthHero

You’ve probably seen this item all over my site, as well as other green living websites—in fact, you’ve probably glanced at it and moved on. But, before you keep scrolling, let me tell you how great this little gadget is. You can literally reuse this over 1,000 times. Now think about how many traditional Q-tips and cotton swabs you’ve used over the last few years—think of how many you’ve thrown into the trash. Quite a bit I bet. And I know what you’re thinking: “does this actually work”?

The answer to that is yes, they do. They just have a different feel to them because there’s no soft cushion that cotton swabs contain. LastSwab contains little nubs, so it works by grabbing hold of your wax. And of course, the wax can be washed off and you can go back in for more. The case itself is made from biodegradable PLA material. So if you’d like to give this gem a try, you can find it on EarthHero!


Apple Valley Natural Soap Pink Himalayan Salt Bar

Chances are that you’re currently using some type of body wash or some type of mainstream soap bar in the bath or shower. But have you ever taken the time to actually read the label? Do you know what you’re actually cleansing with? Those are some pretty good questions to ask yourself. When it comes to your skin, you should certainly invest in a nontoxic cleanser that’s actually healthy for you, like the natural salt bar shown above by Apple Valley Natural Soap. This natural soap bar is free from sulfates, parabens chemicals and other unnecessary additives, and is awesome for detoxifying and cleansing the skin of grit, grime, and acne. Get it with 10% off using code: AVNSDIARIES10


Fat And The Moon @EarthHero

I can’t remember the last time I’ve used traditional shaving cream—the kind that come in aerosol canisters. I stopped using those kind because no matter which brand I bought, it would somehow irritate my skin and result in razor bumps. So I started using alternative products similar to the one shown above. The super luxurious shave cream from Fat And The Moon is made from ultra moisturizing ingredients like olive oil and Shea butter which allows razor blades to glide seamlessly, resulting in smooth and moisture rich skin. It’s a much better alternative and can be found on EarthHero.


Ethique Saving Face Serum @Amazon

Ethique has done it again! And this time, they’ve come up with an all-natural moisturizing serum bar for the face, which generously hydrates your skin. So in lieu of using traditional face cream full of synthetic chemicals, try their solid face serum. This bar is made with Cupuacu, Shea, Rosehip and Pomegranate oils. It also contains a high concentration of antioxidants, phytosterols, polyphenols and fatty acids to promote hydrated as well as firm skin. The Ethique solid face serum is available on Amazon.


Jungle Culture Reusable Safety Razors

Everyone shaves, whether it be their face, legs, armpits and other body parts. And many use disposable razors when they could be using reusable ones instead. When you switch to a reusable razor, you’re only switching out a metal razor blade, as opposed to throwing out plastic time and time again. So invest in a great quality reusable safety razor like the one above by Jungle Culture! These beautiful chrome razors come in a magnetic gift box with an organic cotton travel bag and blades! The entire package is absolutely beautiful!


Basic Concepts @Amazon

Did you know one stainless steel tongue scraper replaces 50 single-use plastic tongue scrapers? That’s why it’s a great idea to ditch the plastic variety and invest in a stainless steel, BPA-free version like the one above by Basic Concepts. It’s rust proof, easy to clean, and comes in a pack of two! It’s a great way to freshen your breath, get unwanted debris off of your tongue, and reduce your carbon footprint while doing so—check out the details on Amazon today!



If you’re searching for the ultimate sustainable dental care kit, look no further than the LEAFICO zero-waste dental care kit. It contains sustainably sourced bamboo toothbrushes with a bamboo travel case, one eco dental floss in refillable glass packaging, and one stainless steel tongue scraper—available on Amazon. And if you’re curious about more zero-waste kits, check out my latest article on the best zero-waste starter kits of 2021.

Which item or items do you see yourself switching to from what you traditionally use? Let us know in the comments!

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