10 Easy Zero Waste Swaps For Kids

Super simple plastic alternatives for kids that will help them become zero-waste warriors!

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Are you a parent wanting to lower your family’s carbon footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle? You are not alone.

Parents today are realizing the dangers of plastic, and are shifting toward an all-natural and environmentally friendly way of living.

Ditching single use plastic and being more intentional with purchases is a habit that many parents are embracing.

Sustainable living saves you money, reduces clutter, improves your overall health, and you help contribute to a cleaner planet.

With that said, I’ve compiled a list of plastic swaps that parents and kids can easily make!

1. Switch To Plastic-Free Dental Care

Greenzla Bamboo Toothbrushes|AnPei Plant-Based Toothbrushes|ChewTab Toothpaste Tablets|isshah Natural Floss Picks

One of the easiest zero-waste swaps that kids can make is right in their bathroom! A large majority of dental care products are made out of plastic, and contain toxic ingredients that can be harmful if swallowed.

So opt for toothbrushes that are made from 100% plant-based material instead! You can also acquire compostable floss picks that likewise, are made from 100% plant based material.

And lastly, non-toxic toothpaste tablets are a great alternative to toothpaste! Many toothpaste tablets come in kid-friendly flavors, like bubble-gum, and you don’t have to worry about harmful ingredients.

2. Switch To Shampoo Bars

Ethique Oaty Delicious| Reef Safe Shampoo Bar|Foamie Shampoo Bar| Shea Terra Organics Shampoo Bar|Ethique Conditioner Bar

Another great zero-waste swap that kids can make is opting for shampoo bars instead of traditional bottled shampoo. As parents, we should be a lot more conscious of what we’re putting on our kids—especially cleansing products, which can contain a lot of toxic ingredients and hormone disrupting chemicals.

Shampoo bars are made from all-natural, ethically sourced organic ingredients, take up less space, last longer and are non-toxic. They are literally so mild and gentle, that you can even use them on your newborn. See my blog post about the best shampoo bars for kids if you’d like more recommendations.

3. Switch To Reusable Straws

Softy Straws|Slurp|Amalka + Albert|Mood Straws|Tegion

A super easy zero-waste swap for kids is switching from disposable straws to reusable straws. Single-use plastic straws are everywhere—and your kids will encounter them all throughout life. So teaching them the importance of reusable straws is the best thing that you can do as a mindful parent.

When it comes to choosing a reusable straw for your child, opt for silicone. Metal straws can be hard on your little one’s teeth, but silicone are temperature neutral, and gentle on enamel. Many straws come in fun, bright colors with cleaning accessories, and some even change colors. See my blog post on the best straws for kids for more info.

4. Switch To Reusable Water Bottles

Claire’s Rainbow Bottle|OneBttl Unicorn Bottle|Camelbak|ZakDesigns Minecraft Bottle|Battle Royale

Reusable water bottles are another excellent zero-waste swap that your kids can make. Single-use plastic bottles are one of the worst offenders when it comes to landfill and ocean pollution. Not to mention the fact that plastic bottles leach harmful chemicals which actually disrupt our hormones—a huge factor to consider when it comes to our children.

Reusable water bottles are a lot cooler now-a-days than they were when we were kids. They are also much better at keeping your water colder for longer periods of time. And since many schools actually require that kids bring a reusable water bottle to school, insulation is a very important feature. Your child will love that many reusable bottles represent their style—from their favorite colors to their favorite video game.

5. Switch To Biodegradable Dinnerware

Webuyii Horse Set|ConsumerChampions Monkey Set|LilyPad + Little Mr. Elephant Set|Bamboo Kids Cups|WendyWu Wooden Plate Set|Stainless Steel Mug

A lot of dinnerware for kids that you see in-stores are plastic and non-recyclable. That’s why considering a switch to eco-friendly dinnerware that’s biodegradable is a much better option for your kids and the planet.

There are a ton of eco-friendly and biodegradable dinnerware sets that your child will love eating and drinking out of. Most eco-friendly dinnerware sets for kids are made from bamboo fiber, wood or wheat and rice husks. They are also made in fun shapes and encourage your little one to eat and try new foods. Check out my blog post on the best biodegradable dinnerware sets for kids if you’d like more recommendations.

6. Switch To Plastic-Free Snack Containers

Bumkins Unicorn Sandwhich Bags|Spaceship Snack Bags|Stainless Steel Snack Containers

Snack containers are yet another item to consider when making a zero-waste swap for your kids. Most people tend to pack their kids’ snacks and lunches in resealable plastic bags. But, there are many unique reusable options that parents can use instead.

There are many eco-friendly snack container options to choose from, and silicone, stainless steel and fabric are some of the safest options you can buy. If you’d like some brand recommendations, see my blog post on best reusable toddler snack cups.

7. Switch To Wooden Toys

Wooden Block City|Wooden Action Hero|Eco Bricks|Wooden Stove|Wooden Doll House|Wooden Solar Car

Plastic toys have taken over our children’s lives, and in a way, they limit imaginations and result in so much clutter. That’s why I love toys that are made out of wood. Aside from being eco-friendly, they are simple and allow a child’s imagination to expand, plus, they are nontoxic—making them an awesome zero-waste choice for kids.

Just because a toy is made from wood, doesn’t mean that it is less fun than a traditional plastic toy. Play kitchens, action figures and many building toys are made from wood and children enjoy them.

8. Switch To Eco-Friendly Art Supplies

Buzzy ReCycleMe Project Box|Recycled Colored Pencils|Eco-Friendly Finger Paint|Beeswax Crayons

The one thing about arts and crafts is that it’s a great way for kids to get creative and really expand their imaginations and fine motor skills. Unfortunately, partaking in arts and crafts activities also produces a lot of trash. It’s a love-hate relationship. And not a lot of crayons and other accessories are recyclable.

So how do your kids go zero-waste with art supplies? I recommend buying recycled craft material or eco-friendly material like pencil crayons instead of markers or beeswax crayons instead of plastic. You can even get entire kits made especially out of recycled items.

9. Switch To Homemade Snacks

Stainless Steel Popsicle Molds|Silicone Cake Pop Mold|Silicone Cupcake Molds|Stainless Steel Popcorn Popper|Silicone Granola Bar Molds

Ditch those over processed snack packs and have a blast making your own! Home made treats are the best, and you can get a ton of helpful and eco-friendly bakeware and cookware that help make some awesome treats! Plus, you won’t be stuck with wrappers that aren’t always recyclable and just add waste to landfills.

If your kids love popsicles, you can get a reusable Popsicle mold to make an unlimited amount of healthy ice pops! There are also many silicone tray molds available that can create everything from muffins and cupcakes to cake pops and granola bars! Trust me, your kids will appreciate home-made treats a lot more.

10. Switch To Organic Clothing

Mightly organic cotton children’s clothing

Lastly, switching to organic clothing is a wonderful eco-friendly option for your kids. Fast fashion has become so unhealthy, that all the pesticides and chemicals within children’s clothing are causing skin allergies, and even behavioral health issues.

This is why I recommend buying fair trade, durable, organic or recycled-fabric clothing as much as possible. Organic fabric is less processed and doesn’t contain flame retardant and other toxic chemicals. Organic clothing may cost a few extra dollars, but the high quality fabric and positive impact on a child’s health is worth the buy!

How To Make Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets

Go Green This Easter With A Sustainable And Non-Toxic Easter Basket

Updated February 12, 2022


This post contains affiliate links which may earn us a small commission.

Like any major holiday, Easter tends to accumulate a lot of single-use waste—from the shredded plastic grass that fills Easter baskets, to the small plastic eggs that you hide around your yard, and everything in between.

And then there are those over-priced pre-made Easter baskets that you see in stores. You’ve seen them. They’re wrapped in a ton of plastic cellophane in an attempt to look elaborate, but the gifts within are just cheap plastic trinkets that won’t last more than a week. They may look like a quick fix, but are a total waste of money.

However, if you plan ahead, you can most definitely go green this Easter, and create the eco-friendly Easter basket that your kids will dig.

What Are The Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets?

  • Going green with your Easter basket helps cut down on landfill waste.
  • Eco-friendly Easter baskets are filled with plastic-free and non-toxic goods, which are much healthier for your children.
  • Eco-friendly Easter baskets are sustainable—the baskets can be re-used, and the contents are often times recyclable and zero-waste.
  • Eco-friendly Easter baskets are more thoughtful.

What Do You Put In An Eco-Friendly Easter Basket?

Easter basket goodies should still remain traditional, but with an eco-friendly twist. There should be a healthy balance between making your kids excited and keeping the planet clean. Below are some healthy green swaps that you can make for your Easter basket:

  • Reuse an old easter basket or purchase a wicker basket instead of a plastic pale. If you’re attending an Easter egg hunt, you can buy cute Easter-themed jute bags as well.
  • Give wooden toys and books instead of plastic trinkets.
  • Use wooden eggs instead of plastic eggs (or re-use last year’s plastic eggs). They’re re-usable, non-toxic, and can be painted.
  • Give home-made baked goods instead of store-bought candy. You can pack them in these adorable Easter-themed burlap drawstring bags. Need treat inspiration?

  • Check out this adorable idea on how to make chocolate bark with mini Easter eggs by Oh So Hygge:
Source: YouTube | Oh So Hygge

If I’ve convinced you to go green for Easter this year, then take a look below at some awesome eco-friendly Easter basket filler ideas to inspire you.

Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Fillers


This edible grass for Easter baskets doesn’t have the best taste, but it’s still a more eco-friendly alternative to the traditional plastic version.


Another fantastic and sustainable alternative to plastic Easter-basket fillers are long-lasting aspen wood shavings! These can be re-purposed in many ways after Easter!

Golden Cockerel

A great alternative to plastic Easter eggs, these hollow wooden eggs by Golden Cockerel can be painted and reused for many years.


If you’re skipping the store bought candy and making your own goodies, these burlap [drawstring] snack bags are perfect for those homemade chocolate bunnies!

Why not add a classic toy like this rabbit-themed jump rope with wooden handle. It’s unique, it’s original, and no other child will have one!


These dinosaur eggs beeswax crayons are unique and eco-friendly! Even the carton is made from recycled post-consumer goods! These make the perfect Easter basket fillers for little dinosaur enthusiasts!


Just add water to these fun and non-toxic finger paints that come in four beautiful naturally-derived powders! Your kids will really enjoy creating vibrant works of art with these natural paints by Eco-Kids.

Jellycat Bunny

A non-toxic plush doll or plush animal is a great addition to your child’s Easter basket—like this Jellycat bunny available on The Natural Baby Company.


These beeswax bath crayons by Honeysticks are such a fun bath time gift that your child will love seeing these in their eco-friendly Easter basket!


Every kid-friendly Easter basket needs side-walk chalk, and this egg-shaped non-toxic sidewalk chalk is a perfect addition to your child’s sustainable Easter basket!


Your child will find a new friend in this sustainable wooden super hero by Once-Kids—a perfect addition to your eco-friendly Easter basket.


If your little one loves play dough, then the eco-dough by Eco-Kids is a great buy for some safe, non-toxic sensory play this Easter!

Easter themed books are always a great addition to Easter Baskets. Your kids will love some of these unique story books written especially for children!


This linen/polyester blend bag by Maileg comes with a plush bunny—making him the perfect companion for your little Easter egg hunter!


Lastly, don’t forget your jute Easter basket which you can fill with all of your sustainable Easter treats!

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10 Zero-Waste Handbag Essentials

10 Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Must-Have Items For Your Purse!

This post contains affiliate links which may earn us a small commission.


Are you looking to extend your zero-waste lifestyle beyond your home? Would you like to make your travel and outings more sustainable and eco-friendly? Well, it’s actually quite easy—especially if you have a handbag! And in this article, I’m going to show you all of the best zero-waste items that you can keep in your handbag, and utilize on your outings while reducing your carbon footprint.

Keep in mind that you do not need all of the items that I’m going to recommend. They are simply what is inside of my zero-waste purse. I personally love really large purses because I have kids and I need to store some items for them as well from time to time—so having a big shoulder bag is really handy for me. And for that reason I enjoy bags that are made of a linen/cotton blend because they stretch and are perfect for outings like the beach and road trips.


However, there are times when I prefer to be more of a minimalist and choose a smaller purse with less items—like when I’m shopping alone or doing a lot of walking. But, no matter how I choose to accessorize, I always have to have two main zero-waste items with me at all times: a reusable water bottle and reusable straw. I live in Florida where the heat is insane during the summer months, so those are two must-have items.

I hope the zero-waste travel items below inspire you to create your own zero-waste handbag kit! I myself am always looking for new products to add that can help me become more sustainable outside of my home.


Zero Waste Handbag Essentials

  1. Reusable Water Bottle

I have several reusable water bottles that I use depending on where I go and what I am doing. I have one that specifically fits my jogging stroller, a large one for the gym, and a pretty teal one by Hydrapeak that I take with me when I am running errands—that’s the one that’s constantly in my purse. It’s made of stainless steel and it’s insulated, so it does a great job of keeping my water cold—especially during the hot summer months. So when choosing a reusable water bottle for your hand bag, go for anything that’s zero-waste like stainless steel, titanium, copper, silicone or glass.

Now Designs


If you’re a coffee lover like me, then you probably own a reusable tumbler, and use it on your commutes (most likely in the mornings). And again, if you’re like me, you probably accidentally leave it in your cup holder where the remaining remnants spoil over night. We’ve all been there. That’s why I love these new collapsible silicone coffee mugs that have recently become popular. Once you’re done drinking out of it, you can squash it and throw it into your handbag right away so you don’t forget about it. Some even come with reusable straws, and are much more convenient for park outings or camping trips than bulky tumblers.


3. Reusable Straw

I added a reusable straw to my zero-waste handbag kit about two years ago. In fact, switching to reusable straws was my very first step to a greener lifestyle, and it progressed from there. I remember that video of a helpless sea turtle with a plastic straw in his nose and that was it for me.


With that said I tried a lot of reusable straws (stainless steel, silicone, glass and bamboo), and each one has a unique aftertaste—and I prefer to drink out of stainless steel straws with silicone tips (because accidentally hitting your front teeth with a metal straw hurts A LOT). If you’re not sure what kind of straw is best for you, check out my article on the best reusable straws of 2021. Having these in your handbag allows you to avoid plastic straws whenever you eat out and it’s certainly a great feeling to know that you didn’t contribute any single-use plastic to the landfill.

4. Reusable Travel Utensils

Yes, I carry around reusable cutlery in my handbag for two very important reasons. The first and obvious one is that if I am eating out or traveling, I don’t have to rely on plastic utensils which are sometimes wrapped in even more plastic. The second reason is germs. I don’t care how sanitized restaurant utensils are—I refuse to put something in my mouth that thousands of other people have put into their mouth. It’s just not happening.


So because of these reasons, I purchased a stainless steel travel utensil kit. And depending on your preference, you can buy one as well—they have kits made of stainless steel, bamboo, wheatgrass, rice husks and titanium. You can check out my article on best travel utensils if you’re interested in adding this to your zero-waste handbag!


In order to be an eco-conscious and mindful shopper, I use reusable shopping bags. This helps me avoid the need to use plastic bags, and reusable bags are more durable (plus you can fit more items inside). A lot of people like the idea of using reusable shopping bags, but most (especially men) don’t actually put this idea to use. That’s because they think that reusable bags are too “bulky”, but what they don’t realize is that many reusable bags come in foldable compact designs that can fit into your back pocket, and then unfold into large capacity bags that can hold up to 40-50 pounds. I use LuckyTreyvon bags (pictured below) and they are incredibly, incredibly awesome! Not to mention have the cutest designs. I got these in a pack of 6 and they easily fit in my handbag.


6. Reusable Tissues

One of the newest additions to my zero waste handbag is a reusable tissue kit. I was given a LastTissue kit for Christmas last year and it’s the coolest and cutest product ever. It consists of 6 organic cotton tissues that are housed in a dishwasher safe silicone container. The tissues can be re-washed up to over 400 times and they’re completely non-toxic. They feel a little stiff at first, but after a few washes, they soften up. It’s a great way to save trees and money. You can also purchase cloth handkerchiefs and store them in a small coin purse or used mint tin.



One of my ‘must-have’ hygiene items is a spare zero waste, natural deodorant. If you’re like me and use natural deodorant, you know that a major side effect of switching from traditional deodorant is sweat and body odor—so having a travel size deodorant in your handbag is very useful. Many people carry around disposable deodorant wipes, but those (even if they are labeled biodegradable) are not zero waste. They may be eco-friendly because they eventually breakdown, but they’re not zero waste—and that’s our goal for this zero-waste handbag kit.



Polarized sunglasses are a must-have item—especially for driving. I have a pair in my purse at all times, and one extra pair in my glove compartment. And lately I’ve been really liking wooden [bamboo] sunglass frames. I don’t know about you, but in the past I’ve gone through a bunch of sunglasses because I’d either break them or lose them—they’re like socks, they just disappear. And they were all cheap plastic. That’s why wooden sunglasses are so much better to own—especially sustainable ones made from bamboo. If you loose them or they happen to break, just compost the frames!



We’ve all been there—running errands or at work and Mother Nature decides to crash the party earlier than expected. And of course we realize that we forgot to pack some period protection. Well, if you haven’t given reusable period pads a try yet, you really should consider it! When it comes to landfill waste, menstrual products as just as bad as baby diapers and single-use plastic water bottles that never biodegrade.


And the majority of reusable period pads contain charcoal bamboo layers which absorb twice as much as traditional menstrual pads—without the harsh and toxic ingredients. And if you’d like to know more about zero-waste period products check out my article on best zero-waste period starter kits! These reusable period pads are so great to have in your handbag and they come with a super cute storage pouch.


There are times when I am eating out and don’t quite finish my meal—and the same goes with my kids. And in those situations, we used to take our food home in styrofoam to-go boxes provided free of charge by the restaurant. And now I realize just how unnecessary and wasteful it was to use those single-use containers. So when bento boxes started becoming popular a couple of years ago, the idea of using one as a to-go box really appealed to me. And the good news is that bento boxes come in all kinds of sizes, so you can get a very small one that fits right in your handbag and is incredibly light weight. They also make perfect on-the go snack containers for you or your kids (and they contain dividers which is awesome!).


Do you have any of these items in your handbag? What zero-waste items would you add?

Best Biodegradable Dinnerware Sets For Kids

Eco-Friendly And Non-Toxic Dinnerware For Little Eaters

This post contains affiliate links which may earn us a small commission.

Updated March 3, 2022

Kids outgrow everything quickly—clothing, shoes, toys and even dinnerware. Which means that eventually the Paw Patrol themed plastic bowl you bought for them a year ago will eventually end up in the trash.

Kids are also picky eaters. They go through phases where they literally have a preference for one item, and one item only—gagging at the thought of introducing anything new to their taste buds. And I hate to say it, but dinnerware (at least in my house) makes a huge difference with my little ones’ eating habits.

Kids are little for only a short period of time, so why not let them have a little fun at the dinner table, which will encourage eating and trying new foods. I mean, wouldn’t that be a pleasant change? And wouldn’t it be even more awesome if the plates, cups and utensils were made from nontoxic and sustainable raw materials that were biodegradable? Well, they exist, and they are stinkin’ cute!

What Is Biodegradable Dinnerware Made Of?

Biodegradable dinnerware is made from natural ingredients that are capable of biodegrading (unlike plastic). And there are three types of natural material that are most commonly used when it comes to kids’ dinnerware:

• Rice Husks

• Wheat Straw

• Bamboo Fiber

Why Should You Choose Biodegradable Dinnerware?

Aside from the fact that biodegradable dinnerware is eco-friendly and great for the environment, as well as your child’s health, dinnerware made from raw and organic sustainable material is durable, lightweight and can withstand high heat (it can be placed in the dishwasher). They are even stain resistant.

So if you’re wondering if making the switch to sustainable and biodegradable dinnerware for your child is worth it, the answer is absolutely yes.

The brands that I have chosen are eco-friendly, and have some of the cutest designs I have ever seen! These can even be used as gift ideas for friends and loved ones who are expecting or having a birthday.

Environmentally Friendly Dinnerware Sets For Kids


Material | Bamboo + Silicone

This adorable dinnerware set by Bamboo Bamboo is a bamboo and silicone hybrid. It comes with a bowl, sectioned plate, two spoons and a drinking cup. It’s great for weaning and the silicone makes it easier for teething babies/toddlers to eat.



Material | Wheat Straw

It’s always good to have more than one dinnerware set on hand just in case the others are in the dishwasher. With that said, these divided wheat straw dinner plates by Rala come in a set of 4 and utensils are included.


Material | Bamboo Fiber

This charming and sweet 5-piece dinnerware set by Lily Pad + Little Mr is made of bamboo fiber and consists of one divided plate, bowl, cup and two utensils. And if your little one loves dinosaurs, you can opt for that instead of the adorable elephant!


Material | Bamboo Fiber

For kids who love construction vehicles, this 3-piece bamboo fiber dinnerware set by Lightening is the perfect addition to dinner time. It consists of a divided plate and two utensils. You can also choose from many more construction vehicles! The only downside is that this set does not include a drinking cup.



Material | Bamboo Fiber

This 5-piece set by NatureWare is made of bamboo fiber and has the cutest little dinosaur theme! It consists of a divided plate, bowl, cup and two utensils.


Material | Bamboo + Silicone

This dinnerware set by Taudel is an awesome dinnerware set for when you are weaning your little one. It comes with all the essentials including a reusable silicone bib.


Best Zero-Waste House Warming Gifts | 2022 Edition

Going To A Housewarming Party? Here Are Some Sustainable Gift Ideas To Inspire A Zero Waste Home

This post contains affiliate links, which may earn Eco Mom Diaries a small commission.

Shopping for a zero waste housewarming gift? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re a friend, family member, or acquaintance, the goal is to gift a new homeowner with a thoughtful gift that serves a purpose and won’t contribute to environmental pollution.

With that said, we’ve created a gift guide full of unique zero waste products that new homeowners would be thrilled to receive as congratulatory gifts.

Even if the new home owner is not yet fully committed to a sustainable lifestyle, zero waste gifts are a great way to reel them in!

What Makes A Gift Zero Waste?

Zero waste gifts are simple and create very little to no waste. With that said, zero waste products are sustainable and can be reused many, many times; and if they do reach a point where they can no longer serve a purpose due to wear and tear, they can be composted.

How Much Should I Spend On A Housewarming Gift?

How much you want to spend on a housewarming gift depends on how close you are to the recipient.

A safe price range for a housewarming gift is anywhere between $20 to $50. You can always spend a little extra if you’re family or a close friend.

With that said, below are our top picks for zero Waste housewarming gifts that leave a great impression, and help make a home more sustainable.

Our Favorite Zero Waste Gifts For New Homeowners

Costa Farms Monstera Farms

1. Costa Farms Monstera Deliciosa Indoor Plant

The quirky tropical Monstera plant is chíc, trendy, and helps reduce air pollution—no wonder it’s such a popular housewarming gift! They’re surprisingly sold on Amazon and available in both ceramic and nursery pots!

Zero Waste Dishwashing Kit by Re:

2. Zero Waste Dishwashing Kit By Re:

The Zero Waste Dishwashing Kit by Re: is a planet-friendly housewarming gift that contains everything you need for plastic-free dishwashing. It comes with plant-based dish soap bars, hemp scrubbers, loofah slices and pop up sponges. Choose from several scents and say good-bye to micro plastic!

The coconut connection coconut bowls and sporks set

3. The Coconut Connection Coconut Bowls & Spork Set

The Coconut Connection Coconut Bowl and Spork set are an eco-friendly replacement for classic dinnerware and come with a chíc storage pouch. These are especially great for ice cream and smoothie bowls, and you don’t have to worry about them breaking or containing any toxic ingredients.

Nordhus design Swedish dish cloths

4. Nordhus Design Swedish Dish Cloths

Swedish dish cloths make really unique housewarming gifts because they help reduce paper towel usage, and they absorb twice as much as paper towels—not to mention they’re completely biodegradable and compostable because they’re made from plant cellulose. This good looking pack by Nordhus comes in a set of ten, and replaces 150 paper towel rolls.

Tirtyl zero waste hand soap kit

5. Tirtyl Zero Waste Hand Soap Kit

A zero waste hand soap kit is a pretty cool housewarming gift idea. Anti-bacterial hand soap is typically packaged in disposal plastic, and refillable liquid isn’t that cheap. The Tirtyl hand soap kit comes with elegant glass foam dispenser bottles, and plant-based refill tablets that are wrapped in compostable packaging.

Bamboozle kitchen compost bin in yellow

6. Bamboozle Kitchen Compost Bin

A countertop compost bin is a very eco-friendly housewarming gift, and the Bamboozle kitchen compost bin is as zero-waste as they get. The bin itself is made from sustainable bamboo fiber, making this unique countertop bin completely biodegradable. It’s also resistant to heat and moisture, so it’s dishwasher safe and anti-microbial.

Zero waste chef cookbook
Source | Zero Waste Chef | Instagram

7. The Zero Waste Chef Cook Book

Blogger Anne-Marie Bonneau, known as “The Zero Waste Chef”, has recently published her long-awaited cookbook full recipes that turn food scraps into delicious and healthy meals! And since food waste is a huge issue in every household, this cookbook makes an excellent zero-waste housewarming gift that inspires sustainability.

Mitbak pour over glass coffee maker set

8. Mitbak Pour Over Glass Coffee Maker Set

Traditional coffee makers are so last season. Gifting a pour over glass coffee maker set is not only unique, but genius. This zero waste coffee maker set comes with a gooseneck kettle, coffee grinder and paperless coffee brewer. Your gift recipient will love how rich the flavor of their coffee will be each morning!

Bekker’s beeswax candles

9. Bekker’s Candles Beeswax Candle

Beeswax candles are the best type of candles to give as gifts. For one, they have a subtle honey aroma that isn’t overpowering; and two, they are natural air purifiers and perfect for allergy sufferers. This 7oz candle by Bekker’s provides you with 30 hours of burning time and is really aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Best Zero Waste Period Kits

Shopping For Eco-Friendly And Non-Toxic Menstrual Kits? Read On For The Best Brands!

This post contains affiliate links which may earn us a small commission.

Each year in North America, roughly around 20 billion disposable pads and tampons make their way to the landfill where they sit around with other single-use products like baby diapers, water bottles and plastic straws that simply do not biodegrade.

Then there’s the issue of manufacturing single use sanitary pads which also creates a large carbon footprint, not to mention the impact they have on our health due to all the synthetic and toxic chemicals that are used to create them.

Rayon, dioxin, fragrance and chlorine are only a few of these hormone disrupting and cancer causing agents that we shouldn’t be voluntarily placing into our bodies. This stuff literally has a huge impact on your health.

What Do Zero Waste Menstrual Products Consist Of?

Luckily, there are a few healthy and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional menstrual products:

Reusable menstrual cups

Reusable period pads

Reusable period underwear

Reusable is the key word in each of these zero-waste products. Although there are many eco-friendly period products that are biodegradable, they still take a long time to breakdown in landfills and contribute to carbon emissions.

So in order to qualify as “zero-waste”, your period products must be reusable. Plus, choosing against single use will help save water—because even organic cotton requires a ton to water to create just one tampon.

Which Zero Waste Menstrual Product Is Right For Me?

Now the big question: which one do you choose? Which one is best for your body and lifestyle?

The easiest thing to do when wanting to switch over to a new product (especially if it’s an environmentally friendly product which costs a few dollars more) is to purchase a kit.

Period kits allow you to sample and experiment with products that you would otherwise be too uncertain to buy, and many of them are worth the purchase.

Below you’ll find my recommended zero-waste menstrual kits. The items within all of these selected period kits are BPA free, non-toxic and will definitely save you a ton of money in the long run.



Say goodbye to plastic tampon applicators and disposable pads that contain artificial fragrances, chemical gels, and adhesives. Better for your body, budget, and our Earth, this kit by the Zero Waste Store, will give you comfortable periods! The organic cotton pads are breathable, sustainable, super comfy, and provide ultimate leak protection. 

This sustainable period kit includes:

  • Mist Grey Saalt menstrual cup- Size small or regular (not pictured)
  • Reusable pantyliner- Organic cotton (white) or Black
  • Reusable day pad with two inserts- Organic cotton (white) or Black
  • Reusable Stasher Bag to hold your soiled reusables.


If you’re searching for a tampon and pad alternative, than a soft silicone menstrual cup may be a great fit for you. And this menstrual cup starter kit by Pixie is the ultimate zero waste period kit. Non-toxic and BPA-free, this period kit contains two reusable silicone cups (one small and one large) which offer 12 hour protection and contain a 10 year life span.

Each person is different, and our flow varies from the beginning of our cycle to the end, so it’s really convenient to have two different size cups to choose from.

It also includes one microwavable sterilizing cup, one all natural and organic lubricant and one all natural and organic foaming wash and wipes for the purpose of cleaning your Pixie cups. Women are truly loving this period kit and you can get more info, to include reviews, on Amazon by clicking here.


If you’re not sure about your ability to use a silicone menstrual cup, or you’d like to use a combination of cups and pads to feel more confident or until you get the hang of it, then this Luna Cup menstrual starter kit is the perfect choice for you.

The Luna Cup menstral starter kit consists of 2 reusable cloth pads, two medical grade soft silicone menstrual cups (one small and one large), and one wet bag.

The reusable Luna period pads are made of 100% anti-bacterial and highly absorbent bamboo charcoal, and hold twice as much liquid as traditional disposable pads—which means you don’t have to change as much. They also contain “wings” for extra protection, and are very easy to clean. Plus, how cute is the design! You can find more details about this kit on Amazon, to include reviews, and decide if you’d like to give this kit a try!


The Saalt Soft Duo Pack includes two sizes of ultra-soft silicone menstrual cups, storage bags, and last for up to 12 hours. They are BPA free, toxin free and cruelty free.

Saalt believes in keeping toxins out of our ecosystems and out of our bodies, which is why this eco-conscious brand meticulously monitors their supply chain and source only high-quality, medical-grade materials.

Saalt is a certified B Corp, and commits 2% of revenue to regions with the most need for period products.


Luna @Amazon

If you’d like to skip a silicone menstrual cup altogether, and stick to something less invasive, then this period panty and reusable pad combination by Luna Cup is perfect for you. I really like this kit because it’s hard to find a brand that sells pads and underwear together—giving you the freedom and convenience to see which works best for you.

I do, however, recommend panties for lighter period days and definitely not when and if you have a heavy flow.

These comfortable and breathable period panties are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The inner lining has waterproof backing, so don’t worry about leakage! If you’d like more details and sizing information, click here to be taken to Amazon.

Lunette Menstrual Cup Kit

The Lunette Menstrual Cup Kit is another great zero waste kit for beginners. Each cup can last up to 12 hours, and comes with accessories for cleaning and storage.

The liquid cleaner and wipes are completely organic, vegan, and sulfite and paraben-free—with only ingredients that you can recognize.

The Lunette Menstrual Cup Kit includes :

  • Lunette Menstrual Cup 
  • Lunette Feelbetter Cup Cleanser 
  • Lunette Cupwipes 
  • Lunette Cotton pouch 
  • Lunette Booklet

LuckyPads | Organic Cotton Pads

If you prefer organic cotton to bamboo period pads, consider a starter pack of reusable organic cotton menstrual pads at LuckyPads. The fabric is breathable, non-toxic, and can easily be thrown into the wash countless times. Plus, the designs are really cute!

My favorite thing about cotton pads as opposed to bamboo (or flannel) is that they don’t trap heat and are much more comfortable to wear. And the fact that these are organic cotton, makes them 100 times more healthier and eco-friendly than other cotton menstrual pads.

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