Zero Waste Housewarming Gift Ideas

Best Zero-Waste House Warming Gifts | 2023 Edition

Sustainable Gift Ideas For Home Owners To Inspire A Zero Waste Home

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Shopping for a zero waste housewarming gift? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re a friend, family member, or acquaintance, the goal is to gift a new homeowner with a thoughtful gift that serves a purpose and won’t contribute to environmental pollution.

With that said, we’ve created a gift guide full of unique zero waste products that new homeowners would be thrilled to receive as congratulatory gifts.

Even if the new home owner is not yet fully committed to a sustainable lifestyle, zero waste gifts are a great way to reel them in!

What Makes A Gift Zero Waste?

Zero waste gifts are simple and create very little to no waste. With that said, zero waste products are sustainable and can be reused many, many times; and if they do reach a point where they can no longer serve a purpose due to wear and tear, they can be composted.

In other words, zero waste house warming gifts are items that are either reusable or compostable, and are beneficial to new homeowners because they help reduce the amount of waste going into landfills.

How Much Should I Spend On A Housewarming Gift?

In reality, you can spend as much as you want on a house warming gift. However, you can set a budget depending on how close you are to the recipient.

A safe price range for a housewarming gift is anywhere between $20 to $50. You can always spend a little extra if you’re family or a close friend.

With that said, below are our top picks for zero Waste housewarming gifts that leave a great impression, and help make a home more sustainable.

Our Favorite Zero Waste Gifts For New Homeowners

Hippy monkey zero waste starter kit

Hippy Monkey Zero Waste Starter Kit

If you’re not sure what to get the new homeowner (especially if you’re just an acquaintance), a safe option is to get them a zero waste starter kit. Starter kits have a variety of sustainable living essentials, and it’s a great way to introduce people to green living and reducing their dependence on single-use plastic. We especially love the zero waste starter kits on Etsy by Hippy Monkey!

Reusable beeswax wrap by Natissy

Reusable Beeswax Wrap By Natissy

Beeswax wraps should be a zero waste staple item in every kitchen. Beeswax food wraps are a great gift for helping new homeowners reduce their reliance on plastic when it comes to storing food. They can also be used to pack lunches. Natissy beeswax wraps come in a variety of designs, and they also have a vegan option.

Zero Waste Dishwashing Kit by Re:

Zero Waste Dishwashing Kit By Re:

The Zero Waste Dishwashing Kit by Re: is a planet-friendly housewarming gift that contains everything you need for plastic-free dishwashing. It comes with plant-based dish soap bars, hemp scrubbers, loofah slices and pop up sponges. Choose from several scents and say good-bye to micro plastic!

Food Huggers Silicone Food Saver Kit

Silicone food huggers are a cost-effective way for new homeowners to store food, as they are reusable and durable and will last for many years. Silicone food huggers provide an airtight seal around fruits, vegetables, and other perishables, which helps to keep them fresh for longer and prevent food waste. We love the Food Huggers brand because they are easy to use and come in many fun colors and sizes.

Bath and body gift set from Botany Barn Canada on Eysy

Personalized Organic Bath And Body Kit By Botany Barn Canada On Etsy

All that moving will make the new owners tired and yearning for some self care. A personalized bath and body kit full of organic skincare products is just what they’ll need! We found a really great one on Etsy by Botany Barn Canada with lots of varieties to choose from, and they’re all really cute and nestled in zero waste packaging!

Reusable wide mouth mason jars with reusable straws by

Mason Jar Set With Reusable Straws And Bamboo Lids By Capsule Classic

A pair of wide mouth mason jars made specifically for ice coffee, juicing and boba teas are an excellent zero waste gift for new homeowners. Mason jars never go out of style, and they encourage new homeowners to save money by making popular beverages at home. This particular mason jar set is a great choice because they come with stylish bamboo lids and reusable stainless steel straws.

Uproot Clean Reusable Pet Hair And Lint Remover

If you’re shopping for a pet owner or for someone who works with animals all day (like a vet technician), the Uproot Cleaner is an impressive and very useful gift that they will go nuts over.

No matter which size you choose, the Uproot Cleaner will effortlessly remove pet hair from carpets, furniture and clothing better than a vacuum or any disposable lint roller. It even comes in cute giftable packaging. See our full review of Uproot Clean here.

Sheets Laundry Club All In One Zero Waste Laundry Kit

Sheets Laundry Club All In One Zero Waste Laundry Kit

Zero waste laundry detergent is a great way for a new homeowner to reduce the amount of plastic and other packaging waste that is generated by conventional laundry detergents. We really love the Sheets Laundry Club zero waste laundry bundle because it’s budget-friendly and comes with all of the essentials you need for an eco-friendly laundry routine.

The Coconut Connection Coconut Bowls & Spork Set

The Coconut Connection Coconut Bowl and Spork set are an eco-friendly replacement for classic dinnerware and come with a chíc storage pouch. These are especially great for ice cream and smoothie bowls, and you don’t have to worry about them breaking or containing any toxic ingredients.

Zero Waste Bathroom Kit

Zero waste bathroom kits are practical and unique gifts for new homeowners who might be short of a few bathroom essentials. This generous zero-waste hygiene kit is available on Amazon and contains many essentials for a zero waste oral, haircare and skincare routine. If you like this idea, see our article for more zero waste starter kits and where to get them!

Ceramic non stick pan by GreenLife

Non-Toxic Ceramic Pan Set By GreenLife

Every new homeowner needs something to cook with, and non-toxic frying pans make great gifts! GreenLife pans are non-toxic and made from recycled aluminum. They contain a sand-derived nonstick coating, which is free from toxic chemicals like PFAS, and are super easy to clean.

Nordhus design Swedish dish cloths

Nordhus Design Swedish Dish Cloths

Swedish dish cloths make really unique housewarming gifts because they help reduce paper towel usage, and they absorb twice as much as paper towels—not to mention they’re completely biodegradable and compostable because they’re made from plant cellulose. This good looking pack by Nordhus comes in a set of ten, and replaces 150 paper towel rolls.

Tirtyl zero waste hand soap kit

Tirtyl Zero Waste Hand Soap Kit

A zero waste hand soap kit is a pretty cool housewarming gift idea. Anti-bacterial hand soap is typically packaged in disposal plastic, and refillable liquid isn’t that cheap. The Tirtyl hand soap kit comes with elegant glass foam dispenser bottles, and plant-based refill tablets that are wrapped in compostable packaging.

Bamboozle kitchen compost bin in yellow

Bamboozle Kitchen Compost Bin

A countertop compost bin is a very eco-friendly housewarming gift. Compost bins are a great way to help new homeowners reduce their food waste while creating nutrient-rich soil for their gardens. The Bamboozle kitchen compost bin is a great choice for new homeowners (and those who are new to composting) because it’s compact and perfect for even the smallest kitchen.

The Zero Waste Chef Cook Book

Blogger Anne-Marie Bonneau, known as “The Zero Waste Chef”, has recently published her long-awaited cookbook full recipes that turn food scraps into delicious and healthy meals! And since food waste is a huge issue in every household, this cookbook makes an excellent zero-waste housewarming gift that inspires sustainability.

Mitbak pour over glass coffee maker set

Mitbak Pour Over Glass Coffee Maker Set

Traditional coffee makers are so last season. Gifting a pour over glass coffee maker set is not only unique, but genius. This zero waste coffee maker set comes with a gooseneck kettle, coffee grinder and paperless coffee brewer. Your gift recipient will love how rich the flavor of their coffee will be each morning!

Bekker’s beeswax candles

Bekker’s Candles Beeswax Candle

Beeswax candles are the best type of candles to give as gifts. For one, they have a subtle honey aroma that isn’t overpowering; and two, they are natural air purifiers and perfect for allergy sufferers. This 7oz candle by Bekker’s provides you with 30 hours of burning time and is really aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Once Upon A Rind In Hollywood (Cheese platter Idea)

A cheese board idea book is a great gift to give for a housewarming. It is a fun and unique way to give something special and thoughtful that the recipient can use for years to come.

This book will provide ideas for creating beautiful and delicious cheese boards, perfect for entertaining guests or just enjoying a cozy night in. With the help of this book, the recipient can create a cheese board that goes perfectly with their favorite movie!

Best zero waste housewarming gift ideas


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  1. These are great gift ideas! I can’t wait to get some for myself! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. I LOVE that you wrote this article! All of these gift ideas are so cute. My friends actually just closed on their house so this was much needed for me 🙂

  3. The zero-waste baking kit looks amazing! Sadly, we only have one mat but we use it all the time! Not only for baking, but for gripping paper to the table so my little one can color easier. Getting one of these for a housewarming would be perfect!

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