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Best Biodegradable Dinnerware Sets For Kids

Plant-based and eco-friendly dinnerware sets that are super cute and make mealtime more enjoyable!

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Kids outgrow everything quickly—clothing, shoes, toys and even dinnerware. Which means that eventually the Paw Patrol themed plastic bowl you bought for them a year ago will eventually get lost somewhere in the car, lose their interest, or crack and end up in the trash.

Kids are also picky eaters. They literally have a preference for one item, and one item only—and gag at the thought of introducing anything new to their taste buds. And I hate to say it, but dinnerware (at least in my house) makes a huge difference with my little ones’ eating habits.

Kids are little for only a short period of time, so why not let them have a little fun at the dinner table, which will encourage eating and trying new food(s). I mean, wouldn’t that be a pleasant change? And wouldn’t it be even more awesome if the plates, cups and utensils were made from nontoxic and sustainable raw materials that were biodegradable? Well, they exist, and they are stinkin’ cute!


What Is Biodegradable Dinnerware Made Of?

Biodegradable dinnerware is made from natural ingredients that are capable of biodegrading (unlike plastic). And there are three types of natural material that are most commonly used when it comes to kids’ dinnerware:

• Rice Husks

• Wheat Straw

• Bamboo Fiber

Why Should You Choose Biodegradable Dinnerware?

Aside from the fact that biodegradable dinnerware is eco-friendly and great for the environment, as well as your child’s health, dinnerware made from raw and organic sustainable material is durable, lightweight and can withstand high heat (it can be placed in the dishwasher). They are even stain resistant.

So if you’re wondering if making the switch to sustainable and biodegradable dinnerware for your child is worth it, the answer is absolutely yes.

The brands that I have chosen are eco-friendly, and have some of the cutest designs I have ever seen! These can even be used as gift ideas for friends and loved ones who are expecting or having a birthday.




It’s always good to have more than one dinnerware set on hand just in case the others are in the dishwasher. With that said, these divided wheat straw dinner plates by Rala come in a set of 4 and utensils are included.



SparkJoy is one of my absolute favorite eco-friendly brands because their biodegradable products are super creative. This 6-piece divided dinnerware set is made from wheat straw and includes a divided plate, two bowls, a cup and two utensils.


Lily Pad + Little Mr

This charming and sweet 5-piece dinnerware set by Lily Pad + Little Mr is made of bamboo fiber and consists of one divided plate, bowl, cup and two utensils. And if your little one loves dinosaurs, you can opt for that instead of the adorable elephant!



For kids who love construction vehicles, this 3-piece bamboo fiber dinnerware set by Lightening is the perfect addition to dinner time. It consists of a divided plate and two utensils. You can also choose from many more construction vehicles! The only downside is that this set does not include a drinking cup.


Pint Size Planet

This cute 5-piece bamboo fiber dinnerware set by Pint Size Planet consists of one divided plate, bowl, cup and two utensils. You can also choose an owl or bumble bee in lieu of the cute cow!



This 5-piece bamboo fiber dinnerware set by EEE consists of a divided plate, cup, bowl and two utensils. This brands contains several different color and design options for your little ones!



This 5-piece set by NatureWare is made of bamboo fiber and has the cutest little dinosaur theme! It consists of a divided plate, bowl, cup and two utensils.



This adorable 5-piece dinnerware set by Consumer Champions is made from bamboo fiber and consists of a divided plate, bowl, cup and two utensils. You can choose from a monkey, lion, giraffe or cow design.



This wheat straw bento style dinnerware plate for kids by Yarnow is really cool because you can take the interior plate out and use the larger plate to hold more food. This set comes with a fork, a spoon, chopsticks and a cup. If your child loves cars, then this plate will certainly make dinner time more enjoyable.



This durable dinnerware set for kids by EcoSoulLife is made from rice husks and consists of a divided plate, bowl, sippy cup, fork and spoon.

Which set is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Oh my gosh, these are so cute and what a great idea! I have never thought to even look into this. You are so right too with how fast kids go through everything. I’m thinking my daughter would love the car one!


  2. This was so helpful! I didn’t even realize that there was biodegradable toddler dinnerware sets and such a bonus that they’re affordable! Thanks for sharing!


  3. I’m in love with the sparkware and the dinosaur kit! My little always plays with his plates for some reason, so might as well make it enjoyable!


  4. I had no idea about bio degradable dinner sets for kids. All of them are super cute and creative. Kids would love these definitely.


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