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Best Compostable Shipping Bags For Your E-commerce Business

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If you own an e-commerce store, you know that shipping material is a must-have Jo go, and that you use a lot of it. But as online consumers are becoming more eco-conscious, many online businesses are feeling the pressure to switch to zero-waste packaging. And that’s not such a bad thing. In fact, it’s very necessary.

The pandemic, which began in early 2020, led to an increase in online shopping. And unlike the grocery store which allows us to bring a reusable bag, online shopping doesn’t allow us to choose what our products get shipped in. And many times, we receive our items in plastic poly mailers, or cardboard boxes filled with bubble wrap. And unless you reuse those shipping supplies, those items end up in the landfill and do not biodegrade as fast as we would like them to. Some don’t biodegrade at all.

Currently, around 35% of landfill junk is composed of non-compostable and non biodegradable shipping materials.

Luckily, plant-based, compostable packaging is on the rise. And if you’re an Entrepreneur with your own Etsy shop, or even a larger online business, you should take part in this movement, which will greatly reduce your carbon footprint.


Not only are alternatives to plastic poly mailers great for the environment, they’re also very durable and fashionable—which makes your business look great because it leaves a lasting impression. It creates returning customers.

It’s also not that hard to transition to compostable packaging—there are a lot of cool options right now. Many compostable mailers are made from cornstarch which breaks down very easily in both landfills and composts. They also produce less CO2 than traditional plastic packaging, and they don’t leave behind any toxic or harmful residues.

As a consumer, I myself appreciate eco-friendly and good looking packaging. It makes me say “wow, this company put a lot of thought into the presentation, they show that they care about the environment, and I appreciate that”. It makes me want to return and purchase from them again.


Below are some really awesome compostable shipping bags that are high quality, fashionable and affordable. Because they’re all made from cornstarch and polybutylene adipate terephthalate (BPAT) which is a random co-polymer, these bags all compost within 3-6 months. They feel soft and stretchy yet they’re durable and will not puncture. They’re also all water resistant and self-sealing.


Cradle & Dew @Amazon

This eco-friendly mailer by Cradle & Drew is 100% biodegradable, compostable and non-toxic. I specifically love the color combination—very eye catching and also very gender neutral. It takes 3-4 months for it to break down in a compost, and 15-18 months for it to biodegrade in a landfill. And that’s because it’s made of 100% corn and colored with certified non-toxic ink. You’ll also love the fact that it’s tough yet stretchy (so it won’t tear like most other mailers), and it’s writable, printable and waterproof. These bags are 10 x 13 inches and come in a pack of 50.


I love the color of this shipping bag by TheColorBlush. It’s very feminine and fashionable (almost has a Victoria’s Secret look to it) and totally appropriate for an e-commerce business that sells women’s products. I also really love the phrase—it makes the consumer feel like they chose well when they made the purchase. And on the back they state “Hey! I’m a 100% compostable mailer!” These bags are tear resistant, waterproof and made out of cornstarch and BPAT. Each mailer is 10 x 13 inches, and contains a self-adhesive and a built in handle. They are available in packs of 50.


EcoPackables @Amazon

These compostable and biodegradable shipping bags by EcoPackables are made from modified cornstarch. I love the overall design and printed message on the front. They decompose in 90-180 days and do not leave behind any harmful residue. They are 10 x 13 inches and I really love the color combination (it’s also available in navy). This brand is really awesome because a tree is planted for every package, and this kit comes in a pack of 50. So, by purchasing these compostable mailers, you are helping plant 50 trees, which is very cool.



These compostable shipping bags by YWDUOYING are made from cornstarch and PBAT, which is a biodegradable copolymer. These bags are 10 x 13 inches and are available in a pack of 50 in 3 different colors: pink, black and blue. I really like the printed message on the front which tells the consumer that it is 100% compostable. They can be filled with multiple items and won’t puncture or tear.


KTOB @Amazon

If you’re looking for shipping bags that are low profile and primarily all black, then these compostable mailers by KTOB are perfect for your E-commerce site. These are also a little bigger in size (12 x 15.5 inches) than the previous bags mentioned above. They’re very gender neutral and perfect for both men’s and women’s products. They come in a pack of 50 and are tear resistant and waterproof.

So as you can see, eco friendly shipping bags are really pretty awesome. The only downside is that you get less for the price than you would with traditional plastic bags. Plastic shipping mailers sell for around $15.00 or less and you get a pack of 100. Compostable mailers come in packs of 50 for around $20.00. But is it worth it? Absolutely—from both an environmental and marketing perspective.

Do you believe that more online businesses should transition to compostable packaging? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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