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Best Sustainable And Ethical Clothing Brands For Men

Our favorite sustainable clothing brands for eco-conscious men that are low impact and high quality

This post contains affiliate links which may earn us a small commission.

Consumers are becoming more conscious about brand selection. They’re starting to question where their clothing is made, who’s making it, and what it’s made of. And chances are, you are too.

So whether you’re shopping for yourself or the eco-conscious man in your life, it’s great that you’re considering an alternative to “fast-fashion” brands. And there are some really great eco-friendly clothing brands that make great quality, stylish and functional clothing for men.

Why should you should sustainable and ethical brands over mainstream “fast fashion” brands?

Your typical “fast-fashion” brand typically sources production in other countries that are void of any ethical standards—and where child labor is utilized to achieve high production. The work conditions suck, and so does the pay. It’s just wrong and unethical.

When you support an eco-friendly, ethical fashion brand, you’re most likely getting clothing that’s made right here in the USA, or within worldwide manufacturing facilities that are held to strict ethical standards. Ethical brands also make clothing from ethically sourced vegan material that’s ethically harvested and nontoxic.


Below are several of our favorite eco-friendly clothing brands that are not only practical, outdoor friendly and stylish, but do their part in contributing to non-profit organizations—such as 1% for the planet. When you buy a product made by these brands, you’re literally helping to plant trees, clean up trash and help battle poverty.

Most of the clothing brands featured in this article can be found on EarthHero’s website. And when you use special promo code: ECOMOMDIARIES, you can get 10% off at checkout.

Seek Dry Goods

Seek Dry Goods is a really cool eco-friendly clothing brand that creates their clothing from responsibly sourced material. And their t-shirt graphics bring awareness to famous North American hiking trails and promote outdoor recreation.

Seek Dry Goods makes their t-shirts from organic cotton and recycled polyester, along with water-based ink for their graphics. These clothes are made right here in the USA.

Seek Dry Goods is a member of 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of sales to high-impact environmental non-profits across the globe.

Happy Earth

Happy Earth Apparel

Happy Earth Apparel t-shirts are functional, comfortable and perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

Happy Earth Apparel ethically manufactures their clothing with certified organic cotton. This brand brings awareness to the environment and species through the cool graphics on all of their shirts.

Happy Earth Apparel is a member of 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of sales to high-impact environmental non-profits across the globe. And with each purchase, 15 trees are planted!




TenTree has a very diverse line of sustainable clothing—from t-shirts to button down shirts and comfy bottoms.

TenTree ethically manufactures their clothing using organic cotton, recycled polyester and TENCEL™ Lyocell (which is a man-made fiber that’s made from the wood pulp of sustainable trees).

TenTree is a proud Plant-A-Tree partner with Trees For The Future. For every item purchased, 10 trees are planted.

United By Blue

United By Blue

United By Blue specializes in sustainable outdoor fashion that has both style and functionality.

The brand ethically manufactures their clothing from a variety of ethically sourced material such as organic cotton, wool, recycled polyester and hemp.

United by Blue is a certified B corporation and they do very commendable community service work such as beach clean ups.

Do you support sustainable and ethically sourced fashion? What are some of your favorite eco-friendly fashion brands?

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