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Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

How To Create An Eco-Friendly Easter Basket That Kids Will Love!

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Hello moms and dads! Hopefully 2021 has been a lot kinder to you so far than last year’s dumpster fire of a year. Many holidays like Easter were celebrated in complete isolation and many first Easters were celebrated without 100% enthusiasm. Hopefully this year, we can all make up for that!

I’d like to begin by saying that it’s perfectly ok to reuse plastic Easter eggs. If you have left overs from years prior like I do, then by all means, keep reusing them! Reusing an item numerous times, even if it’s made from plastic, is a very “zero-waste” thing to do. You’re keeping a non-biodegradable item out of the landfill, and you’re saving money by not having to purchase more. So go for it! Give your kids that fun Easter Egg hunt that they deserve!

However, if you’re starting completely from scratch this year and want the most eco-friendly Easter basket ever, then that’s possible as well! And I have a lot of great Easter basket filler suggestions for you.


Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Fillers!

Wooden Hollow Eggs

Golden Cockerel

You’ve probably seen decorative wooden eggs before, but did you know that you can purchase hollow ones for Easter Egg hunts or Easter basket treats? The great thing about hollow wooden eggs such as these is that you can decorate them however you’d like and they’re reusable and eco-friendly.

Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Grass

Traditional Easter Basket grass is made from non-recyclable plastic, and is typically used as a display piece or Easter basket filler. It’s pretty, but again, it’s plastic. Luckily, there are some really cool alternatives like biodegradable Easter grass, recycled paper Easter grass and edible Easter grass. All very eco-friendly.

Make Your Own Chocolate Treats


Instead of buying treats and candy, which are typically wrapped and packaged in plastic and aluminum, consider buying a silicone mold tray and make your own Easter-themed chocolates or cake pops!


Hand-Sanitizer Bracelets

Purple Cherry

The world that we live in today requires extra precaution. So things like sanitizer are becoming the norm in gift giving. And these little gems are refillable silicone wrist bands for sanitizer! Very cool! They come in a pack of six, so your child can wear a different one every day!

Wooden Puzzles

Sunny Cubs

Wooden jigsaw puzzles are eco-friendly, super fun and really great for cognitive, sensory and fine motor skill development—making them a perfect addition to any Easter basket! Plus, unlike traditional puzzles, the pieces are nice and hefty, so they won’t go missing into oblivion or end up being sucked up by the vacuum.

EGG SHAPED Non-Toxic Sidewalk Chalk


Sidewalk chalk is timeless, and it encourages creativity and just playing outside in general. It’s even more fun when the chalk is shaped like An Easter egg, is non-toxic and dust-free!

Reusable Water Bottles

Horizon Group

Reusable water bottles are a great gift for kids—especially if they get to decorate the bottle themselves! It’s a fun DIY craft plus zero-waste product that they can use in lieu of single-use plastic bottles.

Eco-Friendly Craft Kit


Kids love art and craft activities, and earth-friendly craft kits that contain biodegradable and recycled materials are an awesome addition to Easter baskets.

Eco Bricks

Once Kids

Eco Bricks are the earth-friendly version of LEGO’s—made entirely out of bamboo. And since kids love building with bricks, these are a perfect addition to any eco-friendly Easter basket!

Eco-Friendly Play Dough

Green Toys

Play dough is another great Easter basket filler that kids enjoy playing with! And now a days, you can find many non-toxic play dough varieties packaged in recycled containers.

Wooden Jump Rope


An old fashioned toy such as a jump rope is a great gift for any occasion. And this particular eco-friendly jump rope by aGreatLife has wooden rabbits as handles, making this jump rope especially perfect for Easter!

DIY Wooden Action Figure

Once Kids

This eco-friendly toy by Once Kids is a unique spin on action figures. This wooden kit allows your child to color their own action figure with provided colored pencils, and they will really enjoy seeing this in their Easter basket

Easter Themed Books


Easter themed books are always a great addition to Easter Baskets. Your kids will love some of these unique story books written especially for children!

Bunny DIY Paper Lamp Kit

Boardattack Paper Craft Studio

This do-it-yourself paper bunny lamp is another one of a kind and unique eco-friendly Easter basket gift that your child will absolutely love and be totally into.

What are some of your favorite items to include into your kid’s Easter basket? Let us know in the comments!

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