How To Make Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets

Go Green This Easter With A Sustainable And Non-Toxic Easter Basket

Updated February 12, 2022


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Like any major holiday, Easter tends to accumulate a lot of single-use waste—from the shredded plastic grass that fills Easter baskets, to the small plastic eggs that you hide around your yard, and everything in between.

And then there are those over-priced pre-made Easter baskets that you see in stores. You’ve seen them. They’re wrapped in a ton of plastic cellophane in an attempt to look elaborate, but the gifts within are just cheap plastic trinkets that won’t last more than a week. They may look like a quick fix, but are a total waste of money.

However, if you plan ahead, you can most definitely go green this Easter, and create the eco-friendly Easter basket that your kids will dig.

What Are The Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets?

  • Going green with your Easter basket helps cut down on landfill waste.
  • Eco-friendly Easter baskets are filled with plastic-free and non-toxic goods, which are much healthier for your children.
  • Eco-friendly Easter baskets are sustainable—the baskets can be re-used, and the contents are often times recyclable and zero-waste.
  • Eco-friendly Easter baskets are more thoughtful.

What Do You Put In An Eco-Friendly Easter Basket?

Easter basket goodies should still remain traditional, but with an eco-friendly twist. There should be a healthy balance between making your kids excited and keeping the planet clean. Below are some healthy green swaps that you can make for your Easter basket:

  • Reuse an old easter basket or purchase a wicker basket instead of a plastic pale. If you’re attending an Easter egg hunt, you can buy cute Easter-themed jute bags as well.
  • Give wooden toys and books instead of plastic trinkets.
  • Use wooden eggs instead of plastic eggs (or re-use last year’s plastic eggs). They’re re-usable, non-toxic, and can be painted.
  • Give home-made baked goods instead of store-bought candy. You can pack them in these adorable Easter-themed burlap drawstring bags. Need treat inspiration?

  • Check out this adorable idea on how to make chocolate bark with mini Easter eggs by Oh So Hygge:
Source: YouTube | Oh So Hygge

If I’ve convinced you to go green for Easter this year, then take a look below at some awesome eco-friendly Easter basket filler ideas to inspire you.

Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Fillers


This edible grass for Easter baskets doesn’t have the best taste, but it’s still a more eco-friendly alternative to the traditional plastic version.


Another fantastic and sustainable alternative to plastic Easter-basket fillers are long-lasting aspen wood shavings! These can be re-purposed in many ways after Easter!

Golden Cockerel

A great alternative to plastic Easter eggs, these hollow wooden eggs by Golden Cockerel can be painted and reused for many years.


If you’re skipping the store bought candy and making your own goodies, these burlap [drawstring] snack bags are perfect for those homemade chocolate bunnies!

Why not add a classic toy like this rabbit-themed jump rope with wooden handle. It’s unique, it’s original, and no other child will have one!


These dinosaur eggs beeswax crayons are unique and eco-friendly! Even the carton is made from recycled post-consumer goods! These make the perfect Easter basket fillers for little dinosaur enthusiasts!


Just add water to these fun and non-toxic finger paints that come in four beautiful naturally-derived powders! Your kids will really enjoy creating vibrant works of art with these natural paints by Eco-Kids.

Jellycat Bunny

A non-toxic plush doll or plush animal is a great addition to your child’s Easter basket—like this Jellycat bunny available on The Natural Baby Company.


These beeswax bath crayons by Honeysticks are such a fun bath time gift that your child will love seeing these in their eco-friendly Easter basket!


Every kid-friendly Easter basket needs side-walk chalk, and this egg-shaped non-toxic sidewalk chalk is a perfect addition to your child’s sustainable Easter basket!


Your child will find a new friend in this sustainable wooden super hero by Once-Kids—a perfect addition to your eco-friendly Easter basket.


If your little one loves play dough, then the eco-dough by Eco-Kids is a great buy for some safe, non-toxic sensory play this Easter!

Easter themed books are always a great addition to Easter Baskets. Your kids will love some of these unique story books written especially for children!


This linen/polyester blend bag by Maileg comes with a plush bunny—making him the perfect companion for your little Easter egg hunter!


Lastly, don’t forget your jute Easter basket which you can fill with all of your sustainable Easter treats!

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