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The Best Extra Large Face Masks For Men

The Best Reusable Face Masks Made Specifically For Big Heads And Bearded Faces

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Prior to Covid-19, our biggest plastic pollution problem consisted primarily of single-use plastic straws, water bottles, shopping bags and diapers. Now, we’ve added disposable masks to the mix—rapidly filling up landfills and posing a threat to marine and wild life (for more on how disposable masks are impacting our environment, check out this article by

But, reusable face masks can help stop the threat. However, there’s only one issue that many men are facing when shopping for reusable face masks: a proper fit.

If you happen to be in the big and tall department, sporting a long, thick beard, or just simply have a large face, then you’re probably having a really hard time finding a reusable mask that fits properly—and that can be a problem.

Reusable face masks have become a part of our daily lives. Even if you live in a state where masks are no longer mandatory, your job or privately owned institutions (like grocery stores) most likely still require them.

Your typical face mask, whether it’s a disposable or a reusable type, fits the average human face. And while that’s great for the average humans out there, it’s a little awkward for those with slightly bigger faces, thick face foliage and longer noses. And while those characteristics make you the unique and wonderful person that you are, they also make wearing a mask a tad bit awkward and uncomfortable.


When a reusable face mask doesn’t fit the face correctly, it doesn’t do what it’s suppose to do—help protect you and others from spreading germs (especially if you sneeze or cough).

And if you’re a man with facial hair—whether it’s just a mustache or a full beard, then you’ve got a little extra to worry about, because facial hair can trap a lot of other stuff that’s floating around in the air. So it makes a lot of sense that men want to cover their beards as well. Plus, those tiny masks can cause a dent, making your beard look funny.


But, finding an extra large face mask that does a great job at covering a large face (especially one with a beard) is not as easy as one would think. I personally know many people with this dilemma, and they literally hate shopping for reusable face masks because they spend hours jumping from online store to online store. And when they think they finally found something worth buying—they read the (not so great) reviews. And then they want to throw their phones across the room.

But, fear not. I’ve got you covered—and I know a few great brands that have got you covered as well. And the best part is that they don’t suck. Their masks are excellent quality, and they’re made just for men. Let’s check them out below!

The Best Face Masks For Large Faces And Bearded Men



MASHELE is a reusable face mask brand made just for men—particularly men with large heads and big beards. And if you’re a combination of the two, then this mask is perfect for you. It has a curved design to hug your beard and a seam at the nose to add some breathing space. This mask is available in size Large to XXL.

MASHELE has a great mask collection, many of which are summer friendly and made from breathable cotton. These reusable face masks are double layer textile and are also great for those who wear eye glasses, sun glasses and eye protection throughout the day (won’t fog them up).

Courtesy of Mashele

FEATURES: Curved Shape

Adjustable Nose Wire

Doesn’t Shift Up and Down

DIMENSIONS: These masks are available in size Large which have a vertical length of 9 inches tall and 8.5 inches wide to size XXL which has a vertical length of 12 inches tall to 11 inches wide.



GYOTHRIG is a great brand, and their reusable face masks are made specifically for men with beards. The quality and craftsmanship is fantastic— customers are literally praising the durability and workmanship of these masks. I’ve personally seen similar masks, but they tend to leave a huge open gap on the side of men’s faces—these seem to do a great job at clinging securely to the cheek.

These reusable face masks come in a set of four, are reversible, and you can choose from 3 different color schemes: all solids, camouflage or stripes/grid. Each mask is machine washable and come with silicone ear loop adjusters for a more comfortable and customized fit. The adjustable nose bar also helps keep your eye glasses from fogging—which is great for those who wear eyeglasses, protective glasses or sunglasses all day long.

Features: Soft & stretchy ear loops

Adjustable Nose Bar

Won’t dent your beard

Dimensions: This reusable face mask is 14 inches across from ear loop to ear loop and can stretch up to 8 inches vertically (4 inches tall at rest position).

Overall, these are really great reusable face masks that are available in both solid and graphic designs—making them perfect for casual outings and work. They provide a good vertical stretch, are gentle around the ears, and come in a generous multipack so you can alternate throughout the week.



The Tuff reusable face mask is made from cotton and is great for full, round faces. It has a curvy C-design, which provides more space between the fabric, your mouth and your nose—which basically helps you breathe easier, talk more clearly, and helps you feel less claustrophobic. These reusable face masks also come with adjustable ear loops and contain a filter pocket.

You can purchase these reusable face masks in a pack of 3, and you can choose from either a set of all black or a variety pack with mixed colors like gray, navy and black. These extra large reusable face masks are also especially great with eyeglasses, sunglasses and protective eyewear, as they reduce fogging, thanks to the adjustable nose bar.

FEATURES: Soft And Stretchy Ear Loops

Adjustable Nose Bar

Great With Eyeglasses

DIMENSIONS: This reusable face mask is 6 inches in vertical length and 9.5 inches in horizontal length (excluding the earl loops). I think that if you were to count the ear loops, it would be around the same horizontal length as the first mask in this article.

Overall, these reusable face masks are a great buy. They cover large faces and allow you to breathe and communicate more effectively. They’re made of soft cotton fabric and come in a multipack.



The EnerPlex reusable face mask is a durable, reusable face mask that is also waterproof. It’s made of three layers consisting of: DWR polyester, cotton blend and nano-fine cotton blend. Although it doesn’t have a wire that sits across your nose like the other two, people are still loving the full coverage and the fact that it hugs the bottom of your chin—allowing you to scoop in your beard.

These reusable face masks come in a pack of 3 and you can choose from 3 sets of solids: black, blue or white.


FEATURES: Triple Layer Protection

Water proof

Stretchy Ear Loops

DIMENSIONS: This extra large reusable face mask measures a little over 6 inches vertically.

Overall, this face mask is great quality—it’s durable, comfortable and has very positive customer reviews. It’s especially great if you’re working outdoors or around water, as the mask is water proof. It also wraps snuggly underneath your chin, which is great for tucking away your beard.

Do you typically have trouble finding big enough masks for your face? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Both my Dad and my brother have beards and they struggle with getting a good fit with their face mask, I will absolutely share this with them!


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