Child Development

Why Potty Training A Girl Sucks

Potty training A Girl Is A Difficult Task At Which I Am Failing, And It’s Ok

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Frustrated because your 3 year old daughter (or son) won’t potty train? Yea, me too. Keep reading.

I have a 7 year old son and a soon to be 3 year old daughter. And let me me tell you, toddler boys may have more behavior issues than girls, but they’re much easier to potty train than girls. Much easier. At least in my experience.

My daughter will turn 3 years old next month and she still refuses to use a potty. And believe me, I have about two different potties for her to try out. One is a toddler toilet seat combo that includes a step stool and one is a basic potty that’s portable and you can carry it around the house.

Currently, they’re both not living up to their advertisement promises.

So, I turned to Pinterest—the parenting advice Mecca of the internet, and I’ve literally clicked through every single Pinterest pin related to potty training and unfortunately, they just don’t work. None of them.

And there are some good articles that I call ‘unicorns’, and, those tactics may work on certain kids, but in reality, they don’t work for many strong willed toddlers (especially girls). My soon to be 3 year old could care less about a sticker chart, lollipop, skittles, story books, Tony Robbins’ motivational quotes or watching another child poop on YouTube in order to get motivated.

And yes, I’ve tried putting her in underwear in hopes that she would “not like feeling wet”. Didn’t work either.

And that’s the reality that I am sure I share with many other [frustrated] moms.

There are literally no books or videos that will speed up the potty training process. None. They may give you ideas, but the reality is that certain tactics work for a very small percentage of families, and they end up being a waste of money,

When my son was 2 and in daycare, he learned to potty by watching his peers. The daycare center had these really cool toddler sized bathroom stalls and he wanted to “be like his friends “; so when he had the urge to pee, he’d go to the mini porcelain, pull down his bottoms and proudly pee while standing. It was great.

This leads me to believe that peers have a lot to do with getting the process going. Unfortunately, because I am a stay at home mom this time around, and my daughter is not in daycare, she doesn’t get to see her ‘peers’ engage in using the toilet. And I honestly believe that if she were in daycare, things would be much different.


I’m frustrated, but I know that I can’t control the situation. If she’s not ready to potty train then she’s not ready. I keep telling myself that she won’t be in kindergarten still wearing potty training paints— which tells me that I at least have two more years of this insanity, but not any more than that, which helps to ease my anxiety a bit.

Until I figure out a solution, I’m sorry that I’m leaving you with only a post about frustration. But, I hope that you at least know that there are more frustrated moms like you out there— moms who are struggling with potty training a girl past the age of 2. And hopefully it’ll happen, I’ll keep you updated in the next post if any progress occurs.

If you have any suggestions or advice, I would love to hear about them! Leave them in the comments below.

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