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Ball Introduces Infinitely Recyclable Aluminum Cups

Meet The Ultimate Recyclable Cold Drink Cup That Makes Partying Sustainable Again

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Ball Aluminum Cups

Dear iconic red party cup, we’ve had a good run, but it’s just not working out. Most places can’t recycle you, we can’t really put a logo on you, and you’re not that great at keeping my beer cold because you’re made of cheap plastic. So we have to part ways—something better has come along, and it’s a game changer for parties and outdoor events.

If you’re looking for a more sustainable way to enjoy your beverage this summer, then we’ve got the perfect solution for your next big cookout or outdoor event—one that’s plastic-free, zero-waste, completely eco-friendly, and most importantly, keeps your beer nice and cold.

Earlier this year, The Ball Corporation has released a refillable and infinitely recyclable lightweight aluminum cup to advance sustainability in the sports industry. Together with Bud Light, Ball introduced their sustainable aluminum cups at several sporting events resulting in major approval by consumers.

Video Courtesy Of Ball

People are becoming “woke” to plastic pollution; and places like sports arenas and other large entertainment venues have felt the pressure to become more environmentally friendly when it comes to food and beverage distribution. That’s when Ball took the lead, and became a trailblazer—making the industry more sustainable.

Aside from being eco-friendly, the Ball aluminum cups are lightweight, keep your drinks super cold and can be customized with logos and graphics—which is fantastic for company parties, little league teams, family reunions, college parties and more.

With that said, the new and more eco-friendly Ball aluminum cups will continue to be available at stadiums, sports arenas, and other major venues nation wide, as well as online stores like Amazon, where you can purchase a pack of 30 for your own sustainable party planning.


Seriously, what’s better than an ice cold beer on a hot summer day during a cook out? You can’t get that with a red plastic cup, which, by the way, can’t always be recycled. That’s right, most recycling facilities just can’t recycle single-use plastic cups. So once the party’s over, you’re cleaning up a ton of plastic cups that have to go straight into the trash.

Aluminum is also BPA-free and incredibly safe to drink out of. That’s why in addition to glass and stainless steel, many reusable water bottles are made from aluminum—in addition to Bud Light’s aluminum beer bottles.

These cups are so awesome in my opinion, that they literally deserve a “Real Men Of Genius” Commercial—Dave Bickler vocals and all.

So, the next time you’re planning a BBQ or fraternity party, forgo the cheap plastic cups that make your beer warm within minutes and get a pack or two of the eco-friendly light weight Ball aluminum cups that know how to party—because your beer deserves better.

Ball Aluminum Cup

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