Eco Gift Ideas

Best Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas of 2021

Eco-Friendly And Sentimental Gift Ideas For Mom On Mother’s Day That Will Last A Lifetime!

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Call me old fashioned, but I believe that Mother’s Day gifts should be sustainable and sentimental.

Sure, you can add a supplemental ‘funny gift’ for some laughter, but overall, moms are special people that deserve a thoughtful gift filled with love and appreciation.

That’s why I love shopping for sustainable gifts—not only will they last for many years to come, but they’re made of material that’s non-toxic and environmentally friendly as well.


Hand-crafted and personalized creations are my favorite type of sustainable gifts because they’re intimate. They show mom that you made some serious effort when choosing a gift that represents the strong bond which the two of you share.

So if your goal for Mother’s Day this year is to aim for sustainable gift giving with a personal touch, then these Mother’s Day gift ideas will get you inspired to get mom that perfect earth-friendly present that she will hold dear to her heart and cherish forever.

You might even become her favorite child.

A Parent-Child Themed Planter


This charming ceramic planter by Y&M is an amazing way to convey love and appreciation. It’s a parent-child theme and shows how mom has always protected you and helped you grow. It comes with a bamboo stand, and the ceramic pot contains a drainage hole. You can place your mom’s favorite succulent plant or herb in this pot and surprise her with a unique gift she’s not expecting this Mother’s Day!

A 3D Crystal Art Photo

3D Innovation

Memories are precious, and what better way to preserve them than with a custom engraved 3D photo that will last a lifetime. Each 3D crystal is completely customized with your own laser-etched picture and personalized engraving, which makes this Mother’s Day gift even more special. Whether it’s a photo of you and mom, or a new mom with her baby, their heart will melt when you surprise them with this beautiful and heartwarming sustainable creation by 3D Innovation.

A Hand-Crafted Memory Box

Willow Tree

Willow Tree is a brand that creates very sentimental and intimate hand-painted sculptures, and they sure don’t disappoint with this beautiful mother-daughter memory box. Mom can store all of her favorite memories and possessions that the two of you have shared or acquired—perhaps your hospital bracelet or ultra sound pictures. It’s truly a beautiful and sustainable gift that will last many, many years.

A Jar Full Of Heart-Warming Messages


KindNotes is a beautiful glass jar full of 31 loving messages from child to mother—each tucked into a charming linen envelope, and can be read countless times. This Mother’s Day gift is truly a wonderful keepsake, and a sustainable alternative to flowers. Mom will love both the mysterious little notes that she’ll get to open daily, as well as the embellished glass jar that comes adorned with a ribbon and charm. No matter what age mom is, she’ll always appreciate these messages from ‘child to mother’.

Lantern With Customized Message

Let’s Make Memories

Show mom that she is your light and strength by presenting her with a personalized lantern that fills her home with a soft glow. This charming gift by Let’s Make Memories contains a flameless LED candle as well as customizable inscription that mom will find very thoughtful and endearing. The lamp is sustainable and eco-friendly—made from material like wood, stainless steel and a copper finish. I truly love the message behind this gift and your mom will too!

A Photo Collage Blanket


Blankets make great sustainable gifts, and this thoughtful fleece throw by InkArtist is perfect for moms who live far from their children. This is especially perfect if you’re away at college or part of a military family and can’t see mom as often as you would like. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift that mom can wrap herself in whenever she misses you!

A Necklace That Projects A Hidden Message


Jewelry is one of the most sustainable gifts that you can give someone—and women love them. But, what makes this particular necklace by Paerapak extra special is the fact that it can project the phrase “I Love You” in 100 different languages. How does it work? Simply place a flashlight from your smart phone against the jewel and watch the special message project onto the wall. It’s such a beautiful and unique Mother’s Day gift.

Personalized Moon Lamp


This personalized moon lamp by RMFSH is a perfect Mother’s Day gift for moms of any age. New moms will love it, and it’s also a sweet and sentimental way to reminisce about old times. Just add an old photo with mom from your childhood and you’ve got an epic gift for Mom that will make her smile. This Mother’s Day gift is a great way to tell mom that you cherish her and she’ll be proud to show it off to her friends!

Personalized Butterfly Sun Catcher


Mothers and grandmothers truly love sun catchers. They’re beautiful and make wonderful decor for the patio or sunroom. This charming butterfly sun catcher by KY & Bosam contains a pendant with an inscription that tells mom just how much you love her. It’s an incredibly thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day and mom will cherish it.

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