How To Keep Cool At Night For Better Sleep

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Are you a ‘hot’ sleeper looking for ways to cool down your body so you can sleep better? You’re not alone!

Whether it’s a hormonal disorder, sleep disturbance, co-sleeping with the kids, or simply a heat wave during a hot summer night, the human body can produce a lot of sweat while we sleep, and it’s incredibly uncomfortable and feels downright gross.

The worst part is that night sweats disturb our sleep cycle. You might finally fall asleep and wake up 2 hours later feeling dehydrated and drenched—like you’ve been trapped in a sauna all night. It can literally happen to anyone—especially those experiencing hormonal changes like giving birth, menopause or other medical reasons.

Still some people don’t have the convenience of a central air conditioning unit—or they live in hot states like Arizona where a two story house can trap a ton of heat even with the air conditioning unit running.

Regardless of the reason—you’re sweating, and you need a solution—fast! Luckily, I’ve got some cool tips and product finds for you to check out .

Rub Aloe Vera Gel Into Your Skin

Have you ever rubbed aloe Vera gel onto your skin after being out in the sun for too long and it felt so nice and cool to the touch? You can do that right before bed as well. But instead of pre-packaged aloe Vera gel that might contain some extra chemicals, buy an all natural Aloe Vera plant (pick one or two up at Lowe’s, Home Depot or Walmart).

Just break off a leaf and rub it onto your face and body. It’ll feel very refreshing and cool to the touch—especially if you have the fan going. While these plants don’t regenerate, they do repopulate by growing new baby leaves! Hence, this is a wonderful sustainable plant to own in your home!

Change Up Your Mattress

This second tip for cooler sleep isn’t ideal for everyone, but believe it or not, you can get a cooling memory foam mattress that’s infused with green tea and cooling gel for under $500. The cooling foam conforms to your sleeping position and regulates temperature all night long—minimizing night sweats and improving your sleep.

Brand: Zinus

Add A Chilled Mattress Topper

Don’t want to invest in a new mattress? No problem! Try adding a chilled mattress topper to your bed. This system works by circulating chilled water through a PVC vinyl mattress cooling pad which removes body heat and cooling you down throughout the night. After your body heat is absorbed by the water, it’s returned to the Mattress Cooler and is recirculated. Pretty cool and innovative.

Brand: Mattress Cooler

Consider A Memory Foam Gel Pillow


The right kind of pillow can make a difference when it comes to perspiration. The gel memory foam pillows work by regulating temperature, dispersing heat and promoting airflow, which keeps you a lot more comfortable throughout the night. Plus, the memory foam conforms to your head and shoulders.

Freeze Your Pillow Cases Before Bed

Whether your pillow cases are made of organic cotton, moisture-wicking bamboo fabric or even silk, throw them into the freezer for a little while prior to bed time! The cold feeling won’t last all night, but it’ll be a cool way to drift off to sleep.

Brand: Vegan Silk

Wrap Yourself In A ‘Cooling’ Blanket

There are all sorts of “cooling” blankets out on the market that work by absorbing body heat—and bamboo fabric cooling blankets are by far the best! They’re cool to the touch, breathable and feel like silk. So in addition to linen/cotton bedsheets, go ahead and add this blanket to your bedding!

Brand: Dangtop

Try A Full Body Cold Compress

You can kill two birds with one stone if you suffer from back pain or other body aches in addition to night sweats. Large cooling gel pads such as Magic Gel are an excellent way to get much needed sleep while getting rid of inflammation.

Magic Gel

Add An Evaporative Cooler Into Your Room

Evaporative coolers are portable air conditioners that work wonders when it comes to cooling down small spaces—and they’re perfect for bedrooms. In addition to cooling you down, evaporative coolers also work as humidifiers and air purifiers. Simply fill up the water tank and add some ice packs (which are typically included), and ta-da! You’ve got up to 8 hours of crispy cold air circulating around your room as you sleep!


How do you keep cool at night during hot summers? Share your tips below!

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