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Best Natural Beard Shampoo Bars For Men

Zero Waste Beard Shampoos That Cleanse, Condition, And Prevent Dandruff For A Sustainable Grooming Regimen

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The hair on your head and the hair on your face require two very different grooming methods—especially when it comes to cleansing products. Your scalp can handle the rough chemical makeup of shampoo—your face can’t.

When you use products like shampoo or traditional body soap on your beard, you’re drying out your skin, which results in uncomfortable itching and beard dandruff. These products can also dry out the beard itself—resulting in course hair that feels rough to the touch and difficult to style.

That’s why choosing a cleansing product made specifically for beards is the key to healthy skin and thick hair growth. And if you’re looking for a beard shampoo that is plastic free and zero waste, then a beard shampoo bar is what you need in your daily grooming regimen.



The beard shampoo bars that we’re recommending below are made from organic, and all-natural ingredients; and there are no phthalates, parabens or harsh synthetic chemicals. Instead, you’ll find only safe and healthy ingredients consisting of natural oils that provide your beard with the deep conditioning it needs—preventing beard itch and beard dandruff.


Beard shampoo bars are also plastic free and biodegradable—so they’re great for the environment and help you lower your carbon footprint. While some beard shampoos are packaged in plastic, beard shampoo bars are packaged in compostable packaging—saving you space in the shower as well.


To prolong the life of your beard shampoo bar, make sure to store it on a soap dish or tray that allows drainage and ventilation, allowing your shampoo to remain dry. Doing so will make your shampoo bar last for months!


So if you’re ready for a more sustainable grooming regimen with an all-natural beard shampoo, check out our recommendations below and give them a try.

A couple of these brands are hand-crafted by small business companies, which we love to support, and we hope you will too!

Apple Valley Natural Soap Co

Apple Valley Natural Soap Co

Apple Valley Natural Soap is a unique family-owned natural soap company that specializes in organic, cruelty-free skin products for both men and women—specializing in soap and shampoo bars that smell pretty darn good and work pretty darn well.

Made with ingredients like organic unrefined beeswax, organic unrefined raw shea butter & organic olive oil, this all-natural beard shampoo bar will cleanse, soften & condition beard hair, soothe skin & help with healthy hair growth.

Beard Gains “Valhalla” Beard Soap Bar

The hand-made “Valhalla” beard soap by Beard Gains is made with goat milk and other high quality organic ingredients that thicken your facial hair. It’s the perfect beard soap for men with sensitive skin and those who experience psoriasis and eczema. This bar has a shelf life of 5 years and will last you a long time if stored properly.

“These hand-made bars are made with concentrated milk from free-roaming goats who are fed a specialty diet to produce additional enriched vitamins full of D, C, B1, B6, B12, and E.”—

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo bar begins its journey in Australia and is made from all-natural ingredients sourced from the Tasmanian Rainforest. This beard shampoo bar is a favorite amongst many bearded men due to its masculine woody scent, quick lather and great results.

This beard shampoo bar softens your beard and promotes voluminous hair growth. It also tames beard dandruff by soothing your skin and keeps flakes from returning. So if you’re searching for a beard shampoo with a rugged scent and solid conditioning power, then give this bar a try.

Honest Amish Beard Shampoo Bar

Honest Amish Beard Shampoo Bar

If you’re looking for a ‘heavy duty’ beard cleanser with a mild scent of spice, then look no further than Honest Amish. This beard shampoo bar is excellent at getting out any kind of beard product and dirt that tends to accumulate throughout the day, while leaving your beard nice and soft.

Honest Amish contains eucalyptus, cinnamon, and clove essential oils, as well as french yellow clay, which is the star ingredient for the impressive cleanse. So if you’re someone who tends to use a healthy amount of beard balm or other beard products on a daily basis, and are having a hard time washing it out, then give this beard shampoo bar a try.

Bossman 4-In-1 Shampoo Bar


You might have seen Bossman in my previous article on best zero waste shampoo bars for men—and I’m adding it to this list as well because it’s formulated to cleanse the hair, face, body and beard.

Bossman is a rugged cleansing bar yet it’s gentle enough to use on a newborn infant. It’s made with all natural, soothing ingredients that literally help skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, beard itch, and dandruff. So if you’re experiencing skin issues underneath that beard, give Bossman a try.

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