Best DIY Mosquito Repellants

Natural DIY Recipes And Hacks To Repel Mosquitos And Take Your Yard Back!

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When you live in the south, you’re plagued with some of the meanest mosquitoes in the country. And these little demons can be extremely active well into the month of December—which is no fun if you’re trying to enjoy the crisp outdoor air with some hot cocoa in the evening.

Aside from being a nuisance, mosquitoes can carry deadly viruses like West Nile, Zika, Malaria and Dengue. Mosquito bites can also spark allergic reactions in both children and adults called Skeeter Syndrome, which is similar in appearance to cellulitis. The bitten area can swell to a concerning size and cause intense itching.

With that said, it’s very important to protect yourself from mosquitoes—whether you’re outside or in your home. I can’t tell you how many times my children have woken up with mosquito bites in the past, because these pesky bugs have somehow made their way into our house. Needless to say, I did a lot of research to find preventable solutions.

Fortunately, there are several ways to deter mosquitoes naturally without having to resort to store bought products (like sprays), which may be effective in repelling these bugs, but aren’t so great for your health because they contain harmful chemicals like DEET, which has unfortunately been linked to neurotoxicity.

Hence, in this article, I’m going to share some natural tips, tricks and DIY recipes with you that will help repel mosquitoes safely, and allow you to enjoy the outdoors—because you shouldn’t have to be bullied by a bug.

Homemade Mosquito Repellants And Hacks!

1. Repel Mosquitoes With Catnip

That’s right, catnip! Catnip happens to be 10 times more powerful than any store bought mosquito solution because it contains nepetalactone, an essential oil that’s more effective than DEET! Apparently catnip triggers a pain receptor in mosquitoes and they flee.

Simply place several catnip sachets around your home (especially near entryways and windows) to deter them from entering your home.

You can also make catnip tea, pour it into a spray bottle, and unleash this powerful solution anywhere in your home or even on your clothing and camping tent. More on that below!

Catnip Essential Oil For Mosquito Sprays

2. DIY Mosquito Sprays

You can create your own homemade mosquito sprays using Witch Hazel, alcohol, vinegar and essential oils that mosquitoes absolutely hate—like catnip, citronella, or peppermint. Here are a couple of different recipe combinations that you can try out:

Combo #1

1 Cup of witch hazel, 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and 20 drops of lemongrass, tea tree, or cat nip essential oil.

Combo #2

1 cup of isopropyl alcohol, 1 cup of water, 1/2 tsp of catnip essential oil or any other essential oil such as lemongrass, lavender, or tea tree.

3. Bounce Dryer Sheets

Bounce dryer sheets are a staple mosquito repellant here in Florida. Wether you’re outdoors working on your garden, or out in the woods camping, stick a Bounce dryer sheet or two into your pockets (exposing them a little) and watch how mosquitoes steer clear.

4. Burn Some Sage & Rosemary

The next time you’re out on the patio BBQing, remember to throw some fresh sage or rosemary onto the coals (or metal grill if using a gas grill) and watch the mosquitoes steer clear of the area. They just hate the smell.

5. DIY Anti-Mosquito Lotion

You can create your own mosquito repelling lotion with one simple pantry ingredient and an essential oil. Simply mix the ingredients together in a small bowl and rub onto exposed body parts.

This mosquito repellant is an all-natural recipe and can be used on children, but please do a small test area first to make sure that no irritation occurs. For this recipe, you will need:

  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • 15 drops peppermint, eucalyptus, lavendar, lemongrass or tea tree essential oil

6. Hang Some Herbs Up

Hang some herbs around your home and patio in cheese cloths or muslin bags. Flying insects absolutely hate the smell of basil and will avoid the area.

You can hang either fresh basil leaves, or crush some dried ones which will also emit a strong scent. Roaches cannot stand basil as well!

7. Spray Listerine

Believe it or not, mosquitos absolutely hate mouthwash. I’ve only tried this with Listerine, but I encourage you to try any mouthwash that has a strong mint/peppermint scent.

Just fill up a spray bottle with as much Listerine as you’d like (DO NOT DILUTE IT), and spray your entire yard with it—I’m talking picnic table, playground equipment and even grass. Mosquitos will flee immediately! It’s even great for keeping ticks away!

More Interesting Mosquito Prevention Hacks

Avoid Leaving Out Water

Avoid having water sitting around anywhere on your property (pet bowls, birdbaths, etc). Mosquitoes need water in order to reproduce, and even as little as 1 pint is sufficient to nurture as many as five-hundred larvae.

Break Open Some Egg Yolks

If you happen to have a small pond in your yard, you can break open a few egg yolks and let them spread over the surface of the water. This solution suffocates the mosquito larvae and can be repeated every few days.

Stock Your Pond With Mosquito Eating Fish!

You can even stock your pond with mosquito-eating fish called Gambusia Affinis! These mosquito eating fish love to feast on mosquito larvae and are an excellent mosquito prevention source. If you can’t find them in your local fish store, you can surprisingly find a few retailers selling them on Amazon for a reasonable price!

Citronella Plants

Grow some citronella plants in your garden, or in plant pots around your front porch and patio. Mosquitoes despise citronella plants, and will stay away from the area. You can purchase citronella plants at your local nursery, or grow your own from seeds.


Attract some dragonflies to your property by growing bamboo plants. Dragonflies love to live among bamboo and enjoy feasting on mosquitoes! In fact, they can eat around 100 mosquitoes in as little as 30 minutes!

Septoplasty Recovery Tips

My Septoplasty Experience With Latera Implants

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I have recently undergone Septoplasty surgery to correct a deviated septum. Due to trauma, it had basically shifted into my right nostril at age 13 and obstructed my breathing ever since. Needless to say I was tired of getting adult ear infections and having a difficult time breathing during exercise—particularly running. So I decided to finally correct it.

My primary care doctor referred me to an ENT specialist (ear nose and throat) and when the ENT doc examined me, he noticed a couple more things besides a crooked septum that needed to be taken care of.

In addition to enlarged turbinates that needed to be shrunk, my nasal valve was collapsing every time I sniffed or took a breath through my nose—so I needed an implant on both sides called a Latera implant.

Image source:

Latera implants are polymers and get injected on each side of your nose and keep your nose stabilized when you breathe in—allowing you to get a full breath of air. And the cool thing about these implants is that after a year, they get absorbed by your body and create scar tissue that acts on behalf of the implant.


Day Of Surgery

I arrive at the surgery center a week after my Septoplasty consult and I was pretty nervous. I’ve had quite a few surgeries before but never on my face—especially a delicate part like my nose. I was so nervous that I asked the nurse for a vomit bin and they ended up putting Zofran into my IV to keep me from throwing up.

Basically I had two huge fears while I was waiting on my hospital bed: the first was that I would wake up extremely stuffed up due to blood and the splints that they put up your nose to stabilize it, and therefore choke or suffocate, and the second fear had to do with pain—because let’s face it—even plucking one nose hair makes your eyes water, and in this case, they’d be taking out small chunks of cartilage.


After my Septoplasty surgery, I woke up actually being able to breathe through my nose—silicone tubes and all. And I wasn’t in any pain because of the local anesthetic that the doctor injected all throughout my nose—in addition to whatever was going through my IV line. So no worries, you won’t be in any pain at all.

However, when I stood up to get ready to go home, my nose began to drain blood and I instantly felt congested. I definitely had to go full mouth-breather. The nurse showed me how to tape gauze underneath my nose to catch the blood, and told me to begin using saline the next day to keep all the blood from crusting over—which also makes nasal splint removal more difficult later on (they removed mine 4 days later).


At home I laid down and drifted in and out of sleep from the anesthesia. I used a reusable compress mask that went around my nose and not directly on it—trust me, any pressure on your nose is painful. And the ones that they give you at the hospital are awful because they leak, so I’m glad I preordered my own after reading about this in a facebook Septoplasty Recovery group.

I tried to eat, but my front teeth were sore, so I stuck to liquids and yogurt. I definitely used the pain meds that were prescribed to me when the local anesthetic wore off. I also took a capsule of turmeric/curcumin which is an anti inflammatory supplement known to reduce swelling.

That night was pretty rough. Not due to pain because the medication kept it under control, but because of the congestion. I had to sleep propped up, which wasn’t comfortable, and I kept waking due to dry mouth and a dry throat. I’m also pretty sure I stopped breathing a couple of times while I slept because I would jerk awake gasping for air. I’m pretty sure many people have experienced the same thing while recovering from Septoplasty surgery.

Day 2

I woke up tired and was pretty frustrated throughout the entire day. I wanted my nose to clear out, but that’s not possible. I used my saline nasal spray (very gently), but all that seemed to do was make my nose stuffier (I did that about 3-4 times that day). My nose still bled so I had to continue wearing gauze underneath my nose.

I also caved today and got a humidifier to help me sleep better at night and to keep my mouth and throat less dry. Prior to bed I took my first hot shower since the night prior to my surgery with the shower head turned away and it felt great! I had to have the shower head turned slightly away though.

Day 3

I’m having panick attacks from time to time because i can barely get air in through my tubes and it’s making me feel claustrophobic. Saline solution clears it out for a little while but then it begins to dry and crust over all over again. I tell myself to hang in there as I’m getting my splints out tomorrow.

I also went out today and absolutely had to wear sunglasses because it’s so bright out but, they hurt my nose due to the Latera implants which have become swollen and are poking out through my skin. Luckily, someone online told me about a headband that lifts the glasses off of your nasal bridge and I ordered a pair because I really need to wear my sunglasses when I drive.

Day 4

I went to get my splints removed today and it REALLY hurt. There’s really no subtle way to yank splints out, so having them taken out with force is pretty painful. I can honestly say that I was in more pain having splints taken out than the day I had surgery. The doctor also told me that I will have dissolvable stitches in there for a while, and to not tug on them.

Below are my before and after photos. You can definitely see how bad the septum was and how great of a difference Septoplasty made. It even changed the shape of my nose tip—making it more symmetrical.

Before & After

Even though Septoplasty splint removal was super painful, I was able to take in a huge whiff of fresh air, and it was wonderful.

The only concern were the Latera implants, which were looking too superficial, but the ENT doctor told me to wait it out and see if the swelling goes down. If it doesn’t, and the implants are still poking through, then I will have to go back and have them removed in-office. The removal might create a tiny scar, but makeup does wonders these days.

Day 5

Last night I slept great! My nose still feels tender and slightly congested, but nothing compared to the previous days. I barely have to use my saline solution, and there is only a tiny amount of blood tinged mucus when I blow my nose. It still kind of hurts to blow, but it’s getting much better.

Moving Forward

The next two weeks of Septoplasty recovery, I noticed my nose going back to a normal slim shape. The nostrils aren’t perfectly symmetrical, but it’s a huge improvement aesthetically. My nose also isn’t tender anymore. If my child accidently bumps it with their head I’m not crying in pain—I barely feel it.


Overall, having Septoplasty surgery was a great decision. I am able to breathe freely without any obstruction and my sense of smell has improved also.

If you’re having Septoplasty surgery, or considering having a Septoplasty, just remember that the first 3 days are the worst, but after the splints are removed, it’s smooth sailing, and you’ll have a life changing new nose.

Below are the items I’ve used to help aid my recovery and to be more comfortable during the healing process—I call it my “recovery tool kit”. Hopefully, these items will help you as well!

My Septoplasty Recovery Toolkit

Reusable Heating/Cooling Pad

MyCare Cooling Pad

Pro-Optics Nose Guard


Cool Mist Humidifier


The Best Eco-Friendly Dolls For Kids

Organic And Ethically Made Nontoxic Dolls For Sustainable Play

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Are you striving to make a switch to more natural and nontoxic toys for your little ones? You are not alone!

Many health-conscious parents are coming to the realization that kids spend a lot of time cuddling and sleeping with their toys—teething babies in particular enjoy biting them.

Now, most parents don’t think that those are big concerns, but, mainstream dolls have potential to be filled with hazardous material like flame retardants, BPA and PVC—all of which are considered to be hormone disrupting chemicals.

Because of these concerns, parents are opting for healthier alternatives when it comes to toys, especially dolls. And luckily, many eco-friendly brands are creating nontoxic and sustainable dolls that children can enjoy safely, without sacrificing any fun. Because let’s face it, aesthetics are important as well.

Though they may be more expensive than regular dolls, eco-friendly dolls are worth the investment. They are ethically made out of nontoxic and organic material, are void of synthetic chemicals, and are typically hand-made, which means there’s more attention to detail.

Dolls also help foster emotional development and teach empathy, which is an important trait. Hence, it’s a great toy for both genders to play with.

With that said, read on to see some of the best eco-friendly dolls that were ethically manufactured, are nontoxic and completely safe for play and nighttime snuggles!

Best Non-Toxic Dolls For Sustainable Play

Hearts Of Yarn Hand-Made Plush Dolls

These charming eco-friendly plush dolls are hand-made and contain a cotton canvas body. Each doll also comes with a branded reusable cotton canvas bag that contains the doll’s name—which your child will love! You can find a variety of these beautiful dolls on Amazon!

Wonder & Wise Cotton Doll

The Wonder & Wise cotton doll makes a perfect first doll and is made from cotton and comes complete with a removable knit cap, diaper and swaddle blanket.

Gloveleya Non-Toxic Plush Dolls

These super soft non-toxic dolls can be personalized with your little one’s name and come in 41 different designs! These eco-friendly dolls by Gloveleya are made of high quality safety environmental soft plush fabric and contain super-squishy material filler. They are machine washable and meet and pass CPSIA and CCPSA Standards.

Ogh Organic Stuffed Dolls

The eco-friendly plush Ogh dolls are handmade with organic yarn and stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill. They are super soft to the touch and make a sweet non-toxic first doll for little ones.

Apple Park Organic Cotton Plush Dolls

These adorable non toxic and eco-friendly plush dolls by Apple Park are perfect companions for toddlers and big kids. They’re made from soft GOTS Certified organic cotton and filled with hypoallergenic corn fiber. The clothing is also removable and washable!

Playdate Friends

These adorable fabric Playdate Friends dolls by Manhattan Toys come with a small little animal companion and are completely machine washable and dryer friendly. They can also be undressed when playing dress up! We love all the varieties that these dolls come in and they’re perfect for both genders!

Tikiri Organic Baby Dolls

These eco friendly and ethically made plush dolls are handmade in Sri Lanka and made from 100% organic cotton fabric and recycled polyester for stuffing. These dolls are absolutely beautiful and come in so many different variations! They’re also more budget friendly than other environmentally friendly dolls on the market!

Under The Nile Organic Cotton Dress Up Doll

These 13 inch eco-friendly baby dolls for toddlers by Under The Nile are handmade from 100% organic Egyptian cotton. They make the perfect first dolls for toddlers, and your little one will have a blast dressing them up since they come with an extra set of non-toxic clothing!

Zubels Woven Dolls

These sustainable dancing ballerina dolls by Zubels are environmentally friendly and made from 100% cotton—they also come in various sizes. Zubels dolls also contain environmentally safe low-impact dyes and have minimal packaging to reduce environmental waste.

EcoBaby Doll

EcoBaby Dolls

EcoBaby dolls by GaiaTree are made from all-natural rubber (which is biodegradable) and come dressed in organic cotton clothing. The eco-friendly doll featured in the image above is baby Cora, and she’s available on Amazon!


17 Must-Have Eco-Friendly Breastfeeding Essentials

A Guide To Non-Toxic And Planet Friendly Breastfeeding Supplies For New Moms

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Are you looking to add some eco-friendly breastfeeding essentials to your baby registry? You’ve come to the right place!

Breastfeeding aids are constantly evolving, and luckily, more breastfeeding accessories are going green—resulting in safer, non-toxic products for both you, baby and the environment.

And I’ve put together a breastfeeding essentials guide that contains only the best and highly rated eco-friendly nursing supplies to help make your journey as safe and sustainable as possible!

Is Breastmilk Environmentally Friendly?

Breastfeeding is the most eco-friendly and economical way to feed a baby. Compared to formula, it uses less energy, less water and less waste.

However, breastfeeding is not entirely zero waste because mothers do rely on helpful accessories that can greatly help with efficiency and comfort throughout their breastfeeding journey, and that’s where this sustainable breastfeeding guide comes in handy.

What Makes Breastfeeding Supplies “Eco-Friendly”

If a breastfeeding essential is thoughtfully made, reusable, doesn’t contribute to pollution, or is non-toxic and biodegradable, then it is an environmentally friendly item.

There are still a ton of plastic and disposable breastfeeding supplies on the market, but opting for plastic-free alternatives is a much safer and kinder choice for your child and the planet.

With that said, below are the best non-toxic and eco-friendly nursing supplies that you can add to your Amazon Baby Registry!

1. Rechargeable Lactation Massager By LaVie

One major issue with breastfeeding that many new moms experience, especially in the first couple of weeks, is clogged milk ducts. That’s where a massager comes in handy.

This milk duct massager by LaVie is made of hospital grade silicone, is USB rechargeable, waterproof, and is more effective than hand massage. It’s definitely a must-have item for breastfeeding moms.

Magic Gel Reusable breast compress pads for postpartum breastfeeding

2. Reusable Non-Toxic Gel Compress Pads By Magic Gel

Every new mom needs a hot/cold compress—especially if they’re breastfeeding. Breasts become sore and painful, and in some instances milk ducts become clogged. Applying a compress can relieve pain and get milk flowing.

These luxury reusable breastfeeding gel pads by Magic Gel can be used both ways: cold and warm. They’re non toxic and can be microwaved up to 300 times. Perfect for sore nipples, engorged breasts, mastitis, swelling and inflammation.

Willow Wearable Breast Pump

3. Willow Wearable Breast Pump

A large majority of new moms use electric breast pumps-even those who breastfeed exclusively. It’s a great way to relieve engorged breasts and create an extra supply of milk if you’re away from baby.

However, some new moms don’t want to be confined to a chair and a loud breast pump with wires dangling from their chest. So a great alternative to a conventional electric pump is a wearable one—like Willow wearable breast pump.

Compared to other wearable pumps, Willow is the only one that offers complete mobility—360 degrees of motion enabled by their patented, continuous latch and Spill-Proof Milk Bags. That means you can pump in any position, even doing yoga or lying down!

Haakaa manual silicone breastpump

4. Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

New moms absolutely love the silicone Haakaa breast pump. Haakaa is a hands—free silicone breast pump that uses natural suction to draw out that extra breast milk in-between pumping, or during a feed so that you’re not dripping valuable milk while baby is drinking from the other breast. It’s a really handy nursing tool to have on hand, and you won’t regret the buy!

Dr. brown’s glass wide neck bottles
Dr. Brown’s

5. Dr. Brown’s Glass Bottles

You’ve spent so much time pumping and when the time comes, you, dad or another family member will be able to feed baby via bottle. Dr. Brown’s glass bottles are excellent non-toxic bottles with a very good reputation. I have used these with my babies and it did not discourage them from breastfeeding.

Haakaa silicone breast milk storage bags

6. Haakaa Silicone Breastmilk Storage Bags

After pumping your liquid gold, you’ll want to store it short-term in the refrigerator or long term in the freezer. And the best way to store your breastmilk sustainably is to ditch those reusable plastic bags.

Opt for reusable silicone and save your breastmilk over and over again. You’ll save money and the environment. Haakaa silicone breastmilk storage bags are a great buy, and come with cleaning essentials.

EvenFlo Silicone Sterilizer Bags

7. EvenFlo Silicone Sterilizer Steam Bags

Should you decide to purchase a breastpump, you’ll want to sanitize the parts on a regular basis. Now a days, you can purchase convenient eco-friendly, silicone steam bags that sanitize everything in minutes, like the Evenflo Steam Sanitizing Bag. You can also throw in a bottle or pacifier and simultaneously remove up to 99.9% of germs!

The Evenflo Feeding Silicone Steam Sanitizing Bag is designed to help eliminate harmful germs and bacteria from most pump parts, bottles, pacifiers, and more. Made from 100% FDA food-grade silicone, this eco-friendly bag is more durable than plastic alternatives and can be used over and over again, creating less waste for the environment.

Nook Organic Breastfeeding Pillow

8. Nook Organic Breastfeeding Pillow

Unless you have arms of steel, holding a baby in a fixed position for 15-20 minutes is not a lot of fun! Breastfeeding support pillows help tremendously by allowing you to sit in a comfortable position while baby eats. Currently, the Nook Organic Breastfeeding Pillow is a great buy if you want to go the organic route. It’s made of organic cotton and comes with a washable slip cover.

Kindred Bravely Organic Nursing Bras
Kindred Bravely

9. Kindred Bravely Organic Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are essential for easy access. And it’s best to go with non-toxic fabric such as organic cotton or bamboo. Wearing organic fibers benefits both you, your baby and the environment.

Organic cotton is free of pesticides, insecticides, and other harmful chemicals. It also requires less water to produce. Kindred Bravely manufactures ultra soft organic cotton nursing bras with wireless support.

Reusable Eco Nursing Pads
Eco Nursing Pads

10. Reusable Eco Nursing Pads

These are not only a necessity—they’re a must-have. Your nipples will leak a lot, especially during a feed (when one isn’t in use) and will leave embarrassing and uncomfortable splatter marks that crust over when dried.

Plus, what no one will tell you, is that leaked milk that’s absorbed into your bra or shirt stinks. You’re going to smell like old, sour milk. And you will need to buy a few pairs because you will have to change them out throughout the day. Go with organic bamboo, like Eco Nursing Pads, as they are reusable, eco-friendly, and highly absorbent.

KyteBaby Organic nursing cover

11. KyteBaby Organic Nursing Cover

When you buy a “nursing cover”, you’re also buying: a car seat canopy, a shopping cart cover, a blanket, a scarf, a newborn swaddle—you name it. Talk about a great investment. And you can find beautiful nursing covers that are breathable, non-toxic and gentle for both mom and baby like this one on KyteBaby.

Non-Toxic Silicone Nipple Shields By YiYee

12. Non-Toxic Silicone Nipple Shields By YiYee

Nipple shields are primarily used to help with latching. There are situations where a woman might have very flat nipples, inverted nipples or an improper latch has led to painful blisters and mom needs to heal—a nipple shield can help with such dilemmas.

The Yiyee Nipple Shield has a HUGE amount of great reviews on Amazon compared to other brands. It’s 100% thin silicone, BPA free and non-toxic. Moms seem to love how easy it is for their baby to latch and suck from a comfortable distance without putting painful pressure on the sore nipple.

Lansinoh Non-Toxic Nipple Cooling Gel Pads

13. Lansinoh Non-Toxic Nipple Cooling Gel Pads

Nipple cooling pads—I literally love this invention. These were lifesavers for me when I breastfed. My nipples were so sore that slapping some cooling gel pads on them after a painful feed was the best feeling in the world.

Imagine having a sunburn and then relieving it with some nice cool aloe vera gel—that’s the effect that gel pads have. Choose gel pads that are vegan and made from glycerin, which is non-toxic to human health and the environment—such as the Lansinoh Soothies Breast Gel Pads.

Tiny Human Supply Co Organic Nipple Butter

14. Organic Nipple Balms And Creams

All that breastfeeding causes your nipples to become dry and cracked—much like chapped lips. And what do you do about chapped lips? You rub some lip balm on them to provide soothing relief and healing. The same goes with nipples. An investment in really good nipple balm or cream will make all the difference.

And because you’re basically sharing your nipples with another human being, you want to make sure that the product is baby friendly: organic and nontoxic, like the USDA organic Nipple Crack by Tiny Human Co.

15. Organic Breastmilk Supplements And Teas

I personally needed supplements to help with my milk production. In the first month, I wasn’t producing a sufficient amount of milk, and my baby wasn’t gaining weight. It wasn’t until after I began taking supplements that my milk supply began to increase.

But, I won’t lie, some of them (the best ones that actually work) are a little expensive—but they do their job. I took MotherLove More Milk Plus. They are liquid capsules and have a really good reputation.

And if you don’t like taking pills, lactation support supplements come in many other forms such as: cookies, teas (Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother’s Milk Tea), chews, drink mixes and gummies. It really just comes down to personal preference.

Non Toxic Greenguard Gold Certified Recliner By Million Dollar Baby
Million Dollar Baby

16. Non-Toxic Greenguard Gold Certified Recliner

One of my most favorite breastfeeding essentials has been a recliner; and it was literally a life saver during all of those middle of the night feedings.

And if you’re going to invest in one, please make sure that it is Greenguard Gold Certified, which means that it was tested for over 10,000 different types of toxins, and is certified non-toxic.

Many recliners like the one by Million Dollar Baby, have built in charging ports for your electronics as well, and are excellent quality!

17. Breastfeeding Tracker Phone Apps

MyMedela Breastfeeding Tracker App

There are many wonderful and convenient phone apps for tracking your breastfeeding, and a large majority are free.

Tracking apps are a useful tool because you can record and track the duration of your baby’s feed and which breast they used last—because trust me, when you’re nursing a newborn, you’re EXHAUSTED and lack of sleep messes with your memory.

Thanks to the app, you’ll know which breast has more milk supply and begin with tha one! The MyMedela Breastfeeding Companion app is a great place to start with tracking your feeds.

How To Repurpose Bicycle Helmets

Got An Old Bicycle Helmet? Read On For Unique And Creative Ways To Repurpose It!

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Helmets have a limited lifespan—kind of like infant car seats. After some time, the parts of a helmet—such as the foam and adhesives, begin to degrade—resulting in a subpar level of protection.

Because of this, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), recommends replacing a bicycle helmet every five to 10 years, which basically places helmets in the category of disposable products.

In that case, you absolutely must buy a new helmet, but what is the fate of the outdated one? What if you don’t want to send the old bicycle or motorcycle helmet off to the landfill? What are the alternative options?

Option 1: Recycle

One option is to call your local recycling center and ask if they recycle the plastic portion of the helmet. If that’s the case, you can take the helmet apart and place the plastic casing into your recycling bin. I’ll be honest, they probably won’t accept them. But don’t be discouraged, because there are other pretty cool alternatives to landfill disposal.

Ten years ago in Portland, Oregon, a helmet recycling program was in the works, but unfortunately, it never went anywhere. I believe the man behind the concept didn’t have enough investors or something to help him build a facility with necessary equipment. That’s too bad.

Another option is to send your helmet into a recycling program called TerraCycle who would take it apart and repurpose the components—BUT, I believe you have to order a special shipping box and it’s kind of expensive. A small zero-waste shipping box costs around $130.00 but, it can be filled with as many sporting goods as you can fit—so in addition to the helmet, you can get rid of other unwanted items that are just laying around in your garage. The question is, do you want to spend that much money?

Garage Terra Cycle Boxes

Option 2: Donate

You can donate your old bicycle or motorcycle helmet to your local emergency response department (like the fire station) for training purposes. They will happily take your helmets and use them to teach their students how to safely remove a helmet when a motorist is injured.

Never donate an outdated helmet to an active motorist or cyclist—this is irresponsible and can cause a head injury and even death.

Option 3: Upcycle

Another great option is to upcycle your old helmet into something purposeful. Many people opt to turn their helmets into planters, which look unique and add charm and character to a backyard or garden. Simply line the bottom with some newspaper and add soil and seeds, or transplant an existing plant into it.

Many people also repurpose old bike helmets into unique lanterns and lamps that look awesome in a man cave, garage or even kids’ room.

Need a bowl? Bike helmets work amazingly well as fruit or popcorn bowls! You can paint them and use them in the home or break room at work for this exact purpose! Perhaps you have a Stars Wars fan in your life, in which case you can paint the helmet in the likeness of R2D2 or BB8 and create a Star Wars themed snack bowl!

And lastly, they can be painted and transformed into Halloween candy bowls or used for trick or treating! The strap easily works as a “bucket handle”. And they can most certainly be crafted into a costume accessory or scary yard display during the spooky season as well!

Until bicycle helmets are manufactured to be sustainable and recyclable, these are the best options for keeping old helmets out of the landfill—and they’re not such bad options.

Below are some amazing and creative examples of repurposed bicycle and motorcycle helmets to help inspire you! I hope you enjoy these ideas and please give these talented folks below a follow!

Instagram Image Of Repurposed Motorcycle Helmet
Instagram Image Of Repurposed Motorcycle Helmet
Instagram Image Of Repurposed Motorcycle Helmet
Instagram Image Of Repurposed Motorcycle Helmet
Instagram Image Of Repurposed Motorcycle Helmet
Instagram Image Of Repurposed Motorcycle Helmet
Instagram Image Of Repurposed Motorcycle Helmet
Instagram Image Of Repurposed Motorcycle Helmet
Instagram Image Of Repurposed Motorcycle Helmet

Honest Review Of Apple Valley Natural Soap Shampoo Bars

Are The Apple Valley Natural Soap Shampoo Bars Worth A Try? Read On For Our Honest Review And Coupon Code!

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Are you looking for an honest review about Apple Valley Natural Soap shampoo bars? You’ve come to the right place!

My children and I have been using AVNS shampoo bars for two years now, and we have a few favorites that we like to reorder whenever we are close to running out.

The biggest reason that our family began using shampoo bars in the first place is because bottled shampoo contains a ton of chemicals and my children were constantly developing dandruff.

After ordering a few sample bars, we quickly became huge fans after seeing noticeable improvements with my children’s scalps, and stuck with them. So below, I’d like tell you a little more about why these shampoo bars are so worth purchasing!

Reasons To Buy From Apple Valley Natural Soap

  • Apple Valley Natural Soap shampoo bars are handmade and the company is transparent about the ingredients that are used to make each bar.
  • AVNS shampoo bars are cruelty-free and never tested on animals. In fact, this company is Leaping Bunny Certified.
  • AVNS shampoo bars are non-toxic and only all-natural and organic ingredients are used to create each shampoo bar.
  • AVNS shampoo bars are eco-friendly because they are biodegradable and arrive at your home in plastic-free packaging.
  • AVNS Shampoo Bars are considerably less expensive than big brand competition, and the full bars come in a generous size.

Are There Any Cons To Using Shampoo Bars?

  • AVNS shampoo bars contain natural and essential oils which can irritate your eyes if you accidentally get some lather in them, however, this is common with all shampoo bars.
  • If not stored properly, AVNS shampoo bars can be pretty hard to peel off from your your sink or shower. I recommend allowing them to dry on a well ventilated soap dish.
  • It’s going to take a while to get used to a new texture that your hair will develop. It might feel weighed down and waxy, but that’s just because your natural oils aren’t stripped away anymore—that’s a good thing!

With that said, I’m going to show you a few shampoo bars from Apple Valley Natural Soap that (based on personal experience) are simply the best.

This guide will also go over which shampoo bars are best for certain hair types and scalp conditions, and will also include a coupon code on the bottom as a thank you for shopping with AVNS.

Honest review of Apple Valley Natural Soap Shampoo Bars

Our Favorite Shampoo Bars From Apple Valley Natural Soap

Pink Lemonade Shampoo Bar From Apple Valley Natural Soap

Pink Lemonade Shampoo Bar

The Pink Lemonade shampoo bar is my kids’ favorite. The best way to describe the scent is to compare it to pink Starburst candy or Skittles (very bright and citrusy). It’s great for normal to oily hair, and leaves a subtle scent. Click here to visit AVNS for more details.

Simply Shea Shampoo bar from Apple Valley Natural Soap

Simply Shea Shampoo Bar

Moisture drenching, unrefined shea nut butter and olive oil make the simply shea shampoo bar an excellent choice for dry, sensitive skin and damaged, blow-fried hair. It has a very bland scent, but does a great job at moisturizing. Click here to visit AVNS for more details.

Coconut milk and citrus shampoo bar from Apple Valley Natural Soap

Coconut Milk And Citrus Shampoo Bar

This coconut milk and citrus scented shampoo bar is absolutely heavenly and imparts anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, astringent, and healing benefits for your skin. Click here to visit AVNS for more details.

Marshmallow and Aloe shampoo bar from Apple Valley Natural Soap

Marshmallow And Aloe Shampoo Bar

This Marshmallow and Aloe shampoo bar is great for smoothing the scalp and detangling hair. Aloe Vera is anti inflammatory and nourishes dry, flaky scalp, while marshmallow root softens and detangles dry hair. Click here to visit AVNS for more details.

Cowboy Shampoo Bar from Apple Valley Natural Soap

Cowboy Shampoo Bar

The cowboy shampoo bar is a favorite of my husband’s and has subtle rugged scent. Smoky vetiver, spicy black pepper, crisp bergamot, and blood orange blend together to create this adventurous bar. Click here to visit AVNS for more details.

Not Sure What Shampoo Bars To Try? Get A Sample Pack!

The great thing about Apple Valley Natural Soap is that they sell sample and half sizes of shampoo bars so that you can experiment and find what’s right for you!

Don’t Forget The Soap Mat!

These sustainable Soap Lift soap mats are made from plant plastic, and prevent your shampoo bar from turning to mush through proper ventilation.

Don’t Forget Your Coupon Code!

As a thank you for shopping at Apple Valley Natural Soap, please take 10% off using the coupon code below! Just copy and paste AVNSDIARIES10 at check out!

Sustainable Closet Organization Ideas

Sustainable Closet Organization Tips to Maximize Your Storage Space

This post contains affiliate links which may earn us a commission.

A woman’s closet is her sanctuary. It stores all of her favorite fashion finds, shoes, and accessories—it’s sort of like a giant filing cabinet full of important belongings that we need to access several times a day.

So when our closet becomes disorganized, which they often tend to do, it makes us feel stressed out. It also takes longer to find specific items, and can even make it more difficult to get ready on time—especially in the mornings.

Luckily, there are a lot of ways to organize your closet and give it the makeover of your dreams. And a lot of storage accessories come in eco-friendly and sustainable options that are pretty functional and stylish.

From shelving units to storage bins and dressers, many come in environmentally friendly options that allow you to get creative with your closet organization.

Below you’ll find several of these items to help inspire your closet makeover, along with additional images of organized closets for motivation!

Space Saving Hacks For Your Closet

Incorporate A Small Wooden Dresser

If your closet permits, consider placing a wooden dresser inside of it for additional storage. Small closet dressers are perfect for storing bras, underwear, socks and t-shirts—even purses. And if you can, opt for a dresser in a light shade, as they make your closer look bigger.

Modern Human

Use Fabric Bins For linens And blankets

Not everyone has a linen closet, especially if you live in a small apartment with limited storage options. And if you have multiple sheets, blankets and comforters, those can really take up a lot of space. Storage bins like these recyclable variety by Modern Human are perfect for compressing large items, like blankets and keeping them neatly stowed away until they are needed.


Incorporate Fabric Hanging Organizers

If you have very limited closet space, without any kind of shelving, consider a collapsible hanging storage organizer like the one by Marvelent. Collapsible organizers are a perfect shelf alternative, great for maintaining a neat closet and they can easily be packed away for travel!


Add A Steel Closet Shelving System

When it comes to closets, who doesn’t love fancy wooden shelving systems? The downside is that they can be very expensive. However, an awesome alternative is to incorporate a vinyl coated steel shelving system that provides the same functionality and is under $100–like this one by ClosetMaid.


Incorporate Stackable Wooden Shelves

Another great way to add a shelving system into your closet, if space permits, is to buy stackable shelves. ClosetMaid sells different variations of these shelves and you can get really creative by mixing and matching. These stackable closet shelves look really elegant and provide a lot of storage space

Amazon Basics

Use Fabric Dressers

If you’re on a budget, and really want a dresser in your closet that contains multiple drawers, then consider a fabric version—like this 4-door fabric dresser by Amazon Basics. It’s affordable yet elegant and fits even in the smallest of closets.


Incorporate A Wooden Shoe Storage Bench

A bench that doubles as a shoe cubicle is the perfect addition to any walk-in closet. Vasagle makes a really attractive shoe storage bench that looks amazing in closets. This storage bench is also a great way to store purses and other accessories.