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The Benefits Of Shampoo Bars For Men

The Benefits Of Using Shampoo Bars For Men’s Hair And Beard

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Shampoo bars have been around for many years. The problem, however, is that they’ve originally been made for and marketed primarily toward the female consumer—until recently.

Men are constantly on the go and pressed for time. They wanna get in the shower and get out. They want to look clean and smell clean, but not take forever getting clean. They want less clutter in the shower. They want to travel and not have to worry about liquid shampoo going roque and spilling all over their belongings. Many are also wanting to lower their carbon footprint and are searching for alternatives to plastic packaging.

So what better solution to these legit issues than by switching to a plastic-free, solid shampoo bar that tackles both time management, convenience and helps lessen the load in landfills. None.


There are usually 5 main reasons why people, especially men, prefer shampoo bars over traditional [bottled] shampoo:

  1. Shampoo Bars Are Eco-Friendly
  2. Shampoo Bars Are Non-Toxic
  3. Shampoo Bars Are Multi-Use
  4. Shampoo Bars Free-Up Space
  5. Shampoo Bars Last Longer


While traditional liquid shampoo is typically sold in plastic bottles, shampoo bars are wrapped in plastic-free packaging—either paper or cardboard—which are compostable. Most shampoo bars are also made from all-natural ingredients, making them biodegradable and safe for the environment after it gets washed down the drain.


As mentioned in the previous paragraph, most shampoo bars are made from all-natural and even organic ingredients which are ethically and sustainably sourced from nature. No synthetic chemicals or ingredients like sulfates or parabens are added, resulting in a healthy and non-toxic solid hair care bar thats a lot healthier for you.


Probably one of the best things about shampoo bars is that they’re great for more than just the hair on your head. In fact, the majority of shampoo bars can also be used on the face, beard and body. So, in addition to shampoo, you’re also getting a face wash, body wash, beard shampoo and shaving cream. Talk about a money saver.


Because shampoo bars are so versatile and can be used for way more than just hair, they end up freeing up a ton of space in your shower. So say goodbye to that stash of shampoo bottles and aerosol cans you’re currently hoarding in your shower because they’re no longer necessary.


The average shampoo bar, which is typically around 4 oz, lasts as long a 2-3 bottles of shampoo. It really all depends on how well you take care of your bar. Getting a good soap dish which allows the bar to dry properly on both sides will definitely help prolong its life span. Never lay it on a flat surface while it’s still wet—you’ll lose a couple of fingernails trying to pry it off. For more detailed information and tips on how to store shampoo bars, see our article here.

If any of these reasons to switch to a men’s shampoo bar caught your interest, we’ll leave you with three of the best and most sought after shampoo bars for men on the internet. Literally.

All of these shampoo bars are available on Amazon and have earned Amazon’s sustainability certification as being Climate Pledge Friendly—zero-waste, cruelty-free and plastic-free.



Bossman’s 4-in-1 shampoo and body bar cleanses and nourishes your hair, face, beard and body—saving you time, space and sanity. No wonder it’s one of the best selling shampoo bars on the market.

This 4.5 oz shampoo bar is made from all-natural and organic ingredients that add moisture back into your skin and hair follicles. In fact, if you suffer from dandruff, psoriasis, acne or eczema, the Bossman shampoo bar will help improve your symptoms. Got a bread that’s constantly frizzy and unmanageable? Bossman shampoo bar acts as a shave lubricant too.

The Bossman shampoo bar is cruelty free and consists of exfoliating yet nourishing ingredients like organic virgin coconut oil, shea butter, palm oil, safflower oil, plantain leaf powder, and cocoa powder.


Grown Ass Man

If you’re a guy with a sense of humor then you’ve just found the shampoo bar to match your wit. The founders of Grown Ass Men recognized the need for more representation of shampoo bars in the men’s department and created a solid hair care bar that was once marketed primarily towards women.

The 4 oz Grown Ass Man 3-in-1 Shampoo and body bar cleanses your hair, beard and body without stripping away your natural oils. Every Grown Ass Man shampoo bar is made from all-natural and organic ingredients and essential oils which work to condition your hair and scalp. Your skin will feel nourished, your beard will feel tamed, and you’ll smell like descent, like a ‘grown ass man’.



The Breakaway Bar by Made is a massive 3-in-1 shampoo bar block that is segmented and breaks off into 5 individual bars—3 regular bars and 2 travel sizes. It works perfectly as shampoo, shave cream and body wash, offering a rich lather that leaves your skin and hair feeling moisturized.

The Breakaway Bar consists of all natural and organic ingredients like hemp, Shea, tea tree and aloe.

With so many shampoo bars included in one package, you won’t need to restock for quite a while. In fact, save the small chunks that are left over, because this brand recommends microwaving them together to create a brand new bar. Genius.


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