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Millie Bobby Brown Has Her Own Beauty Line And It’s Vegan!

All About Millie Bobby Brown’s Clean Makeup Brand And Its Positive Influence On Generation Z

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Image: Millie Bobby Brown | Instagram

She starred in the popular television series “Stranger Things”, acted along side Henry Cavill on Enola Holmes, is UNICEF’s youngest ever Goodwill Ambassador, and since its launch in 2019, Millie Bobby Brown has been crushing it with her new clean beauty brand: Florence By Mills!

Brown’s new line of clean makeup and skin care products is vegan and certified cruelty-free by PETA. Hence, all of the Florence By Mills beauty products contain only plant-based ingredients and are never tested on animals.

Florence By Mills Built To Lash Mascara | Source: Amazon

While the brand’s name is inspired by her great-grandmother, the concept behind the nontoxic and safe ingredients was inspired by her career—always having to wear heavy movie set cosmetics which would ultimately result in acne. And as a teenager, that’s no fun.

In one of her Instagram videos, Brown states that “Every young person deserves to have a good start with their skin,” and we agree. Teen and young adult skin is prone to acne and most makeup brands will easily clog pores. Brown’s products, however, contain skin-friendly ingredients and are infused with vitamins and antioxidants.

Florence By Mills Low-Key Calming Peel Off Mask |Source: Amazon

The Florence By Mills beauty products are also incredibly gorgeous and fun to use! The aesthetics are shimmery, vibrant and pleasing to the eye. The products range from $10-$34 and have had very positive reviews over the last two years thus far. Upon release of her beauty line, Brown stated that she wanted the beauty line to be “easy to get and fun to use”.

Brown’s beauty line collection consists of everyday [vegan] makeup like mascara, eyebrow gel, lip balms and blush—to name a few, to skin care products like face wash, toner, moisturizer and insanely cool peel off masks which are available on Amazon.

If you’re looking for another great reason to purchase this makeup, then you should know that a portion of the profits are donated to the Olivia Hope Foundation, which is a children’s cancer charity.


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