The Zero-Waste Chef Launches Cookbook That Helps Eliminate Food Waste!

A Cookbook That Helps You Eliminate Food Waste And Creates A Sustainable Kitchen

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The Zero Waste Chef | Source: Instagram

Food waste and plastic food packaging is a huge problem in the United States, and more people are turning to zero-waste gurus like Anne-Marie Bonneau, blogger and Author of her newest cookbook “The Zero-Waste Chef” to learn how to live and cook more sustainably.

Ann-Marie Bonneau has been living waste free since 2011, and via her blog, has shared many amazing tips and tricks to live a zero waste lifestyle—especially in the kitchen, where no plastic is used and no food scraps go to waste.

In fact, Bonneau teaches you how to regrow vegetable scraps by allowing them to sprout in water and then replanting them in soil—a brilliant sustainable solution.

The Zero Waste Chef | Source: Instagram

This cookbook is a much needed staple in every kitchen, because as consumers we overspend on food that often times, doesn’t even get cooked and rots in the back of the fridge. And when we do cook, we tend to throw away large left over portions or food scraps that we think have zero value. In her cookbook, Bonneau shows us just how wrong we are with that kind of mentality!

Bonneau’s book “The Zero-Waste Chef” contains 75 vegetarian and vegan recipes to include simple tips and fixes for storing leftovers and using the scraps for your next recipe. In fact, the cool thing about these recipes is that you plan your next meal based on what you have rather than what you need. It’s saves time, money, improves your overall well-being and fights climate change by reducing your carbon footprint.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Bread Pudding By The Zero a Waste Chef | Source: Instagram

So if you’re wanting to begin a zero waste journey, or are simply looking for healthy recipes that omit plastic and unhealthy preservatives, then “The Zero-Waste Chef” is a great addition to your kitchen.

“In my debut book, I give readers the facts to motivate them to do better, the simple (and usually free) fixes to ease them into wasting less—you can, for example, banish plastic wrap by simply inverting in a plate over your leftovers—and, finally, the recipes and strategies to turn them into more sustainable, money-saving cooks.” — Anne Marie Bonneau

The Zero Waste Chef

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