Vegan Celebrities Who Support Animal Rights

Famous People Who Are Owning The Plant-Based Diet And Standing Up For Animal Rights!

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It’s really honorable when a celebrity uses their status and platform to advocate for important issues such as animal rights.

Animals all across the globe are being mistreated in horrific ways—from being hunted to being used in clinical trial studies—and it’s just not right!

Unfortunately, animals can’t speak. But, through caring individuals, they have a voice. When someone supports animal rights and stands up against animal cruelty—an animal gains a voice.

These celebrities use their platform to speak out against animal cruelty and follow a plant-based, vegan diet—which is highly commendable.



Miley Cyrus is a vegan and a mom to multiple rescue dogs. She’s strongly against animal testing and supports the Beagle Freedom Project which raises awareness against clinical trials on dogs.


Actress Millie Bobby Brown, most known for her role as Eleven in “Stranger Things”, follows a plant-based diet and is a huge animal rights activist. She even has her own natural and cruelty free Beauty line called Florence By Mills.


Actress Kate Mara is a vegan as well as an animal rights activist who often visits the Chimpanzee Rescue And Protection center in Liberia with her sister Rooney Mara.


A few years ago, Actor Zac Efron switched to a vegan diet which we credits for his amazing physique. Efron is also an animal rights activist and recently starred in a short film with Ricky Gervais called “Save Ralph” which highlights the need to end animal testing.


Charlize is a vegan and strongly supports animals rights. She grew up on a farm in her native home of South Africa, is a mom to a few rescue dogs and is strongly against the fur trade.


Hayden is known for promoting marine wildlife campaigns and even has her own online fundraiser that’s called “Panettiere’s Closet”, which helps raise money for “Save The Whales, Again”.



Billie Eilish is a vegan Celebrity who promotes veganism and speaks out against animal cruelty. She recently adopted a puppy and was awarded a PETA Libby prize for ‘Most Inspiring Act Of Kindness To Animals’.


Pamela Anderson is a vegan and an honorary director of PETA. She’s known to have spoken out against unethical fashion that contains animal-based material; and in addition to PETA, works with the Greenpeace organization.


Kristen Bell has been a vegan since 2012 and is often a foster mom for dogs in need of adoption! Kristen also supports organizations such as PETA and the humane society.


Ian Somerhalder is vegan and an environmentalist who loves animals. He even has his own foundation called “The Ian Somerhalder Foundation”, which supports adopting, spaying and rescuing animals. His organization even offers grants to animal welfare organizations! Can he be any cooler?


Alicia has been a vegan for many years and so has her little boy. She actually credits the plant based diet for her son’s good behavior. As for animal rights, she starred in a racy PETA campaign which featured the “Clueless” star naked along side a slogan that states “I’d rather go naked than wear wool”.

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