Sustainable Closet Organization Ideas

Sustainable Closet Organization Tips to Maximize Your Storage Space

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A woman’s closet is her sanctuary. It stores all of her favorite fashion finds, shoes, and accessories—it’s sort of like a giant filing cabinet full of important belongings that we need to access several times a day.

So when our closet becomes disorganized, which they often tend to do, it makes us feel stressed out. It also takes longer to find specific items, and can even make it more difficult to get ready on time—especially in the mornings.

Luckily, there are a lot of ways to organize your closet and give it the makeover of your dreams. And a lot of storage accessories come in eco-friendly and sustainable options that are pretty functional and stylish.

From shelving units to storage bins and dressers, many come in environmentally friendly options that allow you to get creative with your closet organization.

Below you’ll find several of these items to help inspire your closet makeover, along with additional images of organized closets for motivation!

Space Saving Hacks For Your Closet

Incorporate A Small Wooden Dresser

If your closet permits, consider placing a wooden dresser inside of it for additional storage. Small closet dressers are perfect for storing bras, underwear, socks and t-shirts—even purses. And if you can, opt for a dresser in a light shade, as they make your closer look bigger.

Modern Human

Use Fabric Bins For linens And blankets

Not everyone has a linen closet, especially if you live in a small apartment with limited storage options. And if you have multiple sheets, blankets and comforters, those can really take up a lot of space. Storage bins like these recyclable variety by Modern Human are perfect for compressing large items, like blankets and keeping them neatly stowed away until they are needed.


Incorporate Fabric Hanging Organizers

If you have very limited closet space, without any kind of shelving, consider a collapsible hanging storage organizer like the one by Marvelent. Collapsible organizers are a perfect shelf alternative, great for maintaining a neat closet and they can easily be packed away for travel!


Add A Steel Closet Shelving System

When it comes to closets, who doesn’t love fancy wooden shelving systems? The downside is that they can be very expensive. However, an awesome alternative is to incorporate a vinyl coated steel shelving system that provides the same functionality and is under $100–like this one by ClosetMaid.


Incorporate Stackable Wooden Shelves

Another great way to add a shelving system into your closet, if space permits, is to buy stackable shelves. ClosetMaid sells different variations of these shelves and you can get really creative by mixing and matching. These stackable closet shelves look really elegant and provide a lot of storage space

Amazon Basics

Use Fabric Dressers

If you’re on a budget, and really want a dresser in your closet that contains multiple drawers, then consider a fabric version—like this 4-door fabric dresser by Amazon Basics. It’s affordable yet elegant and fits even in the smallest of closets.


Incorporate A Wooden Shoe Storage Bench

A bench that doubles as a shoe cubicle is the perfect addition to any walk-in closet. Vasagle makes a really attractive shoe storage bench that looks amazing in closets. This storage bench is also a great way to store purses and other accessories.

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