20 Eco-Friendly Rustic Vase Ideas For Your Home

Farmhouse Inspired Vases For Rustic Home Decor

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Vases make wonderful additions to your home decor, and I personally love having them on my fireplace, bathroom shelves, end tables and the kitchen table as a charming centerpiece.

Vases can be filled with fake or fresh cut flowers, and if they’re glass and see through, can even be filled with other cool vase fillers like pine cones, twig orbs or faux cotton stems. They’re very versatile.

But, the best thing about vases, is that a majority of them are eco-friendly and recyclable.


Eco-friendly vases are any kind of vase that is recyclable or has been upcycled and is generally healthy for the home and the environment. Sustainable wood, stainless steel, ceramic and glass are just a handful of examples that eco-friendly vases are made of.

Vases also come in different styles and there’s a perfect design out there for everyone. From modern to farmhouse, you can always find the perfect design that fits perfectly in your home—especially rustic vases that add touch of country.

Below you’ll find 20 of these eco-friendly rustic vase inspirations for your home!


This small ceramic jug set is a charming rustic edition to any small space. It was even featured in People Magazine’s “top buys”. They look great with or without flowers. Click here for details.


This galvanized milk can makes a very rustic vase and is perfect for homes with a farmhouse theme. Click here for details.

Deco 79

This farmhouse inspired ceramic vase by Deco 79 looks lovely in any kitchen. Click here for details.

Diamond Star

This rustic glass vase is adorned with rope net and looks beautiful on a kitchen or dining room table. Click here for details.


This rustic watering can transforms into a charming flower vase that adds style and a pop of coloring! Click here for details.


Loving this rustic jug style farmhouse vase that looks lovely in entryways. Click here for details.


A cool spin on a galvanized metal watering can. This rustic vase looks really farmhouse-chic anywhere in the house! Click here for details.


This pretty milk jug inspired vase has an elegance to it, making it a fantastic accessory to your entryway or as a dining room table centerpiece. Click here for details.

Noah Decoration

These hand blown green glass vases look amazing with some wildflowers. They look great on your kitchen table or bathroom shelf! Click here for details.


This charming rustic vase comes adorned with rope and a galvanized finish. It adds charm in any area of your home—even bathroom! Click here for details.


This rustic wicker vase adds a cottage feel to any home. It looks especially great on patios Click here for details.


This shabby chic metal jug makes a wonderful rustic vase. Fill it with some wildflowers and it’ll make any space look amazing! Click here for details.


These mason jar vases add rustic style to any small space and look great with any kind of plant. Click here for details.

Fatty Bee

These glazed ceramic jugs come in a set of 3 and look great as a center piece. Click here for details.


This rustic country style ceramic vase looks great with large bouquets, and the color brightens up any space! Click here for details.


This rustic set includes 5 glass vases that look beautiful when filled with single stemmed flowers. Click here for details.


This french-rustic style vase looks beautiful in a kitchen with some fresh cut flowers! Click here for details.


This rustic gold galvanized tin vase looks great with some faux cotton stems. Click here for details.


This rustic metal watering can has been turned into a charming farmhouse vase and looks amazing in farmhouse style kitchens. Click here for details.

Costa Nova

This classy yet rustic ceramic vase is made from recycled ceramic in Portugal. Click here for details.

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