25 Insanely Cool Upcycled Planter Ideas

Discarded Items That Were Transformed Into Amazing DIY Sustainable Planters

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You what they say: “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”—and it’s extremely true! Especially when plants and yard decor is involved!

Every household accumulates items that they eventually need to throw away due to wear and tear. It’ll either go in the trash, get donated to the local thrift store, or, my personal favorite solution: get upcycled into amazing home and garden decor.

You can upcycle almost anything into a planter. I say almost because material like cardboard for example, can get soggy from water—which is what plants occasionally need.


So what kind of items can be upcycled into amazing planters? Items like: teapots, shoes, mugs and even jeans are excellent items that can be flipped into planters! Unique and unconventional planters add style, charm and character to your home and garden.

I love finding inspiration for upcycled planters on Instagram and other social media platforms. They are full of so many amazing and talented individuals who take crafting and upcycling to another level. So please, if you see any ideas below that you like, visit their profiles and give them a follow!

An old pair of high heels make a fashionable planter
Amazing planter made from repurposed wine bottle corks!
Old pots and pants make excellent sturdy planters
Don’t throw that teapot away, use it for your plants!
Got an old bike? Use it as a planter and add some unique style to your yard!
I love rainboots as repurposed planters! They add so much charm!
This watering can makes a very cute planter!
Old tea pots make very charming planters!
Old kitchen gadgets? Why not!
These plastic bottles make great planters—and fun art projects for kids!

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