Best Vegan Hair Dyes

These Ethical And Cruelty-Free Hair Dye Brands Will Leave You Feeling Fun And Flirty This Summer!

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Have you ever dyed your hair with traditional at-home hair color and almost had to call 911 because the fumes nearly killed you? I think we all made that mistake one time or another. Unfortunately, vegan hair dye wasn’t always available on store shelves. But, these days, they are plentiful, and some of the colors are incredibly fun, flirty and vibrant.

So what are your plans this summer? No, really! Let me know in the comments!

Last summer was a dud due to Covid, but this year, you get a chance to go out and actually live. And what better way to celebrate than to give your hair a little makeover with some ethical vegan hair color that’ll turn heads!


Vegan hair dye is:

  • PPD Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Ammonia Free
  • GMO Free
  • Cruelty Free

And I wish that all hair dye consisted of these qualities, but unfortunately, they don’t. Not only is traditional dye horrible for your health, it’s also bad for the environment, because you’re rinsing it out in sink, and all of those chemicals go down the drain.

Vegan hair dye on the other hand, is nontoxic and eco-friendly, so you won’t feel bad about using it. And many are semi-permanent, which is great because you get to experiment with different shades without damaging your hair!

So this summer, change it up a notch, and enjoy life! Metallic type of shades like greys and silver are tending this year—and you’ll look great at the beach, raves or wherever else life takes you. Take a look below for some inspiration and have fun responsibly!

Punky Semi-Permanent Vegan Hair Colour


Punky semi-permanent hair dye has beautiful vibrant colors that can be applied to both light and dark hair—it actually leaves awesome highlights and shine on dark hair! This vegan dye lasts up to 35 washes and looks great with ombré hair!

INH Vegan Hair Dye


This semi-permanent vegan hair dye by INH deep conditions as you dye your hair! It’s great for all hair types and all shades, and leaves your hair feeling soft and nourished, instead dry and unmanageable. It’s available in many colors and has really good reviews!

Brite Vegan Hair Dye


The Brite vegan hair dye comes in fun and flirty pastel colors—like this pastel pink! It lasts from 5-30 washes, depending on hair type and leaves your hair feeling hydrated! This vegan hair dye works particularly better on light colored hair, but the great news is that they also sell a vegan and ammonia free bleach kit if you’re wanting to go that route!

Arctic Fox Vegan Hair Dye

Photo Cred: Arctic Dye & @mermaidcat_prr

Arctic Dye is another great semi-permanent vegan hair dye that deposits insanely vivid color! It nourishes as it sets and fades out gracefully. The cool thing about this brand is that 15% of all profits go toward charities who work to end animal abuse.

Smart Beauty Vegan Hair Dye

Smart Beauty

Unlike most vegan hair dyes which tend to be only semi-permanent, the this Smart Beauty hair color is permanent. It’s perfect for achieving a metallic pastel shade that looks fun and vibrant!

Manic Panic Vegan Hair Dye

Manic Panic

Manic Panic is a really fun hair care line and they have awesome vegan hair dyes as well! Their formula lasts for about 4-6 weeks and gradually fades. They have many shades available that are fun, vibrant and easy to apply!

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