20 Stunning Raw Vegan Wedding Cakes

Gorgeous Wedding Cakes Made From Plant-Based Only Ingredients From Around The World

This post contains affiliate links which may earn us a commission.

The vegan lifestyle is not showing any signs of slowing down, and every day, more and more people make the conscious decision to eliminate meat and dairy from their diet, in order to improve their health.

Vegan food and recipes are on the rise—with numerous restaurants and catering services opening up all across the country to meet your needs—that goes for wedding cakes as well.

These days, you can find a local bakery that will accommodate your vegan ingredient request, and you can also find all-vegan bakeries that only create dairy-free and egg-free cakes and desserts—and that’s pretty amazing!


Instagram has some of the most talented bakers who create gorgeous raw vegan wedding cakes! And if you’re getting married anytime soon, Instagram is the perfect place to search for inspiration when it comes to beautiful vegan wedding cakes.

Below are some of our top vegan wedding cake picks that absolutely grabbed our attention. And if you see one that you really love, click on the image and give the content creator a follow!


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