Student Invents Biodegradable Packaging From Pineapple Leaves

Student In The Philippines Turns Discarded Pineapple Leaves Into Biodegradable Packaging, Diverting Waste.

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A student in the Philippines by the name of Patricia Mangulabnan has invented a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging using discarded pineapple leaves called Pinyapel—a paper created from said discarded pineapple leaves. She calls this innovative and eco-friendly sustainable packaging “Sprout”.

Sprout is lined with seeds, which encourages people to plant the packaging post-use. The seeds are non-invasive and contribute to a greener planet. It’s also a great way to divert people from littering.


The Philippines is one of the largest producers of Pineapple fruits in the world; which means that pineapple leaves turn into agricultural waste post harvest.

Sprout not only helps to give agricultural waste a purpose, but it eliminates the need for plastic packaging—killing two birds with one stone.

The packaging also contains printed ink made entirely from organic soy. The inner lining is made from rice paper—an edible starch, to keep food further protected.

Below are a few images from Patricia’s Instagram account. Feel free to click on any image and give this incredible young environmentalist a follow! We’re sure she’ll come up with even more solutions to waste problems in the future!

Instagram: Patmangu
Instagram: PatMangu
Instagram: Pat Mangu
Instagram: PatMangu

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