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5 Best DIY Mosquito Repellents That Really Work!

5 Cool Ways To Make Natural Homemade Bug Repellents Using Essential Oils And Pantry Ingredients

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Summer is one of my favorite seasons, but I despise all of the mosquitos that fly around my backyard. This makes it very difficult to do some outdoor grilling, and to let my kids play outside without getting attacked.

Both of my children are allergic to mosquito bites and develop large painful sores that later bruise (skeeter syndrome)—even if they are wearing mosquito repellent. With that said, mosquitos are relentless.

This year though, I’m trying out new ways to keep mosquitos and other bugs away. And I’m opting for a more holistic and natural approach when it comes to bug repellents because store bought varieties have a ton of unhealthy chemicals—and they stink so bad.


If you’re going to put something on your skin, you want it to be nontoxic. Unfortunately, that’s not possible with many traditional bug sprays that you find at the store.

So I went online and found 5 very cleaver and unique ways to make nontoxic mosquito repellents that are completely safe to use. They all come in different forms and they’re super easy to make.

All of these recipes have essentials oils in common—because mosquitos absolutely despise certain scents:

  • Lavender
  • Clove
  • Cedarwood
  • Citronella
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemongrass
  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Geraniol

But, before applying any of the topical homemade bug repellents onto your skin, I would encourage doing a small test patch, just in case you end up being allergic to any of the essential oils that are required for all of these recipes.

I also wouldn’t try these specific recipes on young children because not all essential oils are for kids to have on their skin. I recently read somewhere that peppermint essential oil (which is used in a few of these DIY repellents) can actually cause seizures in children younger than 30 months. So please be cautious—you know your child best.

  1. DIY Bug Repellent Lotion Bars
Image Source: My Oily House

Homemade lotion bars are a fantastic way to repel unwanted mosquitoes, and they’re super easy to make! These DIY bug repellent lotion bars by My Oily House are super simple to create and they’re made with all natural and nontoxic ingredients that are safe to use!

2. DIY Mosquito Repellent Candle

Image Source: Debbie Macomber

If you enjoy candles, but don’t like the extra chemicals that lurk in store-bought citronella candles, then check out Debbie Macomber’s recipe for this mosquito repellent candle that’s full of natural and nontoxic ingredients. It’s also quite lovely to look at.

3. DIY Bug Balm With Essential Oils

Image Source: Wendy Polisi

If you’re looking for a heavy duty bug repellent, but want to steer clear from sprays, then try this DIY bug balm infused with essential oils by Wendy Polisi. Wendy created this very potent and very effective bug repelling balm due to her own sensitivity to mosquito bites. This recipe contains all natural and nontoxic ingredients—and the balm doubles as a moisturizer!


4. How To Make Your Own Natural Bug Spray

Image Source: Art Of Manliness

Store bought bug spray contains some really harsh chemicals that leave you feeling yucky, but this DIY all-natural bug spray by Art Of Manliness, is an awesome alternative consisting of pantry items like apple cider vinegar, water and a cocktail of various essential oils. This article also made me chuckle quite a bit, and I think you’ll enjoy the read.

5. All Natural Homemade Bug Repellent Lotion

Image Source: Living Well Mom

Lotions and balms tend to last longer than bug repellant sprays. Hence, if you’d like to give lotion a go, then check out this easy all-natural homemade bug repellent lotion recipe by Living Well Mom. Not only is this lotion great for repelling mosquitos and other bugs, it’s also a wonderful moisturizer that smells great!

Bonus Recommendation!

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Apple Valley Natural Soap

While this isn’t a DIY, it is still an awesome one of a kind hand-made shampoo and body bar in one that contains essential mosquito repelling oils! It’s hand-made right here in the United States by Apple Valley Natural Soap, and it’s available for a limited time! Plus, it’s under $10! It’s the perfect soap for nasty mosquito season and great as a camping essential!

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