10 Amazing Solar Powered Fairy Homes

Solar Powered Fairy Homes For Your Lawn And Garden


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The sun is a renewable energy source, and its light literally converts into electricity—powering everything from homes to smart phones to…garden decor—which adds a ton of charm and beauty to your lawn or garden.

One of the best ways to spruce up your lawn and garden is to add some solar powered decor, which looks very lovely at night. This type of decor soaks up the sun’s rays during the day time and activates around evening time—when it’s dark enough for the subtle glowing light to be visible.

Aside from aesthetics, solar powered decor is also very practical and useful. You can purchase steak lights which run purely on solar power, and use them to light up your driveway—making your home more visible.


But, if you’re purely into aesthetics and particularly, fairy type decor, then you’re in luck. There are many solar powered fairy homes that are visually striking, and make excellent gardening gifts for yourself or for friends and loved ones.

Below are 10 fairy homes which are powered by solar energy and make your outdoor space look absolutely magical at night.

Bits And Pieces

This charming butterfly and blue daisies fairy cottage is accented with moss mushrooms, butterflies and blue daisies.


This fairy-tale shoe house looks fantastic on your porch steps or in your garden bed surrounded by flowers.


This is a great take on a fairy “mobile-home”. This little snail carries a tiny fairy cottage on his shell and adds fun to any garden!

Teresa’s Collections

This little fairy cottage looks incredibly realistic with moss growing on its roof. It’s very mesmerizing to look at and adds a hint of magic to any garden!

Teresa’s Collections

This little cowboy boot fairy cottage reminds me of Thumbelina! It’s a great addition to a porch, garden or any outdoor space near plant pots!

VP Home

This tree trunk fairy house is an adorable addition to your garden and is full of tiny details that make this home look magical!

Teresa’s Collections

This fairy cottage is a beautiful site—full of detail and color. It adds charm to any outdoor space that needs a little bit of magic!

VP Home

This little fairy cottage is a rain-boot adorned with mushrooms a cute little reading frog.


Another charming fairy shoe cottage! This little fairy home is very humble and I love the warm glow that comes out of the doorway!


This is perhaps my favorite solar powered fairy home because of its architecture and colors. It looks wonderful near green potted plants or tucked away in a garden somewhere.

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