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DIY Car Air Freshener

A Natural Car Air Freshener That Fits Right Into Your Cup Holder!

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The other day I finally got around to cleaning the inside of my car, and realized I needed a new air freshener. However, I decided that this time around I would forgo the store bought variety and make my own.

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos on DIY cleaning products and baking soda is used in many of them. And I can see why. It’s great for absorbing odors, a great deodorizer if combined with an essential oil, and does a great job of dissolving stains. So I figured I would create something using that particular ingredient.


I went to my pantry and got an old baby food sized mason jar—which fits perfectly in any cupholder.

Next, I grabbed the baking soda, my case of essential oils, some dried flowers that I ordered for soap making, and an old (very thin) scarf that would be used as a lid and is perfect for allowing the scent to escape.

The image below is the end-result, but I’ll list step by step instructions, including a video at the very end.



DIY Car Air Freshener Supplies

To make your homemade car air freshener, you’ll need a container that fits into your car cupholder. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a glass jar. It can be whatever you happen to have. You can even repurpose an old candle jar or even one of those fancy French Yoplait [glass] jars.

You will also need some essential oils of your choice. How you want your car air freshener to smell is entirely up to you! I bought a pack of essential oils by Pursonic a week ago to make my own mosquito repellents and they consist of lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, orange and tea tree. I really like them and they’re available on Amazon for only $8.99, so it was a good buy.

Pursonic Essential Oils

Start by filling your container with baking soda and fill it up to about half way. I wanted to leave some room on top for my dried flowers which I coated with essential oil as well—and it looks pretty.

I threw in some dried rosebuds and lavender.

Add your essential oil(s) and be generous. I think I put around 20 drops into the baking soda and then stirred everything around. It smelled heavenly.

Once you’re done with your essential oil, your container is ready to be topped with cloth. I took an old scarf with very breathable fabric and cut out a circle that’s slightly larger than the mouth of the jar. I then took a hair band and secured it in place. I also took some left over dried flowers and “garnished” the jar.


These also make excellent bathroom deodorizers and don’t need to be limited to just your car!

I had a blast making this homemade car air freshener for my car and also let my 7 year old make one for his bathroom (which is shown in the video below).

Enjoy! And let me know in the comments how yours turned out!

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