The Best Sustainable Toy Storage Furniture For Kids

If You’re Looking For Sustainable Toy Storage, Read On For The Best Non-Toxic Toy Boxes

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Are you looking for non-toxic and sustainably made toy boxes to help manage toy clutter? You’ve come to the right place!

Toy organizers help keep your home tidy, help reduce the number of lost or misplaced toys, and help your child find their favorite toy a lot quicker.

However, not all toy boxes and organizers are created equal, and can fill your home with unwanted chemicals.

Hence, we’ve created a sustainable toy storage guide to help you find the perfect non-toxic toy box that best suits your needs!

What To Look For When Shopping For Sustainable Toy Organizers

Investing in a sustainable toy organizer is great for both the environment and your home.

A lot of cookie cutter toy storage boxes release volatile organic compounds into the air because they’re made with a toxic finish, flame retardants and may also contain paint with lead and heavy metals.

Hence, when shopping for toy storage, look for organizers made from natural wood that contains nontoxic paint or finish, and 3rd party safety certifications.

With that said, below are a few sustainable toy organizers that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and go great with your home decor.

Best Sustainable Toy Boxes And Organizers

IRONCK retro toy box

1. IRONCK Retro Toy Box Organizer

The IRONCK Retro Toy Box Organizer is made of P2 grade MDF board, and is very durable and easy to assemble.

Unlike most traditional toy boxes, this wooden chest contains a bottom drawer which can store clothing, books and other items.

Lastly, when your child outgrows its purpose, this sustainable toy box can be used as shoe storage in the entryway!

Nico & Yeye Toy Box

2. Nico & Yeye Toy Box

This toy chest on casters by Nico & Yeye is made from sustainably sourced wood and is Greenguard Gold Certified. This sturdy toy box can roll from room to room for easy mobile play, and is available in many different beautiful colors.

Delta Children MySize Deluxe Toy Box

3. Delta Children MySize Deluxe Toy Box

The Delta Children MySize deluxe toy box is Greenguard Gold Certified—which means that it is made with environmentally friendly material, and rigorously tested for thousands of toxic compounds. This non-toxic storage box is both spacious and stylish—perfect for the playroom or living room!


4. LaBebe Stackable Montessori Toy Bins

These Montessori-style stackable wooden storage bins by LaBebe are incredibly versatile and double as little stools. Stack them up or place them in a line—there are many fun ways to arrange them! Plus, we are loving the fun colors and artwork that each bin contains!

Melissa and Doug wooden toy storage

5. Melissa & Doug Wooden Toy Chest

This simple yet sturdy wooden toy chest by Melissa and Doug contains ample cubic space for all of your child’s favorite toys. What we really like about this company is that they pledged to plant 10 million trees by 2030, and always make sure that their products are safe.

6. Hollow Woodworks Personalized Puzzle Toy Box

The Hollow Woodworks Personalized Puzzle Toy Box has ample space for your little one’s favorite toys and lets everyone know who they belong to! 

This eco-friendly toy storage organizer is made from maple and birch woods and contains a nontoxic finish. It’s customized work of art that looks great in any room!


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