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How To Get Your Body Beach Ready In A Week!

In A Hurry To Look Good At The Beach? These 8 Tips Will Help!

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It’s summer time and many people are getting ready for some sort of vacation—whether it’s the beach or an outdoor pool, everyone always wants to look good!

I live in a popular tourist destination, and the beach literally surrounds me.

And there are definitely times where I’m not as Beach ready as I would like—a lot of it has to do with “mom stress” which consists of times where I’m too tired to work out, binge eat and just throw out the whole idea of self-care.

So when my kids tell me they want to go to the beach, I panic a little. Like most women, I’m self conscious about my body. But I’ve learned a few tricks while living here that help me get bathing suit ready in about a week’s time.

So, below are my 8 tips for getting bikini ready in a week’s time! And please be sure to check with your doctor regarding the supplements as I am not a medical professional and do not want you to get hurt ❤️ These tips work great for me and my body type, but may not be suitable for everyone!

  1. Cut Out Carbs And Exercise

This isn’t sustainable long-term, but it works for short -term situations. Cutting out carbs will help you burn fat and get rid of some excess water weight—perhaps even reduce the appearance of cellulite. It works for my body type and it even leaves me less hungry and gives me more energy. Implementing at least 30 min of cardio a day helps too!

2. Use An Anti-Celluilite Cream

I use an anti-cellulite cream for my thighs and belly during swimsuit season and I can honestly say that this particular cream definitely smoothes out “bumpy roads” as I like to call them. Even the thickest of women have had success with smoothing out cellulite with this cream (and it smells heavenly!) It’s called SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Bum Bum Cream.

SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

3. Drink A lot of Water

Drinking water eliminates toxins which contribute to dimpled appearance in certain areas of your body like your thighs and bellies. When I was deployed to Iraq in the early 2000’s, drinking water was a huge “must” and let me tell you, I had the best skin appearance of my life!

4. Incorporate Curcumin Into Your Diet

Curcumin is a concentrated form of Turmeric, which is an anti-inflammatory spice. And if you suffer from belly bloat due to a certain food intolerance, then you might benefit from taking this supplement on a daily basis (but please get the go ahead from your doctor first).


5. Add Flaxseeds To Your Diet

Flaxseeds have so many amazing benefits, but perhaps their greatest one is helping you become “regular”. Flax seeds are high in fiber and they too help get things moving to avoid belly bloat. Sprinkle a little into your yogurt, on top of your toast or even into your smoothie!

Bob’s Red Mill

6. Take An Activated Charcoal Pill The Day Before Beach Day

Let me first say that activated charcoal absorbes up to 75% of other medications, so if you’re on a birth control pill that you take orally (or other medications) then you shouldn’t take this supplement. Otherwise, activated charcoal is great for absorbing gas and toxins which cause belly bloat and can help give you a flatter belly. It’s even great when used in facial cleansing soap to draw out blackheads (see article here).

NaturaLife Labs

7. Get A Swimsuit That Flatters Your Body Type

You don’t have to get a particular swimsuit that happens to be popular. Get something that covers your flaws and makes you feel comfortable and confident. Swimsuit wraps and kimonos are also a great addition to your beach ensemble!


8. Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair And Strawberry Legs By Exfoliating

Often times, when you’re getting ready to go on vacation, you want your legs to be as smooth as possible—so many women wax. Unfortunately, waxing often times results in ingrown hairs that create unpleasant blemishes and an acne-like appearance. The best way to treat this is to exfoliate with an exfoliating brush, or a DIY sugar scrub made from brown sugar.


Remember That You’re Human

By the time I arrive at the beach I realize just how superficial my worries are. I see women of all sizes and how carefree they are and my self-esteem struggles slowly subside. Plus, it’s so bright at the beach that your field of vision becomes limited (almost like you get tunnel vision). Hence, you have to realize that nobody is intentionally staring at you and judging you. Just relax and enjoy your day.

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