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How To Revive Dying House Plants With Fish Tank Water

The Simple Waste Water Cocktail That Perks Up Your Plants In No Time!

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If you’re a plant owner, then chances are you accidentally neglected your “potted” babies from time to time. It happens.

Life gets busy and before you know it, you realize that your plants aren’t looking so good. Their leaves have turned yellow, they’re wilting, and some leaves have even fallen off.

Don’t worry. Plants are resilient and can always be revived. And I’ve learned the best hack to perk them up: fish tank water!

Caution: We’re talking FRESH water and NOT SALT WATER! Your plants would shrivel up and die if you use salt water.

Why Fish Tank Water?

Fish tank water contains a ton of beneficial nutrients that plants crave like: nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and ammonia—pretty much the same stuff you find in store-bought soil fertilizers anyway.

I own a 10 gallon fish tank whose water I change on a regular basis—about 20% gets switched out weekly because fish waste accumulates and the filter can only do so much.

So instead of throwing the dirty water down the drain, I give this rich nutrient filled water to my house plants instead. However, I take it one step extra—I add one tablespoon of instant coffee!


Wait, Coffee?

That’s right, coffee! That’s because coffee also contains rich nutrients like magnesium and potassium, and it helps to raise the acidity level of the soil. That’s why many people add coffee grinds to their garden soil and compost bins!

So, whenever I take out around 20% of my fish tank water, I make sure to add a tablespoon of instant coffee (or old coffee grinds from the KCup) that I have on hand.

This combination seems to add new life to my plants, and even perks up their leaves.

If you don’t have a fish tank, you can always ask a neighbor who does own a fish tank if you can have their fish tank water whenever they clean their tank. You can also probably get a free batch from your local pet store, as they’re always cleaning their fish tanks.

So the next time you have to perform an emergency repair on your house plants, try this hack out! It may just save your plants!

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