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Best Solid Wood Bunk Beds For Children

Space Saving And Fun Bunk Bed Brands For Your Children’s Room!

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Many parents these days are opting for bunk beds for their children’s bedrooms—even if they only have one child! And that’s because bunk beds are incredibly versatile and useful for so much more than just sleep.

But shopping for one can sometimes be overwhelming because there are so many different types!

Bunk beds can be made of metal or solid wood, and each variety has its pros and cons. But we’ll tell you why solid wood is better for your child. And just like single beds, bunk beds come in different sizes—typically twin and full.

Solid Wood Is Sturdier & Safer

When it comes to choosing a frame, you should definitely go for solid wood. That’s because solid wood bunk beds are sustainable and sturdy, won’t wobble like some metal frames can, and will withstand the test of time.

Wooden bunk beds are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye and make a room look more inviting as opposed to a bed with a metal frame. That’s why wooden bed frames are better suited for young children who naturally don’t care so much about “contemporary” aesthetics.

Perfect For Visiting Guests

Bunk beds are perfect for when you’re hosting a sleepover or need someplace for a visiting family member to sleep for a couple of days! That’s because most bunk beds have an extra ‘pull-out’ bed that you can store underneath the bottom bunk. It’s an incredibly convenient feature.


No Need For A Box Spring Mattress

A bunk bed doesn’t require a box spring mattress because a box spring is far too bulky for a bunk bed frame and can actually be dangerous. So you’re actually saving money by not having to buy a box spring—which is way more expensive than a regular mattress. And if you’d like a recommendation for an organic mattress, check out our article on the best organic mattress brand!

Bunk Beds Save Space

You could have two separate beds in your children’s room, but that takes up a lot of space that could otherwise be useful for more activities! Some bunk beds even come with storage shelves which help keep a room clutter free.

Some bunk beds even come with additional features that younger children love—like a slide, a roof and a desk to write on. All of these features are practical, functional, and best all, fun! Your child can sleep at night and pretend play during the day.

Below are our recommendations for best solid wood bunk bed brands. If any of the bunk beds below catch your eye, feel free to click on the image and it’ll take you to straight to the source!

Surgical Online Convertible Bunk Bed
Dorel Living
Discovery World
Harper & Bright
Max & Lily
South Shore
Storm Craft

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